The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 10

Canyon of Death

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 1976 on ABC
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Jaime is captured by men who are plotting to steal an atomic-powered flying suit, and her life depends on a story-telling indian boy's ability to convince someone that he saw a silver man in the desert.

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  • It's high adventure in the desert as Jamie must stop a conspiracy to steal a secret weapon and protect a troubled Indian teenager at the same time!

    This is a fun episode, which embodies what makes The Bionic Woman the world's only REAL superhero. While Oscar's focused on the flying suit (which he says no antiterrorist defense could stop, though of course they could just shoot it down with a handgun), Jamie only cares about the kids in her charge at school. It's sweet how she understands Paco's desire to stay connected to his roots, and shows Jamie to be cross-culturally enlightened, a real rarity among MY teachers of that era. This episode is also in the great traditio of Jamie disobeying Oscar and putting herself in danger for the more vulnerable.

    On the minus side, Jamie mst really have hurt the guy stealing the flying suit, as her comment to Oscar: "You better call a blacksmith, Oscar: I hit so hard I'm bow-legged" and the poor fellow's unmistakeable grunt readily attest. Surely there would have been a "slow down" or "land" button she could have pushed instead of completely cutting off all power with "stop" at three storeys. Either that, or they could have had her push him so he fell in a bush or something. Of course the jetpack took most of the brunt of the fall, but this show is best when Jamie is gentle even with the villians. This one's worth watching. Just pretend (as I've started doing for the whole series) that one of Jamie's bionic parts is a softener which makes anything she throws at people or chucks them into pillow-soft. The bottom line: the flying suit's not all Oscar claims, Jamie keeps it from truly being a "Canyon of Death", and it's a tad out of character for her not to have found a nicer way to stop the theft of this ridiculous suit. B-moreless
Gary Collins

Gary Collins

John Mallory

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Guillermo San Juan

Guillermo San Juan

John "Paco" Little Bear

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Don McGovern

Don McGovern


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Jaime leaps up to Henderson in the flying suit, you can see the wires suspending him.

    • When Briggs and Henderson lift Jaime up to carry her into the cave, you can see Lindsay Wagner lift her head up slightly, as if to help the one actor find her shoulders easier.

    • When Jaime is jumping over one of the security gates, you can clearly see the springboard that the stuntwoman uses to launch herself over.

    • As John "Paco" Little Bear rides his horse to school, it gallops along on the grass leading up to the playground. The sound effect used is of a horse galloping on concrete or some other hard surface, not the muffled sound of hooves on grass-covered earth.

    • In this episode, Jaime uses her bionic ear to try and locate Paco who has run away. She's wearing blue jeans and a white hooded poncho of some kind. Just before the camera zooms in, Jaime is suddenly wearing a tan, multi-colored sweater—footage lifted from the episode "Claws."

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Paco: You're a spirit.
      Jaime: Oh, c'mon, Paco. I'm just a... a... a space age product.
      Paco: I understand. Spirits aren't supposed to tell who they really are.

    • (Jaime boosts Paco onto his horse)
      Jaime: Okay, Paco. Now you ride like you're going for the cavalry, alright? Uh... the indians!

    • (A film showing a bunch of paratroopers is showing)
      Jaime: Oscar, do I really have to watch this? Parachute jumping isn't exactly my favorite subject since the accident.

    • (Jaime lands hard after preventing the flying suit theft)
      Oscar: Hey... you alright?
      Jaime: I think you'd better call a blacksmith, Oscar.
      Oscar: Huh?
      Jaime: I hit so hard, I'm bowlegged.

    • Jaime: Paco, listen... I gotta get you outta here, babe... now I want you to promise me you will go straight home and stay there, okay? C'mon...
      Paco: You wanna use my horse?
      Jaime: It's a little slow for my needs right now...
      Paco: Oh, yeah... I forgot.

    • (Jaime clears away boulders from an avalanche)
      Jaime: Are you alright?
      Paco: You're a spirit!
      Jaime: C'mon!
      Paco: I saw! You were sent by Sky Father - a spirit pretending to be human!
      Jaime: Paco... I... uh... I can do a few unusual things, honey, but I am very human, believe me.

    • Elora: You mean that Paco is learning about his indian heritage from a book, written by a white man who never even saw the West?
      Jaime: 'Fraid so.

    • Oscar: Now, we're going to take a quantum leap into Buck Rogers. A degree of mobility never before attained. Individual self-contained flying suits. (watching the film) Look at that! Impressed?
      Jaime: Yes!
      Oscar: The power for these flying suits comes from an atomic unit that has a range of four hundred miles. It can go from zero to thirty thouand feet altitude, has the power to outrun a helicopter, and a maneuverability to give an eagle an inferiority complex.

  • NOTES (1)