The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 12

The Jailing of Jaime

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jaime pulls up to a research laboratory to pick up a secret device. Oscar and Dr. Hatch are watching on closed circuit TV. Oscar has convinced Hatch to let Jaime deliver Hatch's $40 million device for testing, which can break any code in the world. She will be the actual courier while a Marine convoy serves as a visible decoy. Jaime signs for the device and drives out, but she's immediately followed.

She drives onto an airfield after dark to meet a helicopter pilot for the flight to Mojave Secret Center. Jaime uses her ear to overhear a conversation he's having with his girlfriend, who drives off afterward. They intend to go to Mexico after the flight. After Jaime identifies herself, the pilot flies her to a site without any buildings. They're met by a small number of seemingly military personnel, including General Partridge, and Jaime passes on the decoder. She calls Oscar from a payphone to inform him the mission was accomplished then goes home.

Oscar calls the next morning, saying the decoder never made it. The National Security Bureau picks up Jaime at her house and drives her to a meeting with Oscar and Bureau Investigator Gregory. Gregory informs them that the decoder is in the possession of an international criminal and has been offered for sale to other countries. He introduces the real General Partridge, who looks nothing like the man Jaime met. Gregory accuses Jaime of selling out. Meanwhile, the pilot, the only other person who can corroborate her story, is found dead in his crashed helicopter.

Jaime is locked up in a holding cell. Oscar tries to intervene with the Secretary, but is instead called to a board of inquiry in Washington. Jaime wants to break out and prove her innocence, but Oscar tells her breaking out would only be more incriminating. Outside, Oscar tries to convince Hatch to keep his mind open, but Hatch is noncommital. Hatch's assistant, Mr. Naud, drives up. He's the man who impersonated General Partridge.

Inside the jail, Gregory confronts Jaime with a briefcase the fake general gave her to give to the pilot. With her fingerprints all over it and over $100,000 inside, it's more evidence against Jaime. When he leaves, Jaime begs the lone guard for some food. He relents, but not before confidently joking, "Don't go away." As he leaves, Jaime kicks a hole in the cinder block wall. He returns to find Jaime escaped. Two agents pursue and nearly corner her outside, but she jumps up to an open window in a condemned hotel. She walks down the steps to exit through the front door to safety. Gregory surveys the cell. He knows about her bionics and wants her taken alive ... if possible.

Evading police, Jaime calls Oscar from a pay phone. She tells him about the pilot's girlfriend, who had driven away in a car with the license plate MILLE 3. Since they were talking about going to Mexico, she suspects the girlfriend was in on the plot. The agents find her but she eludes them and calls Oscar back. He gives her the address of Millie Wilson.

Jaime goes to the address and as she sees the car with the license plate, the fake general pulls up, now in street clothes. She listens in from the balcony. Naud tells the heartbroken girl that the pilot was supposed to crash the helicopter and leave the briefcase as evidence, but evidently didn't get out in time. He convinces her to go to Mexico with him anyway.

Jaime follows them back to the lab, where she leaps the fence. As she watches Naud and Millie enter the building, she's spotted by NSB agents, who radio for Gregory. Jaime enters Dr. Hatch's office and tries to convince him that Naud was the mastermind. She suggests calling Oscar. Hatch pretends to comply but actually calls Naud. Naud enters Hatch's office with a gun and Jaime realizes Hatch was also in on it. Hatch explains that the decoder never worked, so they stole it to avoid being revealed as a fraud. Hatch wants to lock Jaime inside his office vault, which is equipped with a self-destruct. As they set the timer for five minutes, Jaime throws Hatch inside, pulls the door shut and holds it closed. Jaime refuses to let Hatch out unless he reveals the real research reports. Seeing the opportunity to take more money for himself, Naud locks the vault door but Gregory arrives with agents. Oscar enters seconds later. Jaime presses Hatch to find the files and breaks the handle off the door to demonstrate that she can get them out. Hatch finds the files, but Jaime has problems opening the door. She finally opens it with seconds to spare. Gregory tries to arrest Jaime but she slaps the files into his hands and tells him to read them.

After she's cleared, Jaime and Oscar receive a telephone call at her house. The Secretary of State congratulates her on the mission.