The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 7

Bionic Beauty

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 1976 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Oscar enters Jaime as a contestant in the Miss United States Pageant in order to uncover an espionage operation that is endangering American security plans.

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  • Sleepy Feelings

    Jaime, being the only female agent in the OSI, is asked to go undercover at a beauty contest. Oscar is busy tracking down a missing electronic device. Jaime overheads a conversation tying the two together, but the villains henchmen chloroforms her to prevent her from singing "Feelings" again. They try and injected her with something to keep her out long enough to leave the country, but stick the syringe into the bionic arm so she wakes up just in time to win the contest and save the day.moreless
  • Episode successfully capitalizes on Wagner's charm.

    Fun episode has Jaime entering the Miss USA beauty pageant as "Miss California" to uncover the reason why an OSI agent has vanished leaving only a cryptic message linking his disappearance to the contest. Helen Elgin (Martha Scott) is along for the ride as Jaime's chaperone. This episode was the first filmed after production was shut down for several weeks due to a motor vehicle accident that left a permanent and prominent scar and the right side of Wagner's upper lip. One of only two episodes where Wagner sings (the schmaltzy song "Feelings" in the talent portion of the pageant). Exciting climax. Spot on performances by all.moreless
Bert Parks

Bert Parks

Ray Raymond

Guest Star

Gary Crosby

Gary Crosby

Brady (stage manager)

Guest Star

Helen Craig

Helen Craig

Mrs. Belding

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Martha Scott

Martha Scott

Helen Elgin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Lindsay Wagner sings "Feelings" in the talent portion of the contest.

    • This is the first episode that aired where it is apparent that actress Lindsay Wagner has a major scar on the right side of her upper lip. This scar is the result of a traffic accident that split her lip and shut down production on The Bionic Woman for several weeks.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Brady: There's enough in [the syringe] to keep a horse out for a week. (tries to puncture her right arm) Jeez, you've got a hide like an armadillo!

    • Jaime: I didn't want to have to tell you this, but Oscar sent me here to get some information. It's very important, and it could be dangerous.
      Helen: Dangerous? Are you here as a spy? (Jaime nods) I guess I never believed that runner-up story of yours. You always hated beauty pageants.

    • (readying for the bathing suit procession)
      Jaime: I feel like a side of beef. How do I look?
      Helen: Terrific.
      Jaime: Y'know, I really liked my old legs better. They were better.

    • Sally: Miss California. You're the replacement, aren't you?
      Jaime: Yeah... second string. We can still be friends, huh?
      Sally: "Friends?" There's no Miss Congeniality award in this contest, honey.
      Jaime: Well, I...
      Sally: Look, every girl here wants that crown—badly. You're not gonna make friends, just friendly enemies.

    • Jaime: Oscar... look, before I put on this sash and go in there and make a fool out of myself, why don't you call this agent and make sure he wasn't joking - I mean, this is a pretty silly message.
      Oscar: They found this agent this morning, face down in the River Seine.
      Jaime: Snorkelling?
      Oscar: Dead.

    • Jaime: What is this?
      Oscar: Your sash.
      Jaime: My s...?? Oscar, if you think I'm gonna go in there and parade around in...
      Oscar: Jaime, I can't over look it. I've got to find out what this is all about. I've gotta find out if this beauty contest is rigged, and if it is, who's on top of it and what does the O.S.I. have to do with this. Jaime, these beauty contests - the security's incredible. I can't send a man in! It's got to be this way. And since you are... the most beautiful and qualified agent at O.S.I., I thought maybe you'd enjoy being... Miss California.
      Jaime: (sourly) I hate it.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Using Bert Perks as a guest star to portray the host of the fictional Miss United States Pageant is an emulation of his longtime real life duties as host of the Miss America pageant.