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  • Season 2 Episode 10: Sister Jaime

  • Just before Jaime hurls the rock at the crooks' car, she is shown with her hand over her mouth (apparently wondering how she'll stop them) wearing only her wimple (the white head cover that goes under the habit).

  • When Sister Beverly drives off in the crooks' truck, it has a tarp-like cover over the bed. When they drive by with the crooks giving chase, there's no cover. It's also missing when they crash through the fence.

  • Heroin is extremely expensive. Who would smuggle it in wine barrels with no protective coating/lining? It was so unprotected that it fell between the cracks onto Jaime's hands! That small amount alone was probably worth a C note!

    And, if this stuff was being transported through the Convent's import/export operation from the South of France, don't you think that authorities would have detected it? The powder would be spilling out of the barrels, leaving a trail of heroin behind!

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Black Magic

  • When Manfred is attempting to escape the island in the boat, Jaime grabs its tether and bionically pulls him back to the dock. Since Manfred is facing away from the force, he should have fallen forward as the boat is pulled out from under his sitting position. Instead, he falls backward into the boat, toward the force.

  • The grandfather clock next to the stair case clearly shows 8:00, but it only strikes 3 times.

    Then, a time lapse is suggested, after which Jaime and Manfred decide to work together to solve the mystery. Back downstairs, Jaime asks "What time is it?" The clock shows 8:01, although with the time lapse it should probably show something quite a bit after 8:15 or 8:30. Even stranger, Manfred answers "Almost eight," even though the clock shows that it's 8:01.

  • "The Monster" reaches through one of the secret passage-ways and grabs Warfield as Jaime stands in the doorway facing the opposite direction. Later, Claudette is presumably snatched by the same method, as Jaime stands outside the closed door. Although both victims make a muffled screaming sound, Jaime is apparently able to hear Claudette's (through the closed door), but was oblivious to Warfield's (which was in the same room as her).

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Kill Oscar (3)

  • When Jamie gets knocked unconscious by the falling tree there's a rock next to her head. In the following scene the rock is gone and replaced by a coconut.

  • What ever happened to the Baron? Neither he nor the investors that he represents are seen even to try to collect the weather control machine after Franklin gets his hands on it.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Kill Oscar (2)

  • Setting a trap for the robot Oscar, Steve lays in Jaime's bed. When the robot enters, it sees Steve's back. Then the camera cuts to a shot from the other side of the bed and we still see Steve's back.

  • In addition, when Steve stacks the barrels against the door to Franklin's base to block his henchmen, he uses both hands. If the barrels are heavy enough for them to use the bionic sound, then lifting them from the bottom with his right arm and balancing the tops with his left arm, it would have been more believable.

  • Steve demonstrates bionic strength in both his arms. Given the strength of the Fembots, there would no way for Steve to defend himself with the manoevers he was using without two strong arms. If he used the pipe more like a sword to parry the Fembots attacks, it would be more believable.

  • Obviously, "Mr. Secretary" has not been fully briefed on who Dr. Franklin is. He approves the evil Oscar's recommendation that the weather control machine be moved to Base 5, the location of which is known only to personnel with a security clearance level 6 or higher. Dr. Franklin must have had at least level 6 clearance since he knew about bionics and the weather control machine.

  • Apparently, Steve still does not know his own strength. He doesn't notice how heavy the Fembot Callahan is when he helps her out the window.

  • None of that matters. Without the leverage of a bionic spine, there's no way he could lift those barrels, no matter how strong his arms are.

  • For all Steve knows, he's rescued the real Callahan. Yet, when Katy swings a pipe at him, he ducks and lets her bash Callahan in the face! Good thing she was only a Fembot!

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Kill Oscar (1)

  • During the sequence where Callahan is talking to her mother on the phone, the boom mike can clearly be seen hovering over her head.

  • Guest John Housemancan also be seenwith Lindsay Wagner in his Oscar-winning portrayal of a law professor in The Paper Chase.

  • They got the sequence of certain events badly out of coherent order. When Jamie and Steve play handball, they plan to meet in the parking lot to go out to dinner but Jamie wants to go talk to Callahan first. Then, we see Jamie already in the parking lot when Linda is kidnapped and replaced. Jamie asks (the Fembot) if she and Rudy can fix her ear "tomorrow" (indicating that Linda was on her way home for the day). Then, it's the next day, because (the Fembot) Linda is back at her desk. Jamie goes to see Callahan and indicates that their first conversation was "this morning." Jamie promises to talk to Oscar on Callahan's behalf "later," but she has to see Rudy about her ear first. Then, we see Jamie waiting for Steve (the night before?). Later that night, Callahan is kidnapped and replaced. Finally, the next (same?) day, Jamie sees Rudy about her ear.

  • The security guard at the OSI parking lot calls Linda, "Ms. Rosand." Dr. Franklin and Katy both call her, "Linda Wilson." Even the readout on Franklin's computer says, "Linda Wilson." What is Linda's last name?

  • During the fight in Calahan's apartment, you can tell that the bookcase was designed to break apart at certain points on cue. One of the shelves fails to break at clearly visible jagged seam.

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