The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 2 Episode 20

Beyond the Call

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 1977 on ABC
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Beyond the Call
Jaime tries to befriend a withdrawn girl who hasn't spoken since her mother's death. Meanwhile, the girl's father plans to steal a top-secret missile guidance system.

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    Sam Groom

    Sam Groom

    Major John Cross

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    Mariel Aragon

    Mariel Aragon


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    Sandy Ward

    Sandy Ward

    Colonel Banning

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    Ford Rainey

    Ford Rainey

    Jim Elgin

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    Martha Scott

    Martha Scott

    Helen Elgin

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Colonel Banning reprimands the Air Force security police guard, he addresses him as "Private". Air Force personnel below the rank of sergeant are referred to as "Airman". This is a serious gaffe for a senior Air Force officer.

      • Jaime tells John that they're flying into their wilderness site by chopper because she "has some pretty unpleasant memories of parachutes." This means that some of her memories have come back since the series premiere, where she remembers nothing of the plane she jumped from, or the accident itself. Having said that, the only time in the series it is mentioned that her memories have returned is in the first reunion movie, where a concussion from an explosion jarred her memories.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Jaime: We'd better make this quick before our friend gets into anymore trouble, huh? (starts to bionically milk the cow, who reacts with surprise) Yep, well, that's the greatest part of our relationship, Bossy. You're always so glad to see me.

      • Oscar: Hi! Where's Kim?
        Jaime: Oh, she's out having dinner with Helen and Jim.
        Oscar: Well, I brought her medical record. I thought it might be of help to you.
        Jaime: (eyes the thick file) Oscar, I can't read bionically. What's in here?

      • (John is trying to hitch a ride, and is startled to run into Jaime)
        John: What are you doing here?
        Jaime: I'm watching for roadrunners. What are you doing here?
        John: I told you; I was out scouting.
        Jaime: For San Diego?

      • John: I'm going out to scout around. You stay here, alright?
        Jaime: (after hearing John run off) I have the distinct feeling that I am being ditched. (hears further running) I am being ditched.

      • John: We'll build a simple Boy Scout lean-to.
        Jaime: Okay.
        John: The large limbs form the frame and the small ones, the roof. We'll need a fire. Know how to start one with matches?
        Jaime: Yeah, rub two Boy Scouts together.

      • (Jaime is attempting to fix a wobbly chair, since the janitor won't)
        Oscar: You sure did a rotten job on that.
        Jaime: Alright, smarty. You can put people on the moon and you can make 'em bionic. Now tell me how to fix this... (gestures towards the chair exasperatedly) chair.
        Oscar: Why don't you just have the janitor fix it?
        Jaime: Oooooh, I could just...
        (makes strangling motions)

    • NOTES (1)

      • The symptoms exhibited by Kim, the young girl who is traumatized into an inability to speak, are the same suffered by those with Selective Mutism, a relatively unknown psychological disorder related to Social Anxiety. For more information and/or help with a child suffering from this condition, please visit

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