The Bionic Woman Classic

ABC (ended 1978)


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  • Dated but enjoyable, The Bionic Woman still invades my dreams

    I had such a big crush for Jaime when I first saw this show as a kid; looking back I considered her her tall, beautiful and statuesque, but my memories of her have changed with adulthood. Watching it now, I never realized how thin and willowy she was (well, not Portia thin), or how campy the episodes really were. Still attractive even by the standards of the Seventies, Jaime was a tennis pro and a school mate friend of Steve Austin as kids. Everyone thought they'd marry, but their lives went in different directions. He became an astronaut and was rebuilt with cybernetic parts after an accident. She had the same thing done after another convenient accident (like I said, ridiculously campy) as if the government throws these operations around like water. To pay for the expense, Jaime must work for the government directly as Steve now does in order to get into places he can't; a nice little plot point to make rendering her superhuman logical. The premise starts out fine - even remaking a few Six Million dollar Man episodes and crossing over with him on others, but later on she gets into early "X Files" cases with ghosts, ufos, aliens and Native American Spirits and every so often wearing outfits out of Charlie's Angels. This show spawned some fairly decent toys now worth half a million dollars today to collectors; the Jaime doll was even interchangeable with Barbie and her paraphernalia. The series, however, ran out of steam after jumping networks, but if it had stayed with the "Kolchak/X Files" venue, Jaime might have surpassed Steve. Had it gone on, I have a scary thought, however, that Jaime's sidekick Peggy (played by Jen Darling) would have been next to go bionic - a concept I really wanted to see!