The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 1977 on ABC

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  • A cute, fun basic episode

    Though the whole idea of Jaime going on a rodeo is admittedly silly, this one has the winning BW elements we've come to expect: Jaime loyally and humbly supporting her friends and associates, relatively painless takedowns (though that term really *IS* relative here) and the high stakes hijinks of a threat to national security which can't be stopped by any man, but takes a woman's touch. The sequence where Jaime helps Billy into his truck to bed down is particularly sweet, and the follow-up sequence -- where he learns the truth about what she's really doing with him and they "have it out" but end up on the same page again is both realistic and touching. Once again we have a positive message being conveyed unobtrusively: that it's OK to be yourself, so long as you accept other people who are also being themselves, rather than always being in competition with everybody or giving in to stereotyped thinking about what others (in this case the "fairer" sex) can and can't do. B-
  • Astoundingly bad and utter abandonment of established character traits.

    Simply put: the abolute worst episode of the series. There is nothing about this episode that has merit. Jaime is sent undercover to, of all places, a rodeo to protect, as usual, a brilliant scientist carrying a secret formula in his head. It is astounding that the OSI would not simply insist that he document what he has developed before endangering himself; particularly in view of the fact that he has repeatedly injured himself with this no brain, animal hating and misogynistic activity. Wagner, a strict vegan and spirtualist, goes through the motions and actually allows the writers to have Jaime order a steak, rodeo ride and once again shamelessly degrade the character through unrelentless flirtation with a man she barely knows. Guest actor Andrew Prine is dreadful and completely unbelievable as the scientist trying to prove to his dead father that he is more than a geek!?! As if Jaime Sommers would find this kind of mentality attractive! After being cancelled by ABC, one would think that NBC would have insisted on better scripts than this drivel.