The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 7

Motorcycle Boogie

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1977 on ABC

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  • OH Please No

    Horrible episode. Trying to cash in on the evil Knievel craze they had him guest star on this episode. IT was awful and had some of the worst blue screen work ever done. I was happy that 42 minutes rarely aired on television.
  • So perfect it's painful

    Television is often rightly blamed for relentlessly peddling images of senseless violence and skewing viewers' vision of the world for base profits. I'm willing to concede that this episode of Bionic Woman does the latter -- and I'm glad!! There is almost no man in this episode I wouldn't want to be, from the world's greatest motorbike jumper to the East German rent-a-cop who gets to have Jamie gently and inventively "bionicate" him (a friend's word; you'll have to watch this fabulous episode to see exactly what she does), then "borrow" his uniform to make good her partner's escape. This one's a perfect fantasy romp, its only shortcoming being its possible inducement to a life of crime. Sadly, REAL American forces abroad don't always treat suspects NEARLY so well! Maybe Lindy England and crew should have watched The Bionic Woman for pointers on how to treat detainees. Perhaps then we'd be margianally better tolerated around the world today, and not have to throw away countless lives on a doomed cause in the world's most volitile powerkeg. A+
  • Bad episode written around talentless Evel Knievel.

    It is readily apparent that this episode was developed after it was decided to have Evel Knievel guest star. What a mistake! Knievel is likable enough, but has no charisma whatever and no chemistry with Wagner. Wagner is an intelligent actress, so pairing her with a dolt is not likely to work and doesn't here. Furthermore, the astounding lack of consideration Jaime exhibits to Knievel is a disservice to the character and another example of the continuing degradation of the writing for this series. In spite of being set behind the iron curtain, no tangible effort was made to hide the obvious Californian terrain. As usual, Jaime is sent to recover a stolen computer tape that could jeopardize US national security. It's a good thing that Knievel is along for the ride because -- guess what -- unconvincing motorcycle jumps are necesssary to effect escape. Another gripe: Wagner is gorgeous - we all know it - so why oh why must it being hammered into the viewer every episode?