The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 3 Episode 18

Which One Is Jaime?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 1978 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Toward the end, Jaime is being held at gunpoint by Burns, one of Stratton's goons. When he gets distracted and looks away, Jaime takes the opportunity to knock him into the chainlink fencing next to them and begin wrapping him up in it. The problem is, although her first efforts are done with her (bionic) right arm, she begins the wrapping with her (biological) left arm! In her defense, the "whack" Burns received is what breaks the fencing loose, but she'd still need bionic strength to begin spinning him into it...AND, they continue the familiar bionic sound effect as she briefly uses her left arm!

    • In order to get free from their bonds, Jaime and Callahan coax Max into jumping through a wire grate on the back door. Rather than sneaking quietly out the same back door after being freed, Jaime chooses to kick down the front door, knocking down the guard, but allowing him to alert the others to their escape via walkie-talkie.

    • When the two goons load their rifles, they make a big deal of showing that they're using tranquilizer darts with red fuzzies on the end. Later, when they miss Max and hit a wooden pole, it makes a red paint splatter instead.

    • When Max begins chewing through the bars on the window, he bends the first one to the right. They cut to a shot of Callahan cheering him on, and when they come back to Max, the bar is miraculously bent to the left! Max continues with a second bar, and bends it to the right as well.

  • Quotes

    • Callahan: Oh... this is... fantastic. It's great. A simple pair of handcuffs and your bionics are useless?
      Jaime: I've got my legs.
      Callahan: (realization dawning) Yeah... yeah! You can kick the door down!
      Jaime: Oh, yeah, I can kick the door down, and then I can just run out there bionically and drag you and these two chairs with me?
      Callahan: Yeah... that's bad.

    • (Jaime and Callahan are handcuffed together)
      Callahan: They've seen how strong you are, and they are trying to hold you with a pair of handcuffs. Can you believe how dumb they are?
      Jaime: It's not so dumb - they're pretty darned smart, as a matter of fact. Lookit - I can't even reach it.
      Callahan: What're you talking about? Just pull it - the chain'll break.
      Jaime: Oh, yeah, it'll break, but not before your arm comes off.
      Callahan: Oh, yeah.
      Jaime: Yeah.

  • Notes

    • Though credited, Martin E. Brooks does not appear in this episode.

    • The location used for "Funland Amusement Park" in this episode is actually Magic Mountain (now called Six Flags Magic Mountain). Much of the scenery has changed over the decades, but the rollercoaster called "The Revolution" shown in the background in several scenes is unmistakeable. It opened only a couple of years before (in 1976...the name being in honor of the 200th anniversary of U.S. independence), and was California's first loop-to-loop rollercoaster. Very hip for its time!

  • Allusions

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