The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 2 Episode 18

Deadly Ringer (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1977 on ABC
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Deadly Ringer (2)

Following her prison escape, Jaime is unable to convince anyone, including Oscar, of her true identity. Back in Ojai, Lisa tries to become Jaime Sommers, but the drug she is using to produce super-strength is slowly poisoning her.

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  • A very satisfying conclusion to a great episode arc.

    This episode ends off the whole story arc very well. There is lots of excitement as Jaime tries to continue to elude the authorities, including her own boss, Oscar Goldman. His demand that Jaime be capured, "and I don't want any mistakes this time" (of course, thinking that she's Lisa), is chilling. And watching Lindsay Wagner having another meltdown as Lisa Galloway as the adrenalizine breaks down and poisons her is something to behold. Once again, it's no wonder she won that Emmy Award - it was well deserved. She is, without a doubt, one of the most emotional actresses out there, as these two particular episodes demonstrate so well.moreless
Don Porter

Don Porter

Dr. James Courtney

Guest Star

Warren Kemmerling

Warren Kemmerling

Warden Cooper

Guest Star

Katherine Helmond

Katherine Helmond

Dr. Harkens

Guest Star

Ford Rainey

Ford Rainey

Jim Elgin

Recurring Role

Martha Scott

Martha Scott

Helen Elgin

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • It is revealed that Courtney escaped from prison about a fortnight prior to the events in this story, and nobody told Oscar about it.

    • When Jaime is on the run after escaping from prison, she has a rather nasty encounter with a quicksand bog. She escapes from that, and as one would expect, she's all covered in mire and goop. However, when she starts running again after this, she's miraculously clean again.

    • When Jaime is on the run with the prison guards and hound dogs in tow, she stops off at a fenced in warehouse area to use a phone to call Oscar. When she reaches to pick up the receiver, we can clearly see two small scabs on her right (bionic) hand.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Dr. Courtney: (talking to Lisa on the phone, trying to talk her out of reneging on him) You'll be able to afford anything you've ever dreamed of.

      Lisa: Not everything. There are some things that money won't buy, you know.
      Dr. Courtney: Not many when you've got ten million dollars.

    • Dr Courtney: (thinks Jaime is Lisa, and does not know his plan to kill Jaime failed) Jaime Sommers is in a prison grave wearing Lisa Galloway's face. If your adrenalizine is missing, she's the one who's got it.

      Oscar: I don't think so, Courtney.

    • Jaime: Lisa, do you remember Plato, that little white rat? Well, he's dead.
      Lisa: So what?
      Jaime: Well, the adrenalazine did it!
      Lisa: I don't believe you! (throws a chest at Jaime, who dodges it)
      Jaime: Rudy says that it's breaking down and becoming a poison. That pain is the poison, Lisa. Can't you see you need help?
      Lisa: You just don't want me to live like you!
      Jaime: No. I want you to live like you.
      Lisa: I can't!!
      Jaime: Yes, you can! Your life is worth living. You don't need mine.

    • Lisa: My name is Jaime. I'm Jaime Sommers.
      Jaime: No, I am Jaime. Your name is Lisa Galloway, and you need some help.
      Lisa: No!!! (smashes the kitchen table) See what I can do? I'm Jaime!
      Jaime: That was Jaime's favorite table. Now if you were her, you wouldn't have done that.

    • Oscar: We're going to surround the coach house at the end of the road, but be careful. She's very dangerous.
      Jaime: Oscar, waitaminute. I wanna go in alone.
      Oscar: No way, Jaime.
      Jaime: Lisa doesn't need the treatment that I got at that storage depot. Now I know how that feels. She's a person, not some kind of a hunted animal. Let me talk to her. Maybe I can help her.
      Oscar: After what she's done to you? Why?
      Jaime: Because she doesn't know who she is anymore. She's frightened and confused and God knows I've been there.

    • Helen: Jaime...
      Jaime: Oh, Mom...
      Helen: Is it really you this time?
      Oscar: Where is she, Helen?
      Helen: In the coach house. (to Jaime) She's so much like you.
      Rudy: Is she in pain?
      Helen: (nodding) I feel so awful, just like when Jaime was having her problems.
      Jaime: Mom... you're really worried about her, aren't you?
      Helen: It's so hard not to. If you could just see her... talk with her... you're not angry with me?
      Jaime: No. How could I be angry with you for loving somebody?

    • Jaime: Plato! What happened?
      Rudy: The adrenalazine is breaking down chemically. It's becoming a poison. Plato's dead, and if you don't get to Ojai soon, Lisa will be too.

    • Helen: Jaime? Is that you?
      Lisa: Yes. I'm starving - I forgot to take my lunch today. Hi.
      Helen: Hi, darling.
      Lisa: Is that Scotch Broth?
      Helen: Uh-huh. And grilled cheese sandwiches.
      Lisa: Mmmm. It's my favorite. I could eat a horse right now.
      Helen: Well, I know you can lift one.

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