The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 13

Mirror Image

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 1976 on ABC
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Lisa Galloway is transformed by plastic surgery into a double for Jaime and successfully assumes her identity to obtain top-secret information from Oscar's files.

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  • A sun-dappled romp which fires on all cylinders

    This fabulous episode reminds us why The Bionic Woman is the only spin-off better than its original inspiration to have ever aired on TV. It also shows us how important real-world issue tie-ins can be to good TV stories, and how the media both reflect society and allow society a place to "think out loud", as it were. This one deals with identity theft, date-rape drugs and (yet again) the best balance between stopping bad behavior and angry punishment. If you had all this done to you, what would YOU do abot it? Jamie gets shot at by a man who drugged her, then dumped her into the ocean to die, and all she does to him is beat him at a one-sided pillow fight. Lisa steals Jamie's identity, betrays the US and tries to kill Oscar, and all Jamie uses her bionics for is to prove she's the REAL Bionic Woman. We never see how hard she clamps down on the hand of the man who buys her a drink, then assumes she's his, but once again, it couldn't have been very hard. Especially as compared to what she does to a similarly determined bozzo in a Season Three episode, this is a pretty low-impact way to make the point that you can't buy somebody's love. This one's got it all, but is a tad heavy on the moral and gender issues to be the best it could be. A-moreless
  • Part 1 of the Lisa Galloway trilogy.

    Jaime goes on vacation in the Bahamas only to be drugged and left for dead at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile, in Washington, her perfect double arrives at the OSI claiming to have changed her mind about the vacation and insisting that she be given access to top secret info. Oscar agrees to the request, allowing the double to photograph files and deliver them to her employer for eventual sale to foreign interests. The double is exposed when the real Jaime calls Oscar from the Bahamas claiming to have been assaulted. Of course, this leads to Jaime going undercover pretending to be the double. It should be no surprise that the climax involves a confrontation between Jaime and her double. This episode is mostly notable for the introduction of the character of Lisa Galloway (as the double) who later resurfaces in the vastly superior 2nd season 2-parter episode "Deadly Ringer". Wagner deservedly won an Emmy award for her performance in part 2 of "Deadly Ringer"; a notable accomplishment because series of this type (Sci-fi adventure)were not respected by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences until "The X-files" came along many years later.moreless
Don Porter

Don Porter

Dr. James Courtney

Guest Star

Herbert Jefferson Jr.

Herbert Jefferson Jr.

Baxley (a.k.a. Beaumant)

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Terry Kiser

Terry Kiser


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Ford Rainey

Ford Rainey

Jim Elgin

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Sam Chew, Jr.

Sam Chew, Jr.

Mark Russell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • After Lisa shoots Jaime with the poison darts, there is a whole sequence of scenes where there is no sign of the darts in Jaime's arm, then she physically removes them.

    • In the bar scene when Jaime is posing as Lisa, she and her contact leave and get into a blue taxi, only to switch to another vehicle. Now look just above the new vehicle as it is pulling away from the curb. The sign reads VENTURA FRWY, which is in California, not Washington, D.C.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Jaime: Oscar, if she could make all of you think that she was me, maybe I can make her people think that I'm her.
      Oscar: What about the clothes? Can you match the dress she's wearing?
      Jaime: Oh, c'mon now - if she can match my face, I can match her clothes.

    • Matthews: Lisa, you can drop that Jaime Sommers routine and start talking like yourself. You're among friends now.
      Jaime: (puzzled) Talk like myself?

    • Jaime: What's going to happen to Lisa?
      Oscar: She's going to prison.
      Jaime: Really? (in an exaggerated southern accent) Looking like Lisa Galloway?
      Oscar: No, Jaime Sommers. It's going to take a year for that scar tissue to heal before it'll be safe to have more plastic surgery. So, you're going to have a jailbird for a twin.
      Jaime: (sarcastic) Oh, terrific.

    • (jumping after noticing a cardboard cutout of Oscar)
      Jaime: Whoa... I wish you were the real thing.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Guest star Terry Kiser also appeared with Lindsay Wagner in The Six Million Dollan Man's "Love Song for Tanya" and the reunion movie The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman.

    • First of a trilogy of episodes featuring look-alike character Lisa Galloway. Second season episodes "Deadly Ringer" parts 1 and 2 concluded the storyline.


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