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  • Season 2 Episode 13: Jaime's Shield (2)

  • When the four police officers show up at the fake call (the set up to kill Jaime, among other things), the two teams split up so that Arlene and Jaime are together! No Sgt in his/her right mind would separate so that two Rookies are alone together on a call. They'd break off as Veteran/Rookie teams.

  • When Jaime runs down the purse snatcher/mugger, she has to do some quick thinking to explain why he would commit a crime using a bent switchblade knife (she bionically bent it when it threatened her). She tells her partner, Bob, that it's just made of tin and bends it in front of his eyes. Makes sense so far, but then she tosses it into the alley and they walk away with their suspect! The judge is certainly gonna wonder why the arresting officers threw out the most important piece of evidence in the crime!

  • When Sgt. Welton escapes and dashes off to rescue Jaime from the warehouse, he has no idea what he's getting himself into, but makes no effort to use the motorcycle radio to call for help. For all he knows, Jaime is being held by dozens of captors, however, he runs around screaming her name as if he's fully aware that she's alone and incapacitated.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Jaime's Shield (1)

  • How many police academies have access to such elaborate fake streets/neighborhoods to do their Final Exams? This was obviously just part of the set where the television show was taped.

  • An aerial view of the obstacle course shows that Jaime is driving on a blacktop road, but the wide shot and inside view from the car show a parking lot (blacktop, but with dozens of parking spaces in white paint).

  • Season 2 Episode 11: The Vega Influence

  • If Jaime wanted to stop the "zombies" from loading the meteroite onto the plane and flying off with it, why didn't she just run over, jump up on a wing, and bend one of the propeller arms beyond repair? That would've stopped them at least long enough to get the fire truck and the liquid CO2.

  • If Laurie Boylin had been deaf for 4 years as she said, her speech would not been as perfect as it is. Within a very short period of time, speech becomes affected by the distinctive in-the-throat sounds that deaf people make... especially if they are part of the small percentage who lose all of their hearing.

  • In the opening scene on the plane, Michael brings Jaime a styrofoam cup. The way Lindsay Wagner holds and tilts the cup, it's obviously empty.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Sister Jaime

  • As Jaime rights the "old car" she placed in front of the Convent gate so that the Bishop's car can enter, a shadow of the camera and several crew members is clearly visible on the ground in the center of the shot.

  • Just before Jaime hurls the rock at the crooks' car, she is shown with her hand over her mouth (apparently wondering how she'll stop them) wearing only her wimple (the white head cover that goes under the habit).

  • When Sister Beverly drives off in the crooks' truck, it has a tarp-like cover over the bed. When they drive by with the crooks giving chase, there's no cover. It's also missing when they crash through the fence.

  • Heroin is extremely expensive. Who would smuggle it in wine barrels with no protective coating/lining? It was so unprotected that it fell between the cracks onto Jaime's hands! That small amount alone was probably worth a C note!

    And, if this stuff was being transported through the Convent's import/export operation from the South of France, don't you think that authorities would have detected it? The powder would be spilling out of the barrels, leaving a trail of heroin behind!

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Black Magic

  • When Manfred is attempting to escape the island in the boat, Jaime grabs its tether and bionically pulls him back to the dock. Since Manfred is facing away from the force, he should have fallen forward as the boat is pulled out from under his sitting position. Instead, he falls backward into the boat, toward the force.

  • The grandfather clock next to the stair case clearly shows 8:00, but it only strikes 3 times.

    Then, a time lapse is suggested, after which Jaime and Manfred decide to work together to solve the mystery. Back downstairs, Jaime asks "What time is it?" The clock shows 8:01, although with the time lapse it should probably show something quite a bit after 8:15 or 8:30. Even stranger, Manfred answers "Almost eight," even though the clock shows that it's 8:01.

  • "The Monster" reaches through one of the secret passage-ways and grabs Warfield as Jaime stands in the doorway facing the opposite direction. Later, Claudette is presumably snatched by the same method, as Jaime stands outside the closed door. Although both victims make a muffled screaming sound, Jaime is apparently able to hear Claudette's (through the closed door), but was oblivious to Warfield's (which was in the same room as her).

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Kill Oscar (3)

  • When Jamie gets knocked unconscious by the falling tree there's a rock next to her head. In the following scene the rock is gone and replaced by a coconut.

  • What ever happened to the Baron? Neither he nor the investors that he represents are seen even to try to collect the weather control machine after Franklin gets his hands on it.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Kill Oscar (2)

  • Setting a trap for the robot Oscar, Steve lays in Jaime's bed. When the robot enters, it sees Steve's back. Then the camera cuts to a shot from the other side of the bed and we still see Steve's back.

  • In addition, when Steve stacks the barrels against the door to Franklin's base to block his henchmen, he uses both hands. If the barrels are heavy enough for them to use the bionic sound, then lifting them from the bottom with his right arm and balancing the tops with his left arm, it would have been more believable.

  • Steve demonstrates bionic strength in both his arms. Given the strength of the Fembots, there would no way for Steve to defend himself with the manoevers he was using without two strong arms. If he used the pipe more like a sword to parry the Fembots attacks, it would be more believable.

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