The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 9

Winning Is Everything

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Jaime's car gets stuck in a log, and after her and Tim push it free, the camera shows the scene from the sky and the log is gone.

    • When Jaimie sits in the racing car, Tim points at the sickness Bag, which actually was an airsick bag with the Pan-Am logo.

  • Quotes

    • (Tim and Jaime have caught up to Scapini)
      Tim: We're gonna take 'im, Jaime!
      Jaime: If my kidneys don't give out first!

    • Jaime: I came to, uh, pick up the... the tape? You know it's a tape; it's a very small little cassette thing, like... it's about that big. you know, and it goes around in circles...
      Bartender: Lady, I speak English, and I know what a tape cassette is. But aren't you supposed to gimme something first?
      Jaime: Oh! (pulls out money)
      Bartender: (counts it) That's all they gave you?
      Jaime: That's it.
      Bartender: You got a credit card?
      Jaime: C'mon, gimme the tape!

    • Oscar: [The Taftan junta have] virtually sealed off the borders, broke off all diplomatic relations, and yesterday afternoon, invaded the American embassy. One of our diplomats there is actually an O.S.I. agent. He had on him a tape that was full of six months of top-secret information. Luckily, he dodged the military police long enough to drop off the tape at a predetermined place - and hid the tape. Our job is to get it out of there before someone else does.
      Jaime: So how do you propose we get in there?
      Oscar: Ever hear of the DashT-I-Ravar International Race?
      Jaime: That's the one in the tire commercial, isn't it? Goes across the desert?
      Oscar: Yup. A man and a woman will be in each car, going right through the middle of the country.
      Jaime: (sinks in her chair) Oh, no...

    • Jaime: Oscar... what is so important that one of your men has to call me out of my classroom in the middle of an algebra lesson, throw me on a plane, take me clear across the country, without one word of explanation?

    • Jaime: And Jaime's gonna be in a race car in Taftan?
      Oscar: In fourteen hours.
      Jaime: Oy.
      Oscar: Oy?

  • Notes

    • As she realizes what her mission is going to be, Jaime uses a Yiddish expression of disbelief (Oy). This is especially humorous because she's not Jewish, Oscar is, and she's going to a part of the world not known for its warm feelings about Jews. This is one of many veiled (and not-so-veiled) references to Oscar's Jewishness.

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