The Bionic Woman Classic

ABC (ended 1978)


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  • Not just a female version of Steve Austin.

    When this premiered, I resisted watching it. I thought it was a lame attempt to generate more money from the Six Million Dollar Man. I was wrong. After I saw a couple of episodes I changed my mind. Lindsay Wagner is a tremendous actress who draws the viewers into her character (Jaime Sommers) and the story at hand.

    Many shows with a high profile technology character tend to lean heavily on special effects to drive the show. The Bionic Woman is different. There is warmth and charisma in the main character that keeps the show going from episode to episode with or without the special effects. The technological part of the show is a bonus.

    Now 30 years later, my wife and I still have fond memories of the show. That you, Lindsay Wagner, for giving us such a quality series to enjoy.