The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 2 Episode 12

Jaime's Shield (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 1976 on ABC
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Jaime's Shield (1)
Jaime enrolls as a police academy cadet to locate a foreign agent. However, she is unaware that the agent has spotted her first and has ordered her execution.

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • How many police academies have access to such elaborate fake streets/neighborhoods to do their Final Exams? This was obviously just part of the set where the television show was taped.

      • An aerial view of the obstacle course shows that Jaime is driving on a blacktop road, but the wide shot and inside view from the car show a parking lot (blacktop, but with dozens of parking spaces in white paint).

    • QUOTES (7)

      • (Jaime listens bionically).
        Welton: Now, you see this skinny blonde over there, about to start? Lay you ten bucks she doesn't make it to the finish line.
        Godfrey: Alright you got a deal. You got a deal.
        Jaime: Okay, Officer Welton. Here's where I get even for that traffic ticket.
        (finishes the obstacle course in record time, then trots over to Welton and Godfrey)
        Godfrey: Hate to take your money, Bob, but that's one of the fastest times today.
        Welton: Mmmm-hmmm. There you go.
        Jaime: Ten bucks for ten bucks.
        Welton: Ten bucks for...? How'd she know about that?
        Godfrey: Y'know, I think these women are gonna surprise us.

      • (Jaime and Arly are discussing possible suspects)
        Arly: My money's on Kelly. Did you ever notice that mood ring she wears? It's always black.
        Jaime: (laughing) Oh, come on. Listen, what about the nights you snuck out?
        Arly: I was hungry!
        Jaime: Well, that's the story of your life, but, I mean, did you see anything strange or unusual or out of place while you were there?
        Arly: (shakes her head, then realization dawns) Wait a sec. I did see a delivery truck a couple of times. (Jaime ponders this) Yeah, I thought it was kinda funny delivering something that late at night.
        Jaime: A delivery truck. Ummm... I saw it too. It was a red one?
        Arly: Yeah, red. It was a late model... ummm... one ton step van. I think the licence was U... uh... 99, 566. Yeah, something like that. Thought it was kinda strange.
        Jaime: I think you're kinda strange.

      • Jaime: Arly, this thing could get really dangerous. I don't know if Oscar will let me do something...
        Arly: Look, if I could just help you solve this thing, it'd prove to my dad I'd make a good cop. I mean, he'd have to believe in me. Please, Jaime...
        Jaime: (after a long pause) I think if I said "no," it wouldn't make any difference anyway.
        Arly: You're right.

      • Jaime: The forged files? How'd you do that?
        Arly: Oh... I got a few friends in the records department to help me out. Matter of fact, they even pulled my file when someone was investigating them before classes started. I thought it was my father.
        Jaime: It wasn't. That was Oscar. And all these midnight walks, they were for, uh...
        Arly: Munchies.

      • Oscar: (yawning) Jaime, I had the night team run another check. You were right. The name on the file is Arleen Smith, but the fingerprints tell us that it's Arleen Hart.
        Jaime: The police commissioner's daughter.
        Arly: Told ya.
        Jaime: (aside) I'm glad. (into phone) Okay, Oscar, looks like we're back on first base again. I'll just have to call you tomorrow.
        Oscar: At a reasonable time, please.
        Jaime: Hey, being reasonable is not in my contract.

      • (Jaime has just finished a driving obstacle course).

        Welton: Well, your sloppy driving just killed a mother and her two children back there at the turn. I hope you're proud of yourself.
        Jaime: Get off it, will you? You were riding me all the way.
        Welton: Riding you? If you can't take the pressure in a parking lot, Babe, you better forget the street.
        Partnow: How'd she do?
        Welton: Not too hot. She missed the last four turns and didn't like my tone of voice.
        (Jaime watches Smith walk away).
        Parker: (leaning in car window) Hey, Jaime? Don't feel so bad. I killed four old ladies, seven kids and an alleycat on my last run. (Jaime laughs) So, come on, chin up! Okay?
        Jaime: Thank you.

      • Jaime: Cops can be so pompous sometimes, and this guy was so cold.
        Oscar: Jaime... you mean you were stopped by a police officer and given a ticket?
        Jaime: Yeah! Ten bucks. He said I was speeding.
        Commissioner Hart: Were you, Miss Sommers?
        Jaime: Well, two, three miles an hour, five at the absolute ouside, but I was...
        Oscar: Jaime, I'd like to introduce you to Commissioner Hart of the Santa Regina Police Department.
        Jaime: Really? Oh...

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