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  • Good choise!

    Most spin-off shows must be viewed with caution as they are usually pale imitations of their predecessors. The Bionic Woman was not one of them.

    The beautiful Lindsay Wagner played bionic woman Jamie Sommers. She was joined by Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman and Martin E. Brooks as Dr. Rudy Wells. She worked for the OSI agency (it's amazing how in the 60's and 70's there were so many government agencies fighting evil on the small screen). Jamie had had an airplane accident and she was rebuilt. She was given bionic legs, a bionic arm and a bionic ear (no doubt used for listening to gossip).

    Like most shows of that era, The Bionic Woman was fun as Jamie Sommers fought all sorts of threats from Bigfoot to Fembots to aliens and also a few more down to earth threats as well. I really loved the theme tune and the action sequences to this show. The acting was great on the part of the three leads and the show had a mixture of stories from comedy episodes to dark episodes. Popping in from time to time was Steve Austin (not the WWF/WWE star but the Six Million Dollar Man played by Lee Majors).

    All in all, a great show which is better than it has ever been given credit for.
  • GREAT!!!!

    Starring Lindsay Wagner as Jamie Sommers. A retired pro tennis player turned Californian middle school teacher experiences a parachute failure and the accident renders her a tomato. The government takes the opportunity to turn her into a government project and replaces her most damaged limbs and parts of the body with bionic machinery and parts... making her an all powerful crime fighting machine with super strength and hearing. Her signature was her jumping... over small buildings, walls, cars, she cleared them with no problem. Yeah... her running was cool too.
  • Great BIONIC fun!

    a friend of mine told me about this show and the six million dollar man, so I had to check them out. Wow he was right, I bought the first season of Bionic woman because at the time it wasn't rerunning anywhere and I got hooked!! I became a big fan of both shows and eventually got to meet our heroes at DragonCon 2013!
  • This was a show I could not miss as a child. I was the Bionic Woman before I was a teenager.

    The show was an absolute must after the creation of the Bionic Man. The best episodes for me in both series was when they starred together. With such movies on the go at the time, looking further into Sci-fi. This show was ideal. it looked into the future. People didn't believe, but it is happening. Brilliant show. I want it back.
  • Jaime Sommers - my hero.

    I was a big fan of Six Million Dollar Man (my brother had the action figure) when it was on... when Bionic Woman came on I was an even bigger fan. Jaime Sommers was my hero. I guess one day I could be like her. I don't have any bionic parts yet. And I have not been able to rip a phone book in half yet (which of course was my most favorite scene in the whole tv series). She was such a good roll model for young girls or even women. And of course I always had that secret dream that Jaime Sommers and Steve Austin would get married.
  • Perfection :)

    I grew up loving this show, and recently bought the DVDs (*not* actual retail DVDs from the studio, so don't get your knickers in a knot) and have watched all the episodes and all three reunion movies again - and wow ... just as good as I remember it being, particularly the first two seasons ... it's unfortunate that season three leaves so much to be desired, but overall, it's better than a lot of other shows, particularly because of it's emotional depth, which you don't normally find in most sci-fi/fantasy shows. And I gotta tell you - having all three seasons on DVD rocks ... I've been watching the show non-stop for the past two weeks ... :)
  • Dated but enjoyable, The Bionic Woman still invades my dreams

    I had such a big crush for Jaime when I first saw this show as a kid; looking back I considered her her tall, beautiful and statuesque, but my memories of her have changed with adulthood. Watching it now, I never realized how thin and willowy she was (well, not Portia thin), or how campy the episodes really were. Still attractive even by the standards of the Seventies, Jaime was a tennis pro and a school mate friend of Steve Austin as kids. Everyone thought they'd marry, but their lives went in different directions. He became an astronaut and was rebuilt with cybernetic parts after an accident. She had the same thing done after another convenient accident (like I said, ridiculously campy) as if the government throws these operations around like water. To pay for the expense, Jaime must work for the government directly as Steve now does in order to get into places he can't; a nice little plot point to make rendering her superhuman logical. The premise starts out fine - even remaking a few Six Million dollar Man episodes and crossing over with him on others, but later on she gets into early "X Files" cases with ghosts, ufos, aliens and Native American Spirits and every so often wearing outfits out of Charlie's Angels. This show spawned some fairly decent toys now worth half a million dollars today to collectors; the Jaime doll was even interchangeable with Barbie and her paraphernalia. The series, however, ran out of steam after jumping networks, but if it had stayed with the "Kolchak/X Files" venue, Jaime might have surpassed Steve. Had it gone on, I have a scary thought, however, that Jaime's sidekick Peggy (played by Jen Darling) would have been next to go bionic - a concept I really wanted to see!
  • Good show for its time. One of my favorites.

    I used to watch this when I was a kid. Not in the 70s, but when they re-aired them on SciFi, back when they used to do Superhero Land, Creature Land, etc. I liked Six Million Dollar Man too. I didn't like the reunion movies that were made in the 80's & early 90's...they just didn't have it. Oh yeah, I also used to be terribly afraid of those fembots..woah they were creepy and still are. I also think that Lindsay & Lee were perfect model dressers for the 70's haha. I actually liked some of the stuff she wore on the show. But some of the music that would occasionally play on there (like in the first ep. that debuted on six million dollar man), that I couldn't handle. But overall the show was good, I liked the cases, definetely creative.
  • Hi, I love the bionic woman show was my favorite movie when I was a child, and now I love too. I\'ll like that the bionic woman come back to the tv. Lindsay Wagner is my favorite actress. Will be wonderfull if we can watch in tv the bionic woman.

    When I was a child I never lost Bionic woman , and the six million dollar man, is sad to see than now these wonderfull movies aren\'t showing in tv. I Loved when Lindsay and Lee act toguether, I love the bionic forever movie was fantastic watch again. I remember to my family around the tv watching to bionic woman, today I miss this programm. I know that many people feell the same than me. This program was very good because went our first movie where an heroe was a woman.Lindsay is a very very good actress. She iswonderful , please show the bionic woman serie in tv. all the fans of this program willbe thanks.
  • Gem

    Vast sleeper show. They seemed to have a board of guys coming up with dumb concepts for each episode, and them some really deep clever writers fleshing it out. The 6Million Dollar man was a spy/super-hero show but in the Bionic Woman the started to delve much more into the emotional impact of the condition, and much more human interest. Some of the shows seem to be written for a bimbo, but Lindsay doesn't play it that way at all, she plays them as a modern independent woman. You can epitomize the show with the episode "The Bionic Dog" - Say that title to anyone and they will roll their eyes. Oh brother! But watch the episode, you never will again. It's a deeply moving tale.
  • Not just a female version of Steve Austin.

    When this premiered, I resisted watching it. I thought it was a lame attempt to generate more money from the Six Million Dollar Man. I was wrong. After I saw a couple of episodes I changed my mind. Lindsay Wagner is a tremendous actress who draws the viewers into her character (Jaime Sommers) and the story at hand.

    Many shows with a high profile technology character tend to lean heavily on special effects to drive the show. The Bionic Woman is different. There is warmth and charisma in the main character that keeps the show going from episode to episode with or without the special effects. The technological part of the show is a bonus.

    Now 30 years later, my wife and I still have fond memories of the show. That you, Lindsay Wagner, for giving us such a quality series to enjoy.
  • Wagner\'s appealing performace makes this one worth watching!!

    A spin-off from \"The Six Million Dollar Man\", \"The Bionic Woman\" premiered in January, 1976 and made a major star of actress Lindsay Wagner. Originally intended to be only a two part episode of its parent show, the character of Jaime Sommers was so adorable that millions of fans wrote into the network (ABC) demanding her return. The problem: the character had been killed off. After a far fetched and convoluted explanation, Jaime returned in another two part episode of \"The Six Million Dollar Man\" before being launched in her own series. The first season (actually only 13 episodes in the later half of the 1975/76 television season) introduced Jaime as a part time school teacher, part time OSI agent living in her home town of Ojai, California and smartly kept the character generally close to home. These episodes wisely capitalized on Wagner\'s natural charms and superior acting abilities and resulted in viewer popularity that surpassed \"The Six Million Dollar Man\" (#4 vs. #9 in the ratings). Both shows peaked at this time. Weaker scripts and obvious boredom in Wagner\'s performance resulted in progresssively diminshing ratings during the 2nd season (#14 vs. #7 for its parent show) resulted in its cancellation by ABC in April, 1977. ABC was the #1 network at the time -- if not, it probably would not have been cancelled. NBC saw a good thing and renewed the show for a 3rd season. However, even worse scripts and blatant boredom in Wagner\'s performance sealed its cancellation in April, 1978. Wagner deservedly won an Emmy award for her performance in the 2nd season episode \"Deadly Ringer\" part 2. Episodes worth catching include: #1 to 13, 18 to 21, 24, 25, 27 to 30, 37 to 40 and the brilliant series finale #58.
  • Lindsay Wagner is an excelente actress. Beautifull, nice, charismatic, and amanzing interpreter of Jamie Sommers. And I like the couple with Lee Majors. I had a great moments in my teenager, and I always remember it.

    When I started to see The Bionic Woman, I waited the episode each week. I didn't lose any episode. And I didn't move in front of TV. One of the razons, the actress who's playing the principal roll: Lindsay Wagner. Excellent interpretation!!!! Very good actors and histories. Some episodes were amazing!!! I prefered Doomsday is tomorrow (I & II), Jamies's mother (very emotions), Deadly Ringer (I & II)(I think was the best interpretation of Lindsay how The Bionic Woman), Max, the bionic dog, and the last episode, On the run :( There was chemestry in the trio: Jamie-Oscar-Rudy, and I like Lee Majors how he was guest actor. They were a nice couple. It's nice to remember, when past 30 years and I found fans of the, around the world (I live in Argentina)
  • This was a great show

    I remember watching this show when I was a little girl. It was a great show! It would be wonderful if they brought it back. There just aren't shows on tv like the Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man. It was one of the few shows that I wanted to watch. My brother and I would pretend to be Steve and Jamie...and go out and run and jump over stuff! It was great. Life was much better when I could sit and watch shows like these! I hate that my own children don't have quality shows like these to watch!
  • GO Jaimie GO!

    Jaimie Sommers took the nation by storm. She was strong, intelligent and natural. Everything that a female had not been on American television. Her episodes and adventures had a generally softer tone and usually had some type moral or lesson attached.
  • 9.5
    The Bionic Woman is a show about Girl Power.
    Long before Buffy and The Charmed One's she took out the baddies in the form of leaders from different governments, and Fembots! Lindsay Wagner is a wonderful actress and she makes what would be fluff very credible. Classic Series. Love it.
  • The only female superhero worth her salt

    From saving the world from destruction to saving her friends’ reputations, Jamie Sommers – middle school teacher and sometime agent for Uncle Sam – covers every mission with style, substance and sweetness. Gentle even with the bad guys and sexy without pushing bad taste, she’s also real as can be, since she was never a comic book character. Relive a less complicated time and return to what’s best in all of us with this fantastic program. It’s great fun with life-affirming messages to boot, The Bionic Woman belongs at the top of anybody’s list of superheroes, male or female.
  • Lindsay Wagner played the bionic woman and she was my idol. I even bought a bionic woman doll and joined the club.

    The Bionic Woman was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. I always thought that Lindsay Wagner was so pretty and she always made a good actress. She brought that character to life. I was so disappointed when the show ended. I would love to see her recreate that role and make a movie out of it. I say kudos to the Bionic Woman.