The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 2 Episode 24

Once A Thief

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 04, 1977 on ABC

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  • A big story in a little package

    Imagine this: One night, you're awakened by a cat burglar. You chase him off, but he comes back the next day, trashes your pad, carjacks you at gunpoint and tries to blackmail you into helping him knock over a bank in broad daylight.

    Now, bear in mind that not only are you the second strongest person on the planet (after, of course the 6MDM), but you have the entire might of the government of the most powerful nation on Earth just chomping at the bit to send this guy up the river forever. Would you: A) use that might, B) panic and make some other foolish choice, or C) risk your own life to get the guy off, literally running a gauntlet of angry men with guns cradling the now helpless hood and trailing his pet chimp??? Sometimes (as here) what you're NOT shown is as compelling as what IS on film. In this case, a season which saw Jamie saving the entire world, smashing "fembots" to rescue her boss and jetting around the country after every conceivable threat to national security is nicely bookended by this sweet, small-scale tale of a reluctant renegade and the improbable series of events that starts with his picking what he ruefully decides was the WRONG house to rob, only to discover he's actually brought the RIGHT person into his life at just the perfect moment. B+, would have been an A- had the music and the rest of the treatment not implied this was all just comic relief.