The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 11

Over the Hill Spy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 1977 on ABC
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Over the Hill Spy
An elderly Soviet spy, long believed dead, threatens U.S. security, so Oscar must convince a retired OSI agent to work with Jaime and identify his Russian counterpart.

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  • Dirty Old Spy

    Jaime is forced to work with a retired spy who rather leave her behind. He introduces himself by chloroforming Jaime while disguised as a woman, and then tells her how much he enjoys using it. She manages to stick around long enough to be dressed in silly disguises, and get tied up. Finally she manages to save the day, and encourages him to go off with an old Soviet spy.
  • An OK installment which could have been better

    One inexplicable problem which affected both The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman in their later years was that in their government worker roles, they sometimes acted like wise-youknowwhats. In service of humor, they break a cardinal rule here: Jaime is usually nothing but sweet and loyal to all her OSI associates, but is shown getting peeved at Quinn when he cloroforms her, and spends the whole episode demeaning him to boot! While she eventually shows compassion to both Quinn and Slotsky, there's just no good reason for Jaime to be this out of character; she could fix all his goofs just as easily without the sarcasm. Also, her escape from the trunk would seriously injure all three bad guys, and is physically improbable to boot. If she kicked the lid that hard, it would just go right through the ceiling (not very considerate of the occupants of the room above). What they should have had her do instead is either break her bonds but stay put long enough to be taken to where she could have perhaps bionically overheard Slotsky and crew talking about their next move, or force the lid open and then find some comicly painless but plausible way to take control of the situation like she did in "Motorcycle Boogie" by showing everyone what she was capable of -- a perfectly believable deterrent. Finally, the car crash Jaime causes at the very end is both improbable (wouldn't the parked car's breaks be on) and so painful to watch that even Jaime is worried enough to run to the guy and make sure he's OK, then answer Oscar that he is. Since Oscar has to ask this on our behalf, that should have been a symbol that once again NBC was eroding the nonviolent aspect of the character that Lindsay Wagner made a deliberate commitment to from the beginning. C-moreless
Richard Erdman

Richard Erdman

Terrence Quinn

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Jeff David

Jeff David

Vilmos Vanovic

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Michael Thoma

Michael Thoma

Boris Slotsky

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Jaime performs a bionic jump, both taking off in heels and showing a close-up of landing in heels. However, when in mid-jump she is clearly shown to be in flats.

    • After being told that Slotsky is left-handed, Jaime begins counting men on the patio with drinks in their left hands in an attempt to identify him in the crowd. The camera pans as she counts, and within the first two seconds, she miscounts, missing the man in a dark suit who is shown very obviously between the men she calls out as 1 and 2.

    • Why did Quinn say Jaime's name and blow her cover when walking into the bad guys' closet where she's hiding? For some reason, he just says her name out loud, blowing both their covers and causing them to get captured. This is a very weak plot point that could easily have been strengthened by having him become startled by her sudden appearance in the closet, thus alerting the bad guys to something or someone in there.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Jaime: My god, they're trying to kill us. (throws the bomb to a nearby construction site) That was a bomb. They planted a bomb under that table. No wonder that guy wanted to get out of here.
      Quinn: I've told Oscar a hundred times - the trouble with woman agents is they have a tendency to get hysterical; to exaggerate; fantasize, which makes them somewhat unreliable.
      Jaime: I know what a bomb is, and that was a bomb.
      (the bomb explodes)
      Quinn: Feminine intuition.

    • Quinn: There's only one other problem. Slotsky can recognize me too. So we've gotta throw him off. (throws a wig and dress at Jaime) Wear this, and this.
      Jaime: Are you joking? I certainly hope we're not going anywhere the vice squad visits.
      Quinn: This is a convention hotel. You'll fit right in.

    • Quinn: I'll just take these out to the car... (sees that Jaime has freed herself) How'd you do that?
      Jaime: Double jointed.

    • Jaime: What are you doing to me? This guy's a nut!
      Oscar: Oh, so you two aren't hitting it off, hey?
      Jaime: "Hitting it off?!" Well, so far, he has chloroformed me, he's tied me up, and he doesn't even know my name yet!
      Oscar: Well, Terrance does have his way. Give him another chance, will you, Babe? You know how important it is.
      Jaime: Against my better judgment. This guy better be as good as you say he is.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Though credited, Martin E. Brooks does not appear in this episode.

    • This is the first episode in the series that features a new "Bionic Jump" visual effect. Rather than decending backward from the ledge (causing the appearance of a ledge landing when run backward), the stunt woman actually jumps OVER the railing SIDEWAYS, no less! When run backwards, this creates the refreshing appearance of a more realistic jump from the ground, then up over the railing and onto the balcony or landing. The sideways nature of the jump, however, does cause the end product to appear a little unnatural. But, jumping backward over a 3-ft tall railing is not an easy feat, even for a trained stunt woman. The sideways jump was probably a happy medium.