The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 16

Sanctuary Earth

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 1978 on ABC

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  • Jaime Sommers learns the little girl she is protecting from two lookalike men with zapping devices is actually an alien princess.

    This episode demonstrates you don't need great writing, acting or special effects for engrossing television. Although it is about on the same intellectual level as a Sid and Marty Krofft show, this goes to a basic psychologic level in all of us and simply represents what we want to see. Young Helen Hunt as an alien girl delivering some of the dumbest dialogue of her career. I recall a talk show appearance where either Letterman or Leno tried to embarrass her with the clip of some of her lines, which got a big laugh, but she didn't seem unhappy to see it resurface at all. On Helen's first time hosting "Saturday Night Live," in the monologue they showed some clips from her early TV career, including an "Afterschool Special" where she made a drug-crazed leap, and a great moment from this "Bionic Woman" episode where she is in Jaime's apartment and opens the refrigerator, when one of the twin villains appears and uses his weapon to zap her out cold. In her SNL monologue, Helen reacted to that clip by saying, "Oh yeah, I did my own stunts too." That moment was followed by Jaime throwing something at the alien disabling him, only for his counterpart to "beam in" in his place, with a surprised Jaime saying "Wait a minute. Didn't I just knock you out?", after which twin number 2 zaps Jaime unconscious and ties both Jaime and young Helen up. I wish more TV episodes were like this, especially now when a generation of classic TV watchers should know better about what is fun to watch and what isn't.
  • When Helen Hunt drops to Earth on a satellite fleeing from some interstellar bad guys, she finds sanctuary at Jamie's house -- as we all do right along with her.

    It's funny, but even though this one can be compared to a Mork and Mindy episode gone wrong, it's still the Bionic Woman, so it's still fun to watch! The scene where Jamie takes convincing that HH is really from outer space is classic, as is her comment about how all they have to do is seperate "these boys from their gizmos", and her utterly convincing explanation of what lettuce and a telephone are. HH's line about Jamie being easily able to prove she's an alien by showing people how strong she is is great, too. And once again, all Jamie does to the bad guys is trip them up with a table and a houseplant, though she speaks a bit harshly to them as she orders them to stand in front of their own gun. The ending is too convenient, and we see Jamie being surprisingly niaeve for a secret agent, just taking HH's word that SHE isn't one of the bad guys. Still, the female bonding and girl power bits come off as touching rather than iritating, and HH really does look like a younger version of Tom Hanks' wife in Cast Away. B+