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  • Season 3 Episode 16: Sanctuary Earth

  • When Aura gets shot by Verm (or was it Dier?), Jaime looks up and calls her name as if she's confused, not acting at all like someone who has just watched a friend collapse to the floor in a heap.

  • Once at the expected site of the weather satellite, the first and most important step is actually spotting the satellite as it parachutes down to Earth. But why are Jaime, Rudy, and Chris sharing a single pair of binocoluars? Wouldn't one of the greatest scientific minds in the country think to bring more than one pair?

  • When Chris calls Jaime to let her know that he and Rudy will be visiting Southern California and would like to drop in and see her, Jaime asks, "What's the occasion?" Even though there's no reason to believe that they're speaking on a secure line (Jaime's phone has been tapped on several occasions), Chris cheerfully tells Jaime that there's the little matter of the unscheduled landing of a satellite. That might be at least "guarded" information, if not Top Secret, and not something that they'd like overheard in a telephone conversation.

  • Season 3 Episode 15: The Martians Are Coming, ...

  • SPOILER HERE!!! Why do the bad guys bother to use the "light beam" when they pick up Norma in the desert? It's apparent that they believe themselves to be alone, so why bother with their smoke-and-mirrors routine at this point? Why not just lower the ladder and let her climb up?

  • ANOTHER SPOILER!!! When the bad guys land their "flying saucer" and turn off the holographic projector, the helicopter within appears. But even though it landed only seconds earlier, the rotors are completely still. Helicopter rotors continue to spin for quite a while after the engine has been shut down.

  • When Jaime and Casey (the reporter) are ushered into the freezer, the bad guy knocks each of them unconscious with the butt of his gun. Two questions: Although they're out of camera range, it would seem that Casey had plenty of time to avoid being knocked over the head after Jaime is. You'd think that would be instinct. Even worse, he doesn't grab for the back of his head once he regains consciousness. Surely that would be instinctive as well. In fact, he actually looks like he's grabbing his stomach if you look quickly.

  • SPOILER!!! When Jaime hurls a rock at the "flying saucer" in an attempt to disable it, we see a fast-moving rock spinning out of her hand and up into the sky. When the shot of the "saucer" is shown however, a very fake and very static picture of a rock is shown slowly creeping toward the graphic of the "saucer." Adding to the problem is the fact that the rock graphic doesn't get smaller as it nears the "saucer," making it look like an 8-ft tall boulder when it finally enters the red haze of the hologram and disappears!

  • Season 3 Episode 13: The Pyramid

  • This is the second appearance for guest star Henry Kingi, who would again resurface in "Rancho Outcast". He later married series star Lindsay Wagner and fathered her two children. They have since divorced.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: All For One

  • The building in the exterior scene after the Gypsy Wagon explodes appears to be the same building that houses Dr. Rudy Wells' testing facility.

  • Oscar mentions that the bandits could easily find out about the Bionic projects, "Jaime, Max". Why didn't he mention the Six Million Dollar Man himself Steve Austin.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Over the Hill Spy

  • Jaime performs a bionic jump, both taking off in heels and showing a close-up of landing in heels. However, when in mid-jump she is clearly shown to be in flats.

  • After being told that Slotsky is left-handed, Jaime begins counting men on the patio with drinks in their left hands in an attempt to identify him in the crowd. The camera pans as she counts, and within the first two seconds, she miscounts, missing the man in a dark suit who is shown very obviously between the men she calls out as 1 and 2.

  • Why did Quinn say Jaime's name and blow her cover when walking into the bad guys' closet where she's hiding? For some reason, he just says her name out loud, blowing both their covers and causing them to get captured. This is a very weak plot point that could easily have been strengthened by having him become startled by her sudden appearance in the closet, thus alerting the bad guys to something or someone in there.

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Max

  • When the doctor brings Max some food, he feeds him by hand, giving Max an opportunity to pull on the doctor's arm and knock him unconscious against the cage. When this happens, the bar that the doctor's head hits compresses, returning to shape as he falls away, revealing it's not metal at all.

  • In the opening scene, Bobby is playing tug-of-war with Max, saying "Give me the rope," and "Come on, Max" over and over. The voice only matches his mouth movements about half the time, though. It's very obvious in the beginning.

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Escape to Love (aka: A Ma...

  • What "behind the Iron Curtain" country are the Kelso's from, anyway? They have an Italian last name, but speak perfect English, and with an American accent, no less! Plus, their "back country" (Iike just about every other outdoor scene in the series) looks surprisingly like Southern California.

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Motorcycle Boogie

  • In the first few minutes of the episode, Evel Knievel rides out of an underground garage and is cut off by a speeding car driven by some presumably "bad" people whom Jaime is chasing. It's evident that the one we see is not the first take because there are at least half a dozen long, black skid marks on the path.

  • Jaime calls the OSI headquarters and speaks with Rudy using their usual Snow-White-themed code names ("Snow White," "Doc," etc.), but oddly throughout the conversation they make no attempt to conceal the most damaging information (where she is, what/who she's after, etc.). Rudy even uses Oscar's first name!

  • Evel's translation of the German officers' conversation follows no logical pattern. For instance, "Tötschiessen" is litterally "dead shooting," or in English, "shoot to kill." Evel acts as if he can't decide whether it's "don't shoot to kill," or "shoot to kill," but there's no reason for him to be confused about this. No negatives are used in that sentence at all!

  • Evel's German is gramatically correct, but his pronunciation is so deplorable that he'd be spotted as foreigner in a heartbeat! For instance, he refers to Jaime as "die Amerikanerin" (the American female), but pronounces the 4th syllable like like a tin "can," rather than like the "ah" sound in "spawn." It obviously makes him sound like a foreignor, and NOTHING like a German. They'd shoot him in a second!

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