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  • Season 3 Episode 6: African Connection

  • During one of the chase scenes, Jaime throws an object at the bad guys' Jeep, causing it to careen off the dirt road. When it does so, the tires screetch as if it's on blacktop! The use of this sound effect is often simply accepted by audiences; rarely does anyone stop to question whether it makes's just the expected sound of a car stopping suddenly.

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Rodeo

  • In the scene where Jaime takes Billy back to his truck to put him to bed after a night of drinking, Billy has a hard time climbing into the bed of the truck, so Jaime gives him a "hand" by grabbing him by the belt and bionically hoisting him in, but she used her left, non-bionic, hand to lift him.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Fembots in Las Vegas (1)

  • In the first Callahan fembot scene, before she puts her mask on, we can see she is wearing a black scarf. Then, she puts her mask on and the scarf disappears.

  • When Jamie jumps up to Kyler's helicopter, you can tell that they filmed the stunt double actually dropping and then ran it backwards. Jamie's hair "falls" upward and the American flag in the background is waving backwards.

  • Before they restyle the Fembot Callahan's hair, it looks nothing like Jennifer Darling's did in "Kill Oscar." It is painfully obviously a wig.

  • When one of the Fembots makes the call to Kyler's assistant (using Kyler's voice to fool him into turning over the "energy ray weapon" to the Franklin's people), Kyler and Jaime could easily have yelled out something like, "Don't do it! It's an imposter!" or something. Instead, even though they're not being restrained or directly physically threatened, they make no noise or protest. In fact, they actually lower their voices to speak to each other while the Fembot is making the call!

  • In order to escape the evidence vault, "Fembot Callahan" bends a huge steel bar that runs across the door horizontally, like the inside of a bank vault. After bending it, she lets go, only to have it snap back into place behind her in a very rubber-like way as she's leaving the room!

  • Season 3 Episode 2: The Bionic Dog (2)

  • As Roger pets Max in his living room, he reminisces about a German Shephard he once had (Lobo) and says the line, "I learned more from life from him than, uh, anybody." The actor has apparently flubbed the line, because he used the wrong preposition ("from" instead of "about"), and because he pauses with "uh" in the middle of it as if he's caught off guard by his mistake, but trudges on through the line. Once again, I guess the director didn't think it was noticable enough to reshoot the scene. However, the line could have been written that way...and it was the writer that flubbed the line.

  • Season 3 Episode 1: The Bionic Dog (1)

  • When Max is having a nightmare he's in the REM stage of sleep (like any mammal). Since he'd be paralyzed in that stage, it makes no sense that he'd be able to move toward the cage door in his sleep as he does.

  • Once again, the research films Oscar (and Jaime & Rudy) are watching (this time, showing Max's bionic performance) show signs of professional camera work, rather than the shoddy photography of the real thing. For one thing, this one is shot from about a dozen different angles, rather than the two or three of a real research film.

  • In the opening scene, Rudy is running some tests on Jaime, having her do reps with a dumb bell, using her left arm. She jokingly suggests using her bionics instead, and Rudy says, "Your atomic-powered bionics don't exactly strain your heart." Funny thing is, in other episodes Jaime shows signs of exhaustion in countless situations after using her bionics (especially her legs), breathing hard, wiping away perspiration, etc. Rudy's comment in this scene is more scientifically sound, however.

  • Season 2 Episode 24: Once A Thief

  • It would seem that Inky is able to capture Jaime's bionic abilities on film from an amazing number of angles while sitting in a tree with a single camera.

  • When Inky goes to the bar, a Musak version of Elton John & Kidi Dee's Top 40 hit "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" is playing in the background. Funny because EXACTLY the same song was playing at Duke's bar in the previous week's episode, "Iron Ships and Dead Men"! I guess they figured no one would notice a week later.

  • As with most writers that write TV scripts, they don't know the difference between a Chimp and a Monkey. Inky's pet is the former.

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Iron Ships and Dead Men

  • During the funeral scene at the end, the ship is supposed to be out at sea, but you can see a shallow water buoy floating nearby during a couple of shots, as well as the reflections of buildings in the water.

  • Oscar is present at his brother's burial at sea, and listens as they read the Jewish Committal and Benediction, but he isn't wearing the obligatory kippah (skull cap) that a Jew would wear at such an event. Oscar's Jewishness is mentined in several other epidsodes (eg., Episode 9: " Winning is Everything," and Episode 31: "Jaime and the King"), but perhaps producers thought a kippah would alienate viewers of the 1970s? Sad, but possible.

  • When Jaime is listening in on the "bad guys" in the bar/club, she is startled by a skeleton (presumably Sam Goldman) hanging in the dark closet she's chosen to hide in. Not only is it still intact, but it obviously has a hinged skull cap! This is common practice for skeletons (both real and artificial) used in medical and/or educational settings. Not only is no attempt made to hide this fact, but the camera actually zooms in on it!

  • When the two evil henchmen cut away part of the ship's bridge, they find within it a skeleton (presumably belonging to Oscar's brother, Sam). Problem is, although our skeletal bones are held together by tendens, ligaments, etc. that decompose after death, leaving them disconnected, this one is still fully intact and connected. They even carry it away in one piece!

  • Season 2 Episode 22: The Night Demon (aka: Dae...

  • As Mr Bearclaw is explaining (in voiceover) about who the bundle he just dug up is made from "the skin of the mane of the White Buffalo," the tight shot on his hands doesn't match up with what he's saying. In that shot, he makes a "sewing" motion, indicating that he was talking about how the bundle was laced up with leather straps, not what it's made out of.

  • Mr Bearclaw and his digging partner don't seem very thrilled by his amazingly well preserved and totally intact artifacts they dug up. These things have even retained their glossy finish, making them not just good finds, but PRISTINE, and worth big money! Bearclaw et al. barely even glance at them, though, instead choosing to deliver some bizarre philosophical monologue, and just toss them aside to continue digging!

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