The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 8

Jaime's Mother

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The pilot included a scene in which Michael Marchetti and Rudy Wells present Jaime with a slide show of pictures related to Jaime's life in order to test her newly recovered memory. It includes a photo of Jaime's mother, but the woman looks absolutely nothing like Barbara Rush, who plays her here.

    • Jaime's phone number is 311-555-2368.

  • Quotes

    • Jaime: (hands an envelope to Chris) Voila!
      Chris: How much is in here?
      Jaime: Oh, round figures, about, uh, two thousand, six hundred and twenty four dollars and fifteen cents. Now the next bank is just down the street—
      Chris: No, no, no, this'll be enough.
      Jaime: I don't think so, Mom, 'cause once you get there, you're gonna hafta live, y'know.
      Chris: (firmly) No. Jaime, I didn't come here to take all your money.
      Jaime: Well, it's our money. You paid for the tennis lessons.

    • Jaime: Awfully nice of you to drop all the nation's problems and come over here, Oscar. Were you afraid I had blown a fuse, literally?
      Oscar: I usually carry a spare for my bionic friends.
      Jaime: Y'know, I feel like I am getting Special Treatment #5. First, you relax the subject, and then you gently tell her she needs a room with mattress wallpaper.

    • Jaime: Mothers aren't like used cars. You don't just change models on a whim!
      Helen: You mean I'm locked into the job?
      Jaime: No, I mean you're stuck with it. And don't tell me you haven't been known to think along those lines yourself. Remember the time I... uh... got a D in Math? Or the time I... uh... bumped the fender of your brand new car? You don't get to share those joys with anybody.
      Helen: Is that a promise?
      Jaime: You bet.

    • Jaime: Mom, do you remember how I used to fall out of trees all the time?
      Ann: Yeah.
      Jaime: Watch this.
      (Jaime jumps up into a tree, then back down, then goes for a bionic run)
      Jaime: Well, here I am, your little girl, with a four-on-the-floor and a 3.7 differential!

    • Helen: Oscar and Rudy asked me to keep an eye on you.
      Jaime: (outraged) "Keep an eye on" me?!
      Helen: Yes! So they might catch any new problem early, for your own good!
      Jaime: That's really cute. Now they've got you spying on me.
      Helen: Spying?! We all care for you! We don't want anything to happen to you!
      Jaime: Well, I'll make that unanimous.

    • Helen: You could've imagined it all, Jaime.
      Jaime: Helen, it wasn't a dream. I'm sure it wasn't. It was her voice - and I only got a glimpse of that face, but I would swear it looked just like my mother.
      Helen: Honey... I wanna believe you, but I was at the funeral, and so were you. Maybe it was the power of suggestion, with the dreams starting...
      Jaime: Starting what? An entire train of hallucinations?
      Helen: Look, Jaime. Oscar's at the base. (picks up the phone) Let's call him...
      Jaime: (slams down the phone) No! What're you gonna tell him? Helen, I am not hearing bells that aren't ringing, or voices that aren't talking, and I'm not seeing people that aren't there! Look, I know you're trying to help me, but you're really not making things any easier.

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