The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 2

A Stone of the Heart

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2007 on NBC
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While Jimmy is sitting in a holding cell, Tommy and Kevin visit him without any remorse for what they did to avenge their brother and protect their family. After everything, Tommy decides that it's the time to confide his feelings for Jenny Reilly, which ultimately leads to more than friendship.

To cover their back, the brothers dispose of the body. Meanwhile, Nicky Cottero seizes control of the Italian mob while the murder investigation begins.moreless

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  • Great episode!!

    I love this show. It's only been 2 episodes and I addicted to it. I think it's an awesome show. I love how Joey Ice Cream tells the story. I liked the part when he's talking to the cops and they asked him how he knows all this information and he said he was there. Then you see Tommy and Kevin and Tommy asked where he came from. Like he appeared out of no where. I thought that was pretty funny. I also liked when Kevin said, "Why is everybody using sarcasm on me today?" I love that. And then when Jimmy said something about biting someone's thumbs off. That was great. I can't believe Jenny said she couldn't be with Tommy. I like them two together. I think this show is amazing. I think it's very well written and I love the actors. I can't wait to see what happens next.moreless
  • Tommy and Kevin get rid of the Italian's body and Tommy and Jenny share a special thing with each other

    It's really fascinating how Tommy - although always being the good and proper one in the family - is actually the criminal mastermind among the Donnelly brothers. He prevents the average dumb mistakes that ordinary criminals might do and tries whatever he can to protect his brothers. It's still wrong to kill, but the storylines are so well made up that I can absolutely forgive him for it.

    I'm just sorry about the thing with Jenny. They "finally" (although we haven't seen much of it yet) gotten closer, but she doesn't wanna dive into the Donnelly world of crime and rather dumps Tommy than admit that she's already deep in it. I mean, she cleaned their god damn cellar from blood to protect them. I'm sure their story will continue and I'm sure Tommy would also do whatever it takes to protect her. He's the good guy and kind of a hero to me. No matter what he might have done...

    Oh, and as good as the whole narrating thing was in the beginning, it's getting weird that Joey Icecream just happens to know everything. Although it always gives me a laugh when he appears out of nowhere after claiming "I was there, too" :Dmoreless
  • Ehh...

    Not as great as the first episode... I was a little disappointed in it. I will continue to watch the series though. Can I just say... Hello Tommy! He looked awesome in this episode and his body is amazing! I was happy to see him and Jenny together only to find out later that she said she does not want to be with him. She is already acting like his wife... cleaning up the blood from Louie Downtown at the bar. Hopefully she will come to her senses and realize that the two of them are right for each other.moreless
  • They need to get rid of a body, and the best way is not always the right way.

    With graphics like this you can see why this is a little bit out of the prime time segment of tv. That however makes me like this series more and more. I like things that make others cringe. This is showing that sometimes things happen and you have to do what seems right at the time. Whether it is murder or something else. It makes no difference morals can be learned here. Family should stick up for family even if you disagree with their behavior. This was another fantastic episode and was fun to watch the story unfold a little more.moreless
  • Nothin' better than turning a body into mush while in your underwear.

    Hm. What to say about this episode?

    Firstly, let me get my minor complaint out of the way - the only thing that really distracts me from enjoying this episode more is the fact that a lot of the characters - specifically Tommy - talk in "mafia speak," that is, the way the characters speak and the way they sound when they do so. Characters who use "mafia speak" often say things like, "You mean to tell me that " and any number of other things that make the character sound just a bit like they're doing a Joe Pesci impression. That said, a lot of the dialogue spoken by these characters feels like it's from a bad episode of The Sopranos (that's not to say this episode is poorly written, simply that if it were to appear on The Sopranos it would be). That is a minor complaint, though.

    I'm interested in where this story is going. I like the idea of these characters caught up in a possible Italian/Irish mob war. I would have liked to see a bit more emotion from Tommy here - I mean, the guy just out of the blue starts blowing people away and chopping up bodies. Not that it doesn't make for good TV, but I think it'd make for better TV if we saw him in some kind of emotional crisis. Hopefully that'll come as time goes on.

    Other than that...not much to say about this episode. Looking forward to next week.moreless
Sherri Parker Lee

Sherri Parker Lee

Sean's Doctor

Guest Star

Ned Eisenberg

Ned Eisenberg

Detective Frankie Stein

Guest Star

Bradley White

Bradley White

Joey's Lawyer

Guest Star

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew

Helen Donnelly

Recurring Role

Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan


Recurring Role

Brian Tarantina

Brian Tarantina

Vinnie Culiari

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Jimmy's and Tommy's hair are different in this episode: Jimmy's hair is longer and Tommy's hair is shorter, though the episode is a Pilot continuation.

    • In this episode, Tommy and Kevin line shopping bags with aluminum foil to jam radio signals from anti-theft devices. The brothers should have used tin foil, which will block these signals, instead of aluminum foil, which actually amplifies these types of signals.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Nicky: Hey kid! Tell you brother Jimmy, I'm gonna be see him real soon.
      Tommy: That'd be great. He'd enjoy the visitor. Uh, didn't you hear? Jimmy was arrested yesterday. He's been in jail.

    • (Tommy and Kevin have some difficulty in stuffing Louie into a barrel)
      Kevin: Yeah, now who's stupid, huh? Couldn't get a bigger barrel?
      Tommy: They don't make bigger barrels!

    • (Tommy and Kevin are driving to Jersey to dump Louie's body)
      Kevin: (covering nose) Damn, the stench of 'em. I feel like it's in my skin, drive faster.
      Tommy: And get stopped for a ticket? Smart. (pause) Did you lock the door of the back of the bar?
      Kevin: While you were berating me or while I was digging a corpse out of the dumpster?
      Tommy: Nice sarcasm, isn't it?
      Kevin: Don't make me laugh, I'm still pissed at you.
      Tommy: (smiling) You're pissed at me!
      Kevin: Damn straight!

    • Tommy: Are you wearing two jackets?
      Kevin: How do you mean?
      (Tommy slowly reveals two jackets that Kevin is wearing)
      Tommy: You are! I told you we had to get rid of what we we're wearing!
      Kevin: Yeah, but it's my favorite one.
      Tommy: Throw it out right now!
      Kevin: Aww, man!

    • Vinnie: You were asking me if this isn't the best idea you've come up with.
      Nicky: Really? What do you think was my best idea?
      Vinnie: Your very best?
      Nicky: Best you can think of.
      Vinnie: Squeezing Jimmy Donnelly till he whacked Sal.
      Nicky: That worked out pretty well, didn't it?

    • Tommy: Hey, Sean. For such a pretty boy you are one tough son of a bitch.

    • Tommy: Kevin, no one saw us.
      Kevin: Yeah, what about the parking lot guy?
      Tommy: That was five blocks away.
      Kevin: Yeah, but he nodded at me.
      Tommy: So we should kill him?
      Kevin: No! No, of course not! (pause) I mean, unless you think...
      Tommy: You gotta stop!

    • Lawyer: Joey, I am your lawyer, okay. You don't need to lie to me.
      Joey: What? Whose lying? I'm an open book. What do you want to know?
      Lawyer: Why am I representing you?
      Joey: 'Cause I'm an innocent man.

    • Tommy(to Kevin): This is your abandoned swamp with nothing around for miles? (Camera pans to show giant hardware store)

    • Nicky: I was, you know, wonderin' if you had any news?
      Franky: You a reporter now, Nicky?
      Nicky: You know, Sal, he's a beloved employer. So understand all the staff's gonna be a little upset. I was just wonderin' if you had somethin' I could pass on to the staff.
      Franky: What was the head of the Irish mob doin' with all the Italians?
      Nicky: Drinkin'? Watchin' porn? I couldn't tell ya.

    • Kevin: (in reference to the body) Where would you have put it?
      Tommy: Not in the dumpster behind our bar!

    • (Tommy kicks at at barstool)
      Kevin: You wonder why we keep having to buy new stools?

    • Kevin: What about a tub full of acid?
      Tommy: Kevin, stop making suggestions you're really freaking me out.

    • Joey: The only way two people can keep a secret is if both of them are dead.
      Lawyer: You mean if one of them is dead. That's the saying.
      Joey: Obviously we come from different neighborhoods.

    • Kevin: We stuff him in a furnace.
      Tommy: Our furnace?
      Kevin: No of course not somebody else's
      Tommy: So you know someone whose got a furnace large enough for a body?
      Kevin: I'd have to think about it

    • Kevin: What about the landfill? I mean we could sneak him in, bury him under some garbage, they bury him for us.
      Tommy: The landfill on Staten Island?
      Kevin: Yeah
      Tommy: So what we take the ferry? Just the three of us?

    • Tommy: Now we gotta get rid of a body in broad daylight?
      Kevin: Okay, so we'll wait 'til tonight
      Tommy: Yeah, you're right Kevin, 'cause the smell of a rotting body is not gonna attract any attention. Let's wait.
      Kevin: Again with the sarcasm.

    • Dokie: Tommy, get in.
      Tommy: If you don't mind, I'd just like to walk.
      Dokie: (to driver) Hey, put him in the trunk.
      Tommy: I'm getting in.

    • (Tommy has just left a meeting with the Italians)
      Kevin: How'd it go?
      Tommy: Like it went. The hell is Joey Ice Cream doing here?
      Kevin: I have no idea.

    • Helen Donnelly: I think that if you know someone's good, you know it in your belly. And you trust that if they had to do something, they had no other choice.

    • Helen Donnelly: Whenever I watch my boys sleeping, I still see them as five years old in my head. Does that sound crazy? Always five but they're not babies anymore. But they're not little men either.

    • Tommy: Come on, grab his legs again.
      Kevin: No! No, not until I know he's dead.
      Tommy: He's dead. That was just gas escaping from his body.
      Kevin: Then why did you jump?
      Tommy: Because you did!

    • (Louie's body is in a dumpster)
      Tommy: Get in. I'll grab him on this side.
      Kevin: You get in.
      Tommy: I'm driving.
      Kevin: What does that have to do with anything?
      Tommy: You don't get in, I don't drive.

    • Joey: Hey, you guys take off. I'll watch everything here.
      Tommy: Where the hell did you come from?
      Joey: What? I've been here the whole time. Oh, and don't worry, mums the word. My lips are sealed.
      Tommy: You pay for that beer?
      Joey: Yeah, probably.

    • Tommy: You don't get it do you? We're screwed here.

    • Tommy: You think you can just bail Jimmy out and suddenly he's not gonna be the guy who got us into all this crap? You wanna forget the fact that he shot Louie?
      Kevin: And how many people did we shoot last night, Tommy?
      Tommy: Because of Jimmy!

    • Kevin: Wait Jimmy! Wait, wait.
      Jimmy: What?
      Kevin: If I took this to the track first, I could double it.
      Jimmy: You gamble a penny of that money, I'm gonna bite your thumbs off!

    • Kevin: Why is everyone using sarcasm on me today?

    • Tommy(speaking to his brothers): From now on, we only trust the people in this room.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title

      "Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart."

      The title of this episode is taken from this line in the poem Easter, 1916 by famous Irish poet W.B. Yeats.