The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 2 Episode 6

Kill Oscar (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 1976 on ABC
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Kill Oscar (1)
Jaime combats female robots that Dr. Franklin is using in a scheme to kidnap Oscar Goldman and obtain an experimental weather control device.

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  • Revealing Margaret "Peggy" Callahan's first name was the first step toward developing her role on both the "Bionic Woman" and "The Six Million Dollar Man".

    It is hardly unusual for a computer to reveal that a person's nickname is not their given name. Both "Peggy" and "Maggie" are common nicknames for women named Margaret (see, for example, Therefore, this was not a mistake on the "Bionic Woman's" writers' parts, but on the reviewer's.

    To repeat, it is hardly unusual for a computer to reveal that a person's nickname is not their given name. Both "Peggy" and "Maggie" are common nicknames for women named Margaret (see, for example, Therefore, this was not a mistake on the "Bionic Woman's" writers' parts, but on the reviewer's.moreless
Jack Colvin

Jack Colvin

Baron Constantine

Guest Star

Corinne Camacho

Corinne Camacho

Lynda Rosand

Guest Star

Jack Ging

Jack Ging

Chief Inspector Hanson

Guest Star

John Houseman

John Houseman

Dr. Franklin

Recurring Role

Jennifer Darling

Jennifer Darling

Peggy Callahan

Recurring Role

Lee Majors

Lee Majors

Col. Steve Austin

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • During the sequence where Callahan is talking to her mother on the phone, the boom mike can clearly be seen hovering over her head.

    • Guest John Housemancan also be seenwith Lindsay Wagner in his Oscar-winning portrayal of a law professor in The Paper Chase.

    • They got the sequence of certain events badly out of coherent order. When Jamie and Steve play handball, they plan to meet in the parking lot to go out to dinner but Jamie wants to go talk to Callahan first. Then, we see Jamie already in the parking lot when Linda is kidnapped and replaced. Jamie asks (the Fembot) if she and Rudy can fix her ear "tomorrow" (indicating that Linda was on her way home for the day). Then, it's the next day, because (the Fembot) Linda is back at her desk. Jamie goes to see Callahan and indicates that their first conversation was "this morning." Jamie promises to talk to Oscar on Callahan's behalf "later," but she has to see Rudy about her ear first. Then, we see Jamie waiting for Steve (the night before?). Later that night, Callahan is kidnapped and replaced. Finally, the next (same?) day, Jamie sees Rudy about her ear.

    • The security guard at the OSI parking lot calls Linda, "Ms. Rosand." Dr. Franklin and Katy both call her, "Linda Wilson." Even the readout on Franklin's computer says, "Linda Wilson." What is Linda's last name?

    • During the fight in Calahan's apartment, you can tell that the bookcase was designed to break apart at certain points on cue. One of the shelves fails to break at clearly visible jagged seam.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Steve: Hey, do we have a bet on this game?
      Jaime: A bet!? C'mon, I've only played [handball] twice!
      Steve: Ah, well, we definitely should have a bet on this game - and I have a pretty good idea on what the price should be...
      Jaime: Oh reeeeally...?
      Steve: Yeah.
      Jaime: You think you can give me a hint without us getting arrested?
      Steve: Uh-huh.
      Jaime: No? Oh boy...

    • Linda fembot: Jaime? Mr. Goldman called to cancel your lunch. He left about half-an-hour ago. He had an emergency conference at the State Department.
      Jaime: What is this? All my men - they tell me how much they like me, and then nobody'll stick around to feed me?
      Rudy: Hey, it's my lucky day. I'll take you to lunch.
      Jaime: You're on.

    • (Jaime has just rescued Steve from the weather control test chamber)
      Jaime: Steve? Are you alright?
      Steve: Yeah... yeah, I'm okay. For a minute, I was getting a real charge outta that.
      Jaime: Oh, come on, that's not funny.

    • Rudy: If these tests prove out my theory, we'll be able to communicate in ultrasonic ranges. Nobody'll hear it but you and Doberman pinschers.
      Jaime: Uh... Rudy, now you know I love you, but... uh... if you think I'm gonna come running everytime you blow a dog whistle, you're out of your mind.

    • Rudy: I want to make some adjustments on your bionic hearing.
      Jaime: Why?
      Rudy: Well, I just wanna fine tune it higher for range and clarity. I've developed some sonic techniques that are really revolutionary.
      Jaime: Really?
      Rudy: Yeah.
      Jaime: I'm not so sure I want a revolution going on in my ear.

    • Callahan: Dr. Wells did send for you. He's waiting in his office.
      Jaime: Oh, yeah? Why?
      Callahan: Maybe it's your heel alignment? He could balance your toes.

    • (As Jaime gets ready to jump out of Callahan's window.)
      Jaime: I'm not that bionic.

    • Dr Franklin: Yes, the girl is valuable. But, my Fembots can do anything she can.

      Baron Constantine: Not quite. As a human being she can think for herself.

      Dr Franklin: Since when is thinking for herself an asset in a woman?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Familiar intro music was replaced in this episode by the less familiar outro music (the music normally played at the end of each episode as the credits roll).

    • This is the first episode to introduce the "fembots"; a term used many years later in the Austin Powers movies.