The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 16

Sanctuary Earth

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 1978 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Aura gets shot by Verm (or was it Dier?), Jaime looks up and calls her name as if she's confused, not acting at all like someone who has just watched a friend collapse to the floor in a heap.

    • Once at the expected site of the weather satellite, the first and most important step is actually spotting the satellite as it parachutes down to Earth. But why are Jaime, Rudy, and Chris sharing a single pair of binocoluars? Wouldn't one of the greatest scientific minds in the country think to bring more than one pair?

    • When Chris calls Jaime to let her know that he and Rudy will be visiting Southern California and would like to drop in and see her, Jaime asks, "What's the occasion?" Even though there's no reason to believe that they're speaking on a secure line (Jaime's phone has been tapped on several occasions), Chris cheerfully tells Jaime that there's the little matter of the unscheduled landing of a satellite. That might be at least "guarded" information, if not Top Secret, and not something that they'd like overheard in a telephone conversation.

  • Quotes

    • Jaime: Aura, look at your pendant.
      Aura: (gasps) We won!
      Jaime: What?
      Aura: Zorla won! That's what happened - that's why the Oolooans didn't take us. The war's over - I can go home again!
      Jaime: How?
      Aura: This stone is very special. It's like a lifeline. My parents gave it to me so no matter where in the universe I was, they could retrieve me once it was safe to come home. They're taking me back there now. I'll make sure that the people of Zorla never forget the debt they owe you and this sanctuary Earth. And I'll never forget you either, Jaime. You taight me so much. You're far more evolved than we thought. Maybe we'll meet again someday. Goodbye, Jaime. I'll miss you.

    • Rudy: Institute recall procedures. If we let [the satellite] act on its own, it'll burn up on re-entry. We'll use the southern California landing site.
      Chris: Well, you think we should, uh, go take a look ourselves? I'm getting kinda curious.
      Rudy: Yeah, I think we should... uh... you wouldn't have any ulterior motives, would you?
      Chris: Who, me?

    • Oscar: (on increased sunspots) Gentlemen, what I'm asking you is, can we expect anything... catastrophic?
      Rudy: No.
      Oscar: Good! Well, it's always nice to have a little bright optimism for the day.
      Chris: But there's no reason to be sure nothing up there will be affected.
      Oscar: It was a short day.

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