The Bionic Woman Classic

ABC (ended 1978)


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  • Lindsay Wagner is an excelente actress. Beautifull, nice, charismatic, and amanzing interpreter of Jamie Sommers. And I like the couple with Lee Majors. I had a great moments in my teenager, and I always remember it.

    When I started to see The Bionic Woman, I waited the episode each week. I didn't lose any episode. And I didn't move in front of TV. One of the razons, the actress who's playing the principal roll: Lindsay Wagner. Excellent interpretation!!!! Very good actors and histories. Some episodes were amazing!!! I prefered Doomsday is tomorrow (I & II), Jamies's mother (very emotions), Deadly Ringer (I & II)(I think was the best interpretation of Lindsay how The Bionic Woman), Max, the bionic dog, and the last episode, On the run :( There was chemestry in the trio: Jamie-Oscar-Rudy, and I like Lee Majors how he was guest actor. They were a nice couple. It's nice to remember, when past 30 years and I found fans of the, around the world (I live in Argentina)