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ABC (ended 1978)


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  • Wagner\'s appealing performace makes this one worth watching!!

    A spin-off from \"The Six Million Dollar Man\", \"The Bionic Woman\" premiered in January, 1976 and made a major star of actress Lindsay Wagner. Originally intended to be only a two part episode of its parent show, the character of Jaime Sommers was so adorable that millions of fans wrote into the network (ABC) demanding her return. The problem: the character had been killed off. After a far fetched and convoluted explanation, Jaime returned in another two part episode of \"The Six Million Dollar Man\" before being launched in her own series. The first season (actually only 13 episodes in the later half of the 1975/76 television season) introduced Jaime as a part time school teacher, part time OSI agent living in her home town of Ojai, California and smartly kept the character generally close to home. These episodes wisely capitalized on Wagner\'s natural charms and superior acting abilities and resulted in viewer popularity that surpassed \"The Six Million Dollar Man\" (#4 vs. #9 in the ratings). Both shows peaked at this time. Weaker scripts and obvious boredom in Wagner\'s performance resulted in progresssively diminshing ratings during the 2nd season (#14 vs. #7 for its parent show) resulted in its cancellation by ABC in April, 1977. ABC was the #1 network at the time -- if not, it probably would not have been cancelled. NBC saw a good thing and renewed the show for a 3rd season. However, even worse scripts and blatant boredom in Wagner\'s performance sealed its cancellation in April, 1978. Wagner deservedly won an Emmy award for her performance in the 2nd season episode \"Deadly Ringer\" part 2. Episodes worth catching include: #1 to 13, 18 to 21, 24, 25, 27 to 30, 37 to 40 and the brilliant series finale #58.
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