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  • Season 2 Episode 7: Kill Oscar (2)

  • Obviously, "Mr. Secretary" has not been fully briefed on who Dr. Franklin is. He approves the evil Oscar's recommendation that the weather control machine be moved to Base 5, the location of which is known only to personnel with a security clearance level 6 or higher. Dr. Franklin must have had at least level 6 clearance since he knew about bionics and the weather control machine.

  • Apparently, Steve still does not know his own strength. He doesn't notice how heavy the Fembot Callahan is when he helps her out the window.

  • None of that matters. Without the leverage of a bionic spine, there's no way he could lift those barrels, no matter how strong his arms are.

  • For all Steve knows, he's rescued the real Callahan. Yet, when Katy swings a pipe at him, he ducks and lets her bash Callahan in the face! Good thing she was only a Fembot!

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Kill Oscar (1)

  • During the sequence where Callahan is talking to her mother on the phone, the boom mike can clearly be seen hovering over her head.

  • Guest John Housemancan also be seenwith Lindsay Wagner in his Oscar-winning portrayal of a law professor in The Paper Chase.

  • They got the sequence of certain events badly out of coherent order. When Jamie and Steve play handball, they plan to meet in the parking lot to go out to dinner but Jamie wants to go talk to Callahan first. Then, we see Jamie already in the parking lot when Linda is kidnapped and replaced. Jamie asks (the Fembot) if she and Rudy can fix her ear "tomorrow" (indicating that Linda was on her way home for the day). Then, it's the next day, because (the Fembot) Linda is back at her desk. Jamie goes to see Callahan and indicates that their first conversation was "this morning." Jamie promises to talk to Oscar on Callahan's behalf "later," but she has to see Rudy about her ear first. Then, we see Jamie waiting for Steve (the night before?). Later that night, Callahan is kidnapped and replaced. Finally, the next (same?) day, Jamie sees Rudy about her ear.

  • The security guard at the OSI parking lot calls Linda, "Ms. Rosand." Dr. Franklin and Katy both call her, "Linda Wilson." Even the readout on Franklin's computer says, "Linda Wilson." What is Linda's last name?

  • During the fight in Calahan's apartment, you can tell that the bookcase was designed to break apart at certain points on cue. One of the shelves fails to break at clearly visible jagged seam.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Road to Nashville

  • When Penn and his cronies carry out his plan to kill Jaime, Muffin and Bill, they start a fire in the control booth of the recording studio. When the last henchman leaves the booth, he closes the door. Instead of it closing, the door is left slightly ajar. Later as Jaime and the other OSI agents attempt to escape, the door is completely closed and locked!

  • When Buck Buckley (Hoyt Axton) runs on stage in the opening scene, not only does the music start several beats before he begins strumming, but his *electric* guitar isn't even plugged into an amplifier!

  • When Jaime squats down to jump over the electrified fence outside Buckley's recording studio, the "whooping" sound that connotes her ascent/decent begins before she even springs up. In fact, it begins about halfway through her squatting down!

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Assault on the Princess

  • When Jaime follows Grover in an attempt to find out who the Ice Man is, he's wearing his dress whites. However, after Romero interrupts her, Grover is shown wearing his duty whites.

  • When Jaime places the rudder back into position, Lindsay Wagner accidentally uses her left hand.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: In This Corner, Jaime Som...

  • This is the first episode on the Season 2 DVD released in the U.K.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: The Return of Bigfoot (2)

  • When Bigfoot throws the rock at Jaime you can clearly see that it's made of Styrofoam.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: The Ghosthunter

  • The Cory family in the story have associations with the Salem witch trials through an ancestress, Rebecca Putnam. Historically, there was a Corey family in Salem during the witch trials. One family member, Giles Corey, was brought to trial for witchcraft in Salem. He refused to plead (so his property would stay in his family and not be forfeit to the government), and they could not try him without a plea. So they tortured him to extract a plea, but he still refused and died under the torture. He is said to have cursed the sheriff and town before he died his ghost appear when disaster is about to strike the town.

  • The picture depicting the trial of Rebecca Putnam is "The Trial of George Jacob" by TH Matteson.

  • The Coreys have an ancestress, Rebecca Putnam, who was convicted of witchcraft. Historically, there was a Putnam family who played a huge role in the Salem witch trials, but as accusers of witchcraft.

  • In the scene in the lab where the spirit was causing havoc, as the camera pans over the large silver box on the table, inside is Dr. Hatch's Cryptograph Analyzer that Jaime was accused of stealing in "The Jailing Of Jaime."

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