The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 15

The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 1978 on ABC
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The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming
While working on a project to track UFOs, Dr. Rudy Wells and Ray Fisk are abducted by a flying saucer.

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  • Bad special effects mar otherwise decent episode.

    "The Martians are Coming, the Martians are Coming" is one of three sci-fi themed episodes produced in the 3rd season as a result of the popularity of "Star Wars" the summer before. Probably the strongest of the three, the episode is marred by inclusion of the worst special effects of the entire series. Jaime goes on a hunt for a UFO after Rudy Wells and a colleague are abducted in plain view of witnesses while on a fishing trip. Secret government installation under a barn is a bit far-fetched, but fun. Appealing guest actress Lynn Carlin is sorely underutilized. Yet again, the writers inappropriately include an unnecessary male flirtation in the form of a journalist who dogs Jaime throughout. Where is Chris Williams and why doesn't Jaime seem to remember that she has a boyfriend? Overall, OK.moreless
Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly

Ray Fisk

Guest Star

Frank Marth

Frank Marth

Bill Robbins

Guest Star

Frank Aletter

Frank Aletter


Guest Star

Christopher Stone

Christopher Stone

Chris Williams

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • SPOILER HERE!!! Why do the bad guys bother to use the "light beam" when they pick up Norma in the desert? It's apparent that they believe themselves to be alone, so why bother with their smoke-and-mirrors routine at this point? Why not just lower the ladder and let her climb up?

    • ANOTHER SPOILER!!! When the bad guys land their "flying saucer" and turn off the holographic projector, the helicopter within appears. But even though it landed only seconds earlier, the rotors are completely still. Helicopter rotors continue to spin for quite a while after the engine has been shut down.

    • When Jaime and Casey (the reporter) are ushered into the freezer, the bad guy knocks each of them unconscious with the butt of his gun. Two questions: Although they're out of camera range, it would seem that Casey had plenty of time to avoid being knocked over the head after Jaime is. You'd think that would be instinct. Even worse, he doesn't grab for the back of his head once he regains consciousness. Surely that would be instinctive as well. In fact, he actually looks like he's grabbing his stomach if you look quickly.

    • SPOILER!!! When Jaime hurls a rock at the "flying saucer" in an attempt to disable it, we see a fast-moving rock spinning out of her hand and up into the sky. When the shot of the "saucer" is shown however, a very fake and very static picture of a rock is shown slowly creeping toward the graphic of the "saucer." Adding to the problem is the fact that the rock graphic doesn't get smaller as it nears the "saucer," making it look like an 8-ft tall boulder when it finally enters the red haze of the hologram and disappears!

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Casey: Y'know, uh, Jaime, warming up your right arm doesn't make any sense. I got a better idea...
      Jaime: (smacks his arm) C'mon, keeping doing what you're doing.
      Casey: Y'know, in some parts of the world, we'd have to get married after this.
      Jaime: God bless America.

    • Casey: What's the O.S.I. got to do with this? What's your connection with Oscar Goldman and Bill Robbins? And what's in that barn?
      Jaime: Y'know, grilling like this usually takes place in a very smoke-filled room with a big white light beaming in on your face - not a beautiful place like this.
      Casey: You're being evasive.
      Jaime: And you're being obnoxious, Mr., uh...
      Casey: Casey.
      Jaime: Mr. Casey. Now, I'm not going to answer any questions I don't feel like answering, you got that?

    • Jaime: Hi there! Beautiful view, isn't it?
      Casey: (panting from exertion) Listen, you can save us a lot of trouble by not trying to con me. I know you didn't come up here for the view, and neither did I.
      Jaime: Well, what'd you come up here for?
      Casey: To ask you some questions. How'd you get up here so fast?
      Jaime: Oh, just clean living, good nutrition, a lot of mountain climbing experience. Questions get any harder?

    • Jaime: Wow... for a barn, this is quite a laboratory.
      Bill: For a laboratory, it's quite a laboratory.
      Jaime: Well, what is it? What goes on here?
      Bill: Well, what you see here is the, uh, control center for the most sophisticated tracking system in the world.
      Jaime: And it just happens to be located underneath a barn in Southern California.
      Bill: Mmm-hmmm. But, there's a method to the madness.
      Jaime: Okay...
      Bill: Now, Rudy created this system about two years ago, but the O.S.I. couldn't rationalize building it until they found something to test it on.
      Jaime: What are you testing? Low flying chickens?

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