The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 13

Mirror Image

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The prison Lisa Galloway is sent to at the end of this episode is the Delaware Federal Penitentiary.

    • Jaime likes scotch and soda while Lisa likes scotch on the rocks.

    • Blooper: At the end of the episode, when Jaime asks Oscar how he would like it if there were two Oscar Goldmans, Oscar replies that he will worry about it when it happens. But it has already happened - in "Return of the Robotmaker", The Six Million Dollar Man season 2 - where the Robotmaker creates a robot double of Oscar.

    • After Lisa shoots Jaime with the poison darts, there is a whole sequence of scenes where there is no sign of the darts in Jaime's arm, then she physically removes them.

    • In the bar scene when Jaime is posing as Lisa, she and her contact leave and get into a blue taxi, only to switch to another vehicle. Now look just above the new vehicle as it is pulling away from the curb. The sign reads VENTURA FRWY, which is in California, not Washington, D.C.

  • Quotes

    • Oscar: (Re Lisa Galloway going to prison still looking like Jaime) Oscar: But that won't be bad – as long as she stays put.

    • Jaime: As far as I know, I've got the patent on this face. If somebody's cranking 'em out in quantity, I think it's up to me to do something about it

    • Jaime: Oscar, if she could make all of you think that she was me, maybe I can make her people think that I'm her.
      Oscar: What about the clothes? Can you match the dress she's wearing?
      Jaime: Oh, c'mon now - if she can match my face, I can match her clothes.

    • Matthews: Lisa, you can drop that Jaime Sommers routine and start talking like yourself. You're among friends now.
      Jaime: (puzzled) Talk like myself?

    • Jaime: What's going to happen to Lisa?
      Oscar: She's going to prison.
      Jaime: Really? (in an exaggerated southern accent) Looking like Lisa Galloway?
      Oscar: No, Jaime Sommers. It's going to take a year for that scar tissue to heal before it'll be safe to have more plastic surgery. So, you're going to have a jailbird for a twin.
      Jaime: (sarcastic) Oh, terrific.

    • (jumping after noticing a cardboard cutout of Oscar)
      Jaime: Whoa... I wish you were the real thing.

  • Notes

    • Guest star Terry Kiser also appeared with Lindsay Wagner in The Six Million Dollan Man's "Love Song for Tanya" and the reunion movie The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman.

    • First of a trilogy of episodes featuring look-alike character Lisa Galloway. Second season episodes "Deadly Ringer" parts 1 and 2 concluded the storyline.

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