The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 2 Episode 17

Deadly Ringer (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jaime is sitting quietly at home embroidering a tapestry that is inscribed with the (ironic, as it turns out) motto "To Your Own Self Be True." Then two henchmen from Dr Courtney, Jaime's old nemesis from "Mirror Image" arrive. They gas Jaime into unconsciousness, abduct her, and bring her to Courtney's plane to be flown to Delaware. There she is brought to the Delaware Federal Penitentiary and switched with Lisa Galloway, the double of Jaime that Courtney surgically created. The switch is carried out with the help of corrupt prison guards who are in Courtney's pocket.


Lisa is now brought to Jaime's home in Ojai to impersonate her once again. On the way it is revealed that Lisa has faked an identity crisis in prison on Courtney's instructions; she pretended to lose her mind and start believing she really was Jaime Sommers. She was convincing enough to fool the prison psychiatrist (and annoy the other inmates in her cellblock). The purpose of this act is to ensure that the prison warden, Cooper, will not believe Jaime's protests that she really is Jaime when she wakes up. Courtney gives Lisa a sample of adrenalizine, a top-secret compound that he thinks is the secret of Jaime's power, and says it will make her Jaime's perfect double. He discovered it when it was being tested on a paralyzed convict during a drug-testing prison program; in 30 seconds the paralyzed convict could walk again. Courtney then tried the drug on himself, where he discovered that on a normal person it produced a generalizing effect that gives the person super-strength equivalent to bionic strength. The effect only lasted 30 minutes, but in the interim Courtney used it to escape from prison. (In Part 2, it will be revealed that nobody informed Oscar about Courtney's escape.) The foreign powers that have financed Lisa's escape now want to buy the adrenalizine. Courtney is under the mistaken impression that there will be some at Jaime's apartment, and Lisa is to find it.


Once Lisa is ensconced in Jaime's apartment, she finds Jaime's tapestry and takes it up herself. She gets off to a rocky start teaching Jaime's class because she does not know the pupils' names or how Jaime runs things in class. But she soon gets along smoothly with them, and she is really enjoying herself at being Jaime. But of course she has no luck in finding Jaime's adrenalizine, because Jaime does not use it. Courtney directs her to go to the OSI to get some; his buyers are getting anxious.


Meanwhile Jaime wakes up in Lisa's cell and realizes what has happened. She then falls right into Courtney's trap in trying to convince prison authorities of it, but soon discovers the steps that have been taken to ensure that Cooper does not believe her. The deception on Cooper is further reinforced by Dr Harkens and her assistant Weber, who are also on Courtney's payroll. They twist Jaime's protests about her identity to fortify the impression on Cooper that she has gone insane with schizophrenia because she has worn Jaime's face for too long, and the surgery to restore her old face needs to be performed immediately for her own good. Harkens and Weber make the 'insanity' even more convincing by injecting Jaime with drugs that subject her to hallucinogenic horrors while she is locked in a strong room and render her unable to use her bionics.


Before Harkens locked Jaime in the strong room, she had instructed Weber to put a sedative in her food because she wants no more trouble from her before the surgery. The food arrives and Jaime starts to grope for it…


Lisa arrives at the OSI, where she meets Plato, the lab rat being used to test adrenalizine. Rudy says he discovered the adrenalizine by accident four months previously, and so far he has had no luck in producing more. So all the adrenalizine that he currently has is a limited supply, and is all that remains in the world. He then has Lisa undergo bionic tests, which Lisa passes with the adrenalizine that Courtney gave her. Lisa is further aided by Rudy neither actually examining the bionics nor testing the bionic ear, which would have ended the charade.


While Lisa undergoes the tests, Oscar receives a phone call from Cooper to say that 'Lisa Galloway' is about to undergo the surgery to restore her old face. Upon hearing this, Lisa now thinks she is safe from Jaime permanently, because Courtney's plan is for Jaime to be buried in a prison grave wearing Lisa Galloway's face.


But Lisa is unaware that while she is undergoing the bionic tests with her pseudo-bionics, Jaime is at that same moment escaping from the prison with her real bionics. Jaime had only pretended to be drugged and kept the drugged food hidden in her shirt while Harkens and Weber were getting her ready for surgery – and discussing the murder that they had planned for her. Now she knows the full extent of the danger against her. But Jaime's escape has set off an alarm, so Cooper, his men, and dogs are on the chase immediately.


Rudy gives Lisa his supply of adrenalizine (minus a bit for Plato) and asks her to drop it off at the Federal Labs in the hope that they have better luck in manufacturing more of it. After Lisa goes, Cooper phones to inform Oscar about the escape. Oscar orders him to use everything at his disposal to recapture her and have the operation commence immediately once he does so. Meanwhile, Courtney and Lisa remain unaware of Jaime's escape and think she has been disposed of as planned.