The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 25

Bionic Ever After?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1994 on ABC



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    • (Steve shoots out Kendrick's remote control)
      Jaime: Not bad.
      Steve: Sometimes old-fashioned's the way to go.
      Jaime: You've been telling me that for twenty years.
      Steve: You know, we're definitely getting too old for this.
      Jaime: Let's go home.

    • Jaime: Rudy gave me a few new options. Wait'll you see what he's got in store for you.
      Steve: I can hardly wait.

    • (Jaime rips apart a 2" chain)
      Carolyn MacNamara: You must be on some vitamin program.

    • Steve: Why don't you get them outta here? I'll take care of Kendrick.
      Jaime: Wrong.
      Steve: Wrong?
      Jaime: You go with them. I'll find Kendrick.
      Steve: Will you please not argue with me?!
      Jaime: Don't raise your voice to me.
      Steve: You just got out of a hospital bed.
      Jaime: I'm not the one who couldn't knock down a silly little door.
      Steve: I was just saving myself.

    • Jaime: (adjusting Steve's arm) Am I doing this right?
      Steve: You keep goin', and I'm gonna want a cigarette.

    • (Jaime presents her top secret ID)
      Captain Ramsay: (into radio) Yeah, this is Captain Ramsay. Gimme tach com. (listens) Oh, she's got an ID alright – probably knows God himself.

    • Jaime: Get me to Nassau.
      Oscar: Here it comes... no way.
      Jaime: I'm going, Oscar.
      Oscar: It's out of the question.
      Jaime: Okay, whether I'm on this team or not, I am going. I'm not going to make another mistake. Look at it this way.
      Oscar: What?
      Jaime: It's your dream come true --your prodigal children back in action.
      Oscar: I suppose it serves me right.

    • Oscar: Jaime! What are you doing out of bed?
      Jaime: Doctor's orders – follow all leads, and I understand you have one.
      Oscar: First Steve, and now you.
      Jaime: (sarcastically) Well, it's a regular mutiny. What do you have?

    • Rudy: I've never seen this before; I've never done this before! (to Jaime) I have to shut down your power source completely, and that should eliminate the virus. Then I'll replace the contaminated chips and I reprogram her - and that should work. You are a phenomenally complicated program. I'll do everything I can.

    • Steve: You're O.S.I.?
      Kimberly: That's right. I'm the other member of your team.
      Steve: (chuckling) I'm sure you're very capable, but, uh...
      Kimberly: (interrupting) Quote "if he gives you any guff, tell him he's off the case" unquote. Sorry. He thought you might have an opinion.
      Steve: Like I said, welcome aboard.

    • Steve: I want an assignment.
      Oscar: Steve, let's not get rash.
      Steve: Oscar, please...
      Oscar: It's been a long time.
      Steve: You know, you once said I was the best.
      Oscar: Well, obviously, you've already made up your mind.
      Steve: I wanna go to Nassau.
      Oscar: Bartender, I think I need a drink.

    • Steve: Look, it... it's sayin' Jaime loves me... she doesn't want me out of her life; she'll realize that soon enough for herself. But in the meantime, I just can't sit here and not be with her. I gotta keep occupied; I gotta work.
      Oscar: Go fishing.

    • Jaime: (on video) I have tried to tell you how I feel, Oscar, and I realize it's difficult to comprehend, but it's as through my... my body is turning against me and is trying to kill me. It's just the most awful thing I've ever experienced. And it's forced me to make the most difficult decision of my life. I... I have to call off the marriage - because even if I do survive whatever this is that's happening to me, I don't expect to ever be the same again. Steve, you and I have what most people only dream about. I know I was truly blessed with you, and... uh... I'll always love you. Please believe that what I'm doing is the best for both of us.

    • Jaime: What if I end up in a wheelchair?
      Oscar: You won't.
      Jaime: What if I do? Steve is expecting to marry somebody who beats his behind in racquetball; somebody who... who runs sixty miles an hour; who takes a little twenty mile swim with him once a week. We've been bionic together for a very long time.

    • Oscar: You wouldn't care to come out of retirement for a quick, life-threatening trip to the Far East, would you?
      Jaime: Not a chance, buddy. I'm getting married in three days - you know that.
      Oscar: I can dream, can't I?
      Jaime: Not in this office.

    • Kimberly: It's not everyday you get to work with a living legend.
      Steve: Well, don't believe everything you hear.
      Kimberly: And half of what you see.
      Steve: Less if you're smart.

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