The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 2 Episode 10

Sister Jaime

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 1976 on ABC
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Sister Jaime
Disguised as a nun, Jaime uncovers an international smuggling ring that's using a convent winery as a cover.

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    Kathleen Nolan

    Kathleen Nolan

    Mother Superior

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    Catherine Burns

    Catherine Burns

    Sister Beverly

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    Ellen Geer

    Ellen Geer

    Sister Barbara

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • As Jaime rights the "old car" she placed in front of the Convent gate so that the Bishop's car can enter, a shadow of the camera and several crew members is clearly visible on the ground in the center of the shot.

      • Just before Jaime hurls the rock at the crooks' car, she is shown with her hand over her mouth (apparently wondering how she'll stop them) wearing only her wimple (the white head cover that goes under the habit).

      • When Sister Beverly drives off in the crooks' truck, it has a tarp-like cover over the bed. When they drive by with the crooks giving chase, there's no cover. It's also missing when they crash through the fence.

      • Heroin is extremely expensive. Who would smuggle it in wine barrels with no protective coating/lining? It was so unprotected that it fell between the cracks onto Jaime's hands! That small amount alone was probably worth a C note!

        And, if this stuff was being transported through the Convent's import/export operation from the South of France, don't you think that authorities would have detected it? The powder would be spilling out of the barrels, leaving a trail of heroin behind!

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Reverend Mother: You don't understand, child. This means the end of the convent.
        Jaime: Oh, no it doesn't. What are you talking about?
        Reverend Mother: Yes, it does. A scandal like this is just the kind of thing the bishop is looking for as an excuse to take the winery away from us and dissolve this convent.
        Jaime: Why?
        Reverend Mother: Because he's the biggest male chauvanist that ever lived. It has always annoyed him that the sisters and I did a better job of running the winery than the monks that ran it before.

      • Mother Superior: I have seen the miraculous gifts which God has bestowed upon you, my child. I pray that you shall always use them wisely.
        Jaime: I try to, Reverend Mother, I really do.

      • Jaime: Oscar? Hello? You there?
        Oscar: Huh? Oh, yes... yes, I'm here, Jaime. I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to explain to The Secretary and the Budget Department how we lost three-quarters of a million dollars worth of secret O.S.I. diamonds.

      • Sister Beverly: Some portions of God's work is most certainly a drag.
        Jaime: "A drag?"
        Sister Beverly: Oh! Forgive me. I taught high school in the Archdiocese before I came here, and I'm afraid some of my students' more colorful colloquialisms have transferred themselves onto me.
        Jaime: Well, I also taught high school, so, uh, I can dig it.

      • Oscar: The contact may take place on the bus that she was supposed to get on, or enroute, or maybe even inside the convent.
        Jaime: Inside the con ...? Oh, Oscar... I don't know if I can carry this off that far! I mean ...
        Oscar: You're gonna do fine, I told you. You're just what every convent needs... a bionic nun.

      • (Jaime tastes the heroin from a wine cask)
        Jaime: Whoa... talk about the flying nun.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Though credited, Martin E. Brooks does not appear in this episode.

      • Cynthia Whitham's character is billed as "Marlene" Stoler, but both Oscar and the mysterious Father in the confessional (who believes that Jaime is her) clearly use the name "Merlene" when talking to her.

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