The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 22

On the Run

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 1978 on ABC



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    • Jaime: I have no objection to taking assignments - but with some very strict conditions.
      Oscar: You can write your own ticket.
      Jaime: Hear me out before you say that - because it's not going to be smooth sailing anymore; it's not going to "blow the whistle and Jaime jumps."
      Senator Renshaw: Please go on.
      Jaime: I need some time to have a life of my own also. That may mean marriage, children - I don't know. But it does mean some work that I feel good about - teaching, helping kids... uh... something positive, because, y'see, I experience the O.S.I. as negative activity. It's, uh, fending off disaster; it's survival time, and I must have some things in my life that... that give me perspective, so that my work for you will mean something. Now, if that seems unreasonable, I'm sorry, but that's how I feel.

    • Jaime: (angrily) They want to put me in a cage, Chris. Put me in a zoo - and I cannot live like that. I don't have to.

    • Oscar: You know... Callahan once accused me of being married to the O.S.I.... and if that is the case, you're the closest thing to family I'll ever have. I want you to know, I'm going to miss you very, very much, but I want you to go... be free... find whatever it is you're looking for... 'cause I... well... I love you.
      Jaime: (crying) Oscar... I love you too. I do. All I'm lookin' for is whatever's left of Jaime Sommers. You know, you just gave me back a big piece of her. So maybe I can find the rest, huh?

    • Jaime: Oscar, can't you do something?
      Oscar: Jaime... I'm doing all I can – but it's out of my hands – not out of my mind. Well, I better get out of here - before I end up telling you that the NSB are on their way over here... that you've got twenty minutes to pack and to get out of here. That I might tell you to run... use all the skills that I taught you... to prevent us from paying you back in this way.

    • Jaime: I always felt like I could trust you.
      Oscar: You can trust me. It's other people - people who won't let you go.
      Jaime: What other people? I don't understand - they can't make me work - that's ridiculous.
      Oscar: Of course they can't. But they consider part of you government property. That's why they're willing to let you... retire. They've got the place all picked out. Oh, it's very pleasant - it's sunny, plenty of beautiful recreational facilities. Don't worry about any personal needs you might have - the people in charge will give you whatever it is you want.
      Jaime: Yeah, they'll give me everything but freedom.

    • Oscar: So... you're going to lock [Jaime] up, eh? Is that your idea of a grateful government?
      D.D. Parr: (laughing) Oh, Oscar! You talk like that, you'd think it was behind bars or something! it's not that bad - it's practically a resort!
      Oscar: Of course! She can just roam around, do whatever she wants - until she gets too close to the edge - and then you just jerk the leash, huh? You're talking about a zoo.

    • Jaime: I don't like what I've been doing, and I don't like what I've become.
      Chris: Well, it's good enough for me to fall in love with.
      Jaime: Oh, really? Well, what are you in love with? If you're a leg man, honey, you're out of luck.

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    • The concept of confining former agents to a compound is lifted from the cult British series The Prisoner.