The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 20

Long Live the King

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 1978 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the first assassination attempt, Jaime uses her bionic ear to detect an odd sound eminating from the telephone the King is using. After distracting the King, she discretely removes the device from the receiver and crushes it with her bionic thumb. We are later told it was an explosive device. Problem is, most explosive devices would explode from pressure the same as any other method of detonation.

    • During the aforementioned scene, Jaime distracts the King from her doings with the telephone explosive by asking him to check the list of stores to see if he "has a preference." Oddly, when the Kings turns around (after conveniently walking away so that Jaime can do her stuff with the explosive), he says nothing of any preference of stores, and simply praises her for an earlier idea of having the items brought to his apartment. This omission makes the distraction ploy seem even more artificial.

    • Mostada's second assassination attempt against the King involves shooting him, and his hired assassin, Sharokah, "cleverly" utilizes the old gun-in-the-camera trick. Almost comically, they use an old 19th Century, Marx Brothers-style camera, complete with black cloth shroud. Moreover, Mostada complains that the gun will be found during inspection of the camera, but seems unconcerned that the inspection might also reveal that the camera is completely hollow execept for a metal gun holder placed securely inside.

    • Just before the second failed assassination attempt, Jaime overhears Kia and Sharokah discussing secreting the gun into the camera to shoot the King. Once foiled, however, Jaime only turns over Sharokah to Mostada, even though she clearly heard Kia plotting the King's death along with him. Even if she suspected Mostada was somehow involved, there's no reason for her to omit the information about Kia's part in it.

    • In one of many attempts to get romantic with Jaime, Sam tells her that the addressing of the invitations to the King's reception will take them so late into the night that it will be too late upon finishing to go out to dinner. Problem is, they're in New York, NY, the city the never sleeps, where there are hundreds of restaurants open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! In New York, there's no such thing as "too late to have dinner."

    • Wally, the collections goon who's pressuring Sam to pay up on his gambling debt, is played by an actor with what appears to be one of the most obvious sets of hair plugs in television history. The goofiest part of it is that there's only a small, thin row right above his forehead, making the baldness elsewhere look brilliantly noticeable.

  • Quotes

    • Jaime: My assignment was to protect the king, and this secretary bit was just a cover.
      Sam: O.S.I. agent... now who's going to take care of the kids while you're out chasing villains?
      Jaime: What kids?
      Sam: Our kids, after we're married. (Jaime's jaw drops) Look baby, I... I like you. I worry about you. Couldn't you get into a safer job, like wing walking?

    • The King: If you are an example of the liberated woman, I highly regret the traditions in my country that makes such progress impossible.
      Jaime: Well, I'm sure that Your Highness can find a way to make progress, and still keep the, uh, the best of your country's traditions.
      The King: I hope so, Miss Sommers.

    • Oscar: I have hard evidence that the local group of conpspirators are tied in with the military group of Dapur and plan to take over the country when the king is dead. It's too dangerous!
      Jaime: I can't quit now. Tonight is the reception for the king, and I've gotta be with him. That's all there is to it.
      Oscar: You're stubborn!
      Jaime: Yes! And for once, you're right!

    • Oscar: You'll be working with Mr. Sam Sloane, who's Chief of Protocol in the City of New York.
      Jaime: Does this Mr. Sloane know I'm from the O.S.I.? (Oscar shakes his head) Well, won't he guess?
      Oscar: If I know Sam, he'll be busy admiring your legs.
      Jaime: Well, is he hung up on bionics?
      Oscar: No, I'm the one who's hung up on bionics, remember?

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