The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 8

Brain Wash

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1977 on ABC

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  • Brain Drain

    Jaime, wearing a lot cut top, no bra, but pantyhose with sandals, eavesdrops on Callahan with her new boyfriend a Hairdresser (no red flags there!). She hears her best friend giving away state secrets, but decides to investigate. This allows the Villain to use truth serum laced shampoo to convince her to reveal she's bionic, that she likes the horrible perm he gives her, and to use the wrong arm with bionic strength in a scene.
  • Rinse It Away

    This episode is so hysterical. betwene the overall premise and the real bad disco villain/hairstylist i can't contain my laughter. It's so cliche' its amazing. Oh and anything with Callahan is awesome!!
  • Wash stupid TV violence out of your hair with this superb BW episode

    In watching more than an episode or two of any TV show, you're (at least implicitly) agreeing not just to suspend your disbelief as with live theater, but indeed to actively embrace the program's alternate version of reality, as well as the series-specific conventions which become its trademark. One such core attribute of the Bionic Woman is her softness toward EVERYBODY, even most of her adversaris, and especially her friends. In this superbly plotted installment, Jamie is put into one of the most painful positions anybody can find herself in: that of having to turn in a fast friend who's clearly done something wrong. Even so, Jamie staunchly stands by Calahan. And when the investigation she launches to clear her friend implicates the friend's new boyfriend, all she does to him is nicely turn his truth-serum-like shampoo on him just in time to save both her boss AND his would-be killer, who almost buys the farm in his haste to get away from her after she disarms him. Problem solved, trust (and friendship) restored. And nobody gets hurt!!!!! Try finding something THAT nice that's also that fun on any one of today's 800+ cable channels. A+
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