The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 11

Fly Jaime

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 05, 1976 on ABC
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Jaime goes undercover as an airline stewardess to protect Rudy anda top-secret formula that he now possesses.

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  • Coffee, tea or Jamie -- very cool!!

    It's strange how this is really an episode of Lost within a Bionic Woman way before J.J. was probably even watchng TV. Once again, Jamie uses her bionics in lots of cool ways, and once again, the male bad guy doesn't get hurt even though she kicks a tree limb at him(this is a cardinal rule of the BW alterate reality universe). Interestingly, she really socks it to the female villain, which is just fine by me. It ends on a high note with Jamie gently rebuffing Romero's advance in the sort of kind and informative way I wish more women would emulate, along with a bit of humor to explain this to Oscar -- great fun even though it's not the very best BW ever.moreless
  • Six Million Dollar Man retread script is not better the second time around.

    Retread script from "The Six Million Dollar Man" has Jaime playing flight attendant to protect Dr. Rudy Wells during his return to the United States after memorizing a secret formula. Just like in the SMDM episode, the plane crashes on a deserted island placing Rudy in harm's way. The names of some of the villains are even the same as the earlier version! Notable for several guest appearances -- Christopher Stone (who plays agent and boyfriend Chris Williams for several episodes in the 3rd season) plays passenger Marlow and for comic relief Vito Scotti plays Ramero (Ramero returns in the 2nd season episode "Assault on the Princess"). Definitely the weakest and most derivative of the first season episodes. Unfortunately, a sign of things to come in future seasons.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Rudy is sitting in the airplane there's a young man sitting right behind him (window seat), in the following scenes the young man is replaced by a middle age man.

    • When Jaime is serving Rudy a breakfast of coconut, it's obviously a store-bought coconut. Coconuts just pulled off a tree are green and not dried looking, nor is the flesh so hard.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Jaime: (handing out box lunches) This is the best we've got.
      Rudy: Thank you.
      Romero: Anything you have will be delicious.
      (Some air turbulence drops Jaime into Romero's lap)
      Jaime: I'm so sorry!
      Romero: My pleasure! May I help you? There must be something that I can do for you. (places his hand on Jaime's leg)
      Jaime: (smacks his hand) Yes, there is. Please get your hands off my ham and cheese.

    • Rudy: Thanks for saving my life, Jaime.
      Jaime: Well, it was purely selfish. Besides that, where would I go for spare parts if anything happened to you, huh?

    • Rudy: (trying to open the radio) It got bent landing. I can't open it.
      Jaime: Would you care to make way for the six million dollar can opener?

    • Jaime: How're you doin'?
      Sam: I feel like the Red Baron, after he tangled with the Sopwith Camel—mighty poorly. Look, take charge in my place... get them organized. Start rescue procedures... know what they are?
      Jaime: Sure... I'll just get them all in a group, and we stand there and holler "HELP!" (laughs) Don't worry about a thing. I know what to do.

    • Rudy: The tables have turned, huh? The bionic daughter taking care of the old man? Worries about him too...
      Jaime: (mock indignantly) I do not. This is just a job, and you're just another person who happened to bring me back from the dead, and hold my hand through all of my traumas, and gave me another chance at life... and Steve... and besides being one of my favorite people, I mean, what have you done for me lately, Mr. Wells?

    • Rudy: Y'know, Jaime... two years ago, bionics was just a... just an idea in my head... a dream, a lot of notes and schematic drawings... now, I look at you...
      Jaime: ... and you realize it was all a crazy dream that's not gonna work, right?
      Rudy: That's not quite what I was gonna say.
      Jaime: Oh, you mean you don't know how Dr. Frankenstein felt?

    • Romero: Nice legs.
      Rudy: Ah, yes. I couldn't have asked for nicer ones if I made them myself. (gets up to speak to Jaime) Watch the man sitting beside me, or I'll wind up bodyguarding you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode is a reworking of The Six Million Dollar Man episode "Survival of the Fittest" right down to much of the dialogue. In that episode Steve must protect Oscar after a plane crash on a deserted island.

    • In this episode, Christopher Stone plays a character named "Marlow," but the actor returns late in the final season in a recurring role as "Chris Williams," Jaime's apparent boyfriend.