The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 2 Episode 2

The Return of Bigfoot (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 1976 on ABC



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    • Gillian: Can you get out of bed?
      Steve: I think so. I... (looks under the sheets) I'm gonna need a pair of pants.

    • (Gillian and Jaime zap into the jungles of Mexico)
      Jaime: Uh... where... where are we?
      Gillian: We're in Mexico. Their base is inside that mountain. And with their monitors, they'll see you coming before you see them.
      Jaime: (sarcastically) Oh, terrific. Well... listen are you going to go to Steve now?
      Gillian: Yes.
      Jaime: Okay. Good luck, Gillian.
      Gillian: You too, Jaime.
      Jaime: Okay. (Gillian zaps off) Waitaminute... uh... well, how do I get home?

    • Gillian: Shalon, this is Jaime.
      Jaime: (puts out her hand) Hi, I'm Jaime...
      Shalon: Jaime Sommers. (Jaime looks surprised) Yes, the bionic woman, I remember. I remember you from the brain scan I did on Steve. He has very fond thoughts of you.

    • Jaime: Shalon! Shalon? (hears thudding footsteps) Well, if that's Shalon, she sure has big feet. (realizes what she just said) Oh, no... (Bigfoot tears down a tree to reveal himself) Oh, boy... Steve said you were big, but this is ridiculous.

    • Jaime: What's your security clearance level?
      Chopper Pilot: Five.
      Jaime: Well, you're about to become a six. See you back at the base. (jumps out of the chopper)

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