The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 19

Out of Body

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 1978 on ABC
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Out of Body
When a young American Indian is framed and injured in the theft of a deadly new weapon, his spirit leaves his body and aids Jaime in the search for the real criminals.

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  • When a kid she cares about is nearly electrocuted apparently trying to break into a secure government facility, Jamie needs his help to solve the case -- even though he's in a coma!moreless

    Sad to say, but this should have been the series finale, as it's the last one in which all the value-added Bionic Woman elements (gentleness even to the bad guys, a crime which endangers no young children, and a uniquely feminine take on crime fighting) are present. This is the second episode in which Jamie sticks up for a Native American teenager, a pointless repetition given all the other ethnicities and populations that could have been represented. What's more, the crucial develpment is predicated on the right message, delivered in a totally demeaning and unbelievable way. The kid is trying to reach Jamie through his coma in an out-of-body mind meld, but his tribal elders tell him he must release his hate to succeed. Only being able to release SOME of his anger (at least THAT part is realistic), all the Indian can do is guide Jamie to the location of the culprit, who then rants to her about how the government he once worked for never appreciated him or paid him enough. As Jamie is about to pounce on him, there is a moment when she has to stop herself from letting him have what he deserves, but once again she pulls off a super-nice takedown, subduing the man verbally and getting in the gentlest jab possible by calling him a "wide ass." Though the message is right on target, this one requires the viewer to believe in an alternate reality, even in Bionic Woman terms. B-moreless
Nehemiah Persoff

Nehemiah Persoff

Dr. Philip Jennings

Guest Star

Charlie Hill

Charlie Hill

Tommy Littlehorse

Guest Star

Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch


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Christopher Stone

Christopher Stone

Chris Williams

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • While Jaime is handcuffed to "Rosebud," the doomsday bomb created by Dr Jennings, he warns her not to try and pull loose because the machine is very sensitive, and "the least pressure" will cause it to blow up. Problem is, when Jennings' thugs are removing the machine from the lab, they roll it over a rough spot on the floor, tossel it around, and maneuver it with complete disregard. Why wouldn't it explode then, or during shipment to the remote location?

    • In the opening scene, Jaime slips into the lab to pry Tommy away from his work so they can go out together, as planned. Jaime starts to take off his lab jacket while he's sitting and facing away. The next shot is Tommy suddenly standing and facing Jaime, wearing a blue windbreaker jacket, and Jaime is adjusting the lapels for him, with no break in the conversation they're having.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • (Looking down at the presumably dead body of Tommy Littlehorn, lying on the floor after having been set up by Dr Jennings to be electrocuted by a laboratory door lock)
      Denton: Now that's a good indian.
      Dr. Jennings: Denton! Don't ever make a remark like that again!
      Denton: I only made the crack; you're the one who killed him.

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