The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 2

A Stone of the Heart

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • Great episode!!

    I love this show. It's only been 2 episodes and I addicted to it. I think it's an awesome show. I love how Joey Ice Cream tells the story. I liked the part when he's talking to the cops and they asked him how he knows all this information and he said he was there. Then you see Tommy and Kevin and Tommy asked where he came from. Like he appeared out of no where. I thought that was pretty funny. I also liked when Kevin said, "Why is everybody using sarcasm on me today?" I love that. And then when Jimmy said something about biting someone's thumbs off. That was great. I can't believe Jenny said she couldn't be with Tommy. I like them two together. I think this show is amazing. I think it's very well written and I love the actors. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Tommy and Kevin get rid of the Italian's body and Tommy and Jenny share a special thing with each other

    It's really fascinating how Tommy - although always being the good and proper one in the family - is actually the criminal mastermind among the Donnelly brothers. He prevents the average dumb mistakes that ordinary criminals might do and tries whatever he can to protect his brothers. It's still wrong to kill, but the storylines are so well made up that I can absolutely forgive him for it.
    I'm just sorry about the thing with Jenny. They "finally" (although we haven't seen much of it yet) gotten closer, but she doesn't wanna dive into the Donnelly world of crime and rather dumps Tommy than admit that she's already deep in it. I mean, she cleaned their god damn cellar from blood to protect them. I'm sure their story will continue and I'm sure Tommy would also do whatever it takes to protect her. He's the good guy and kind of a hero to me. No matter what he might have done...
    Oh, and as good as the whole narrating thing was in the beginning, it's getting weird that Joey Icecream just happens to know everything. Although it always gives me a laugh when he appears out of nowhere after claiming "I was there, too" :D
  • Ehh...

    Not as great as the first episode... I was a little disappointed in it. I will continue to watch the series though. Can I just say... Hello Tommy! He looked awesome in this episode and his body is amazing! I was happy to see him and Jenny together only to find out later that she said she does not want to be with him. She is already acting like his wife... cleaning up the blood from Louie Downtown at the bar. Hopefully she will come to her senses and realize that the two of them are right for each other.
  • They need to get rid of a body, and the best way is not always the right way.

    With graphics like this you can see why this is a little bit out of the prime time segment of tv. That however makes me like this series more and more. I like things that make others cringe. This is showing that sometimes things happen and you have to do what seems right at the time. Whether it is murder or something else. It makes no difference morals can be learned here. Family should stick up for family even if you disagree with their behavior. This was another fantastic episode and was fun to watch the story unfold a little more.
  • Nothin' better than turning a body into mush while in your underwear.

    Hm. What to say about this episode?

    Firstly, let me get my minor complaint out of the way - the only thing that really distracts me from enjoying this episode more is the fact that a lot of the characters - specifically Tommy - talk in "mafia speak," that is, the way the characters speak and the way they sound when they do so. Characters who use "mafia speak" often say things like, "You mean to tell me that " and any number of other things that make the character sound just a bit like they're doing a Joe Pesci impression. That said, a lot of the dialogue spoken by these characters feels like it's from a bad episode of The Sopranos (that's not to say this episode is poorly written, simply that if it were to appear on The Sopranos it would be). That is a minor complaint, though.

    I'm interested in where this story is going. I like the idea of these characters caught up in a possible Italian/Irish mob war. I would have liked to see a bit more emotion from Tommy here - I mean, the guy just out of the blue starts blowing people away and chopping up bodies. Not that it doesn't make for good TV, but I think it'd make for better TV if we saw him in some kind of emotional crisis. Hopefully that'll come as time goes on.

    Other than that...not much to say about this episode. Looking forward to next week.
  • Lot of action!!!

    The episode was mostly about how Tommy and Kevin dispose of Louie's body and what it takes to do that...After killing the Italians and the Irish boss, the two brothers try to adopt a normal behaviour so as not to rise suspicion...After that they go to the bar and realize that Louie's body is there in the garbage...So they go to a deserted place, steal a truck and they make the corpse disappear...Next they return home and Tommy goes to the Italians to return them the money and to say they have freed Louie...Also he refuses to help Jimmy get out of jail, hoping that the time there might do him some good...After that, Tommy goes and admits to Jenny his feelings...Here he meets Dokie, the brother of the Irish boss they killed, who ask him some questions.
  • "Too Long A Sacrifice Can Make A Stone Of The Heart"

    That Was A Fantastic Episode! I Really Enjoyed Watching It. It Starts Off With Tommy And Kevin After The Shootings They Just Did. Kevin Was Really Scared On What Would Happen If Someone Found Out If It Was Them, Tommy Was Just So Cool About It And Said That No One Will Even Know About It Except For Them. Meanwhile, They Discover That Sean Murdered Louis Downtown And Had Thrown Him In The Trash Outside The Bar, It Was Tommy And Kevin’s Mess Now, And They Had To Clean It Up, Which, They Eventually Did. What A Scene That Was, Tommy With No Clothes = Hotness. His Body Is Amazing !! But What He Was Doing Was Sick. I Mean Slamming A Hammer Or Whatever That Thing Was Into Louis Leg Was Just Gruesome To Me. That Took Guts From Tommy, Guess He’s The Man In Charge Now!
  • Characters develop a lot better, with Kevin growing in character. However, Sean has, basically, no role (and won't for some time) while Jimmy takes a back seat. Tommy is still the lead male, and will soon undoubtedly overshadow the others soon.

    Characters develop nicely in this episode, and by the way that the writers, director and producer approached this episode, its not false to conclude that the series will move along by focusing on a pair of brothers at a time. Jenny was out of character in this one. She gets hot with Tommy but she's married. Her husband may not be alive, but she doesn't know that. People will try to justify this moment by saying that she hasn't seen her husband for too long and that she's always liked Tommy, but due to the fast pace of the story, her canon was not developed sufficiently to make that moment expected. It was very sudden, but at least they don't have sex, I don't think.

    There are some continuity issues from the previous episode to this one. The most noticeable and embarrassing one is Tommy's hair being a lot shorter in this episode than in the last. This wouldn't be so bad if the episodes didn't take place about five or ten minutes after one another. Further, how the pilot ended wasn't really cleared up. Why did the cops sucker-hit their suspect again? There might actually be an explanation in the episode but the episode was such a jumbled mess that it's hard to say. Also, what's with this guy anyway? The one telling the story? I don't feel that the series will do so well with him telling the entire canon - who would listen to him for that long? Anyway, I obviously don't know what surprises are in-store but I think that the series should switch narrators after some time, and give us a reason as to how this guy really knows anything about the Donnellys. The show's storytelling style takes a risk by having the narrator be everywhere the Donnellys are and thus being able to tell their story. This won't fly with a lot of viewers but may appeal to others.

    Overall, a more focused episode than the first. Is it better? At first glance it might seem so because the story is easier to get and there are some comic moments, but the character quirks and continuity problems don't help it at all. Unfortunately, I see the series having a retarded character twist further into the story and a lot of absurd moments aiming at catharsis, but which are significantly undefined. I just hope I'm not right.
  • drama at its best..

    Oh my god! Tommy is soooo hot it sure didn’t show at first. Now this episode was just as good as the pilot which was mind blowing really, I mean if its from the writers of crash then it has to be I guess, it kinda sucks how Tommy has to clean everyone's mess how can anyone deal with that kinda pressure and live at the same time he has art school he can have a great future yet he sacrifices everything for his brothers, everything was good about this episode save for the part where Tommy has to break Louie's legs to fit him in the barrel, he must have a very strong gut to be able to do that.
  • Some good parts. Some bad parts.

    At the beginning of the episode it seemed like it would be an improvement over the pilot. Although Joey's part of telling the story is silly, it is still quite amusing and it doesn't overwealm the story. But I'm not sure how to take it. It seems to mean we have to expect the story to be unbelievable.

    And as the episode progressed it got more and more unbelievable. But I haven't decided that it's unbelievable enough to completely ruin the show. But it's close.

    I never want to judge a show on just a couple of episodes. I hope it improves, although I have a suspicion that it will be more of the same.

    It is interesting to see how Tommy's mind works. I just wish for his character that he was smart enough to get as far away from his neighborhood as possible. But then there would be no show.
  • Tommy and Kevin are drawn in deeper as they try to hide what they did.

    I was happy and pleasantly surprised to find a show that didn't suffer from the sophomore slump. The pilot was so good and the second episode delivered. I used to say 'Is it Monday yet' because of Heroes but now I'm uttering those words because of The Black Donnellys. Awesome show!
  • It still hasn't quite hooked me one hundred percent but this was a vast improvement compared to the pilot.

    Okay, now nothing against the pilot episode of The Black Donnellys but as a rule I tend not to like pilots simply because one they aren't usually a fair assesment of what the show is or could be and two they usually aren't that great especially when compared to the rest of the series (whatever series this may be). And this show looks to be no differnt. Short of the last ten minutes or so the pilot wasn't really that good but this episode was much better. They really put more emphasis on the fact that these four brothers would not only do anything for one another but would do anything to protect one another, despite all concepts of morality. This show has a pension for the dark and intense, so if you are a comedy fan this probably isn't going to appeal to your taste, but it is good. Starting slow, but good. One thing that I really like about it is that visually it's quite impressive, they've really committed to making everything as genuine as they can. And the cast seems to committ just as much, though I am a little displeased with the actress who plays Jenny so far she seems a little like the token love interest and seems to play no other part unlike all the other characters who seem to have the potential to have more then one story line. She seems as though she is only there to be Tommy's love interest, even if it is on again-off again.

    This show is defenitely sifferent because I really does focus on this whole Irish vs. Italian mob situation, that's the neighborhood these boys live in and that's the life these boys are involved in. The life they can not escape no matter what they do. It's different and it's unique, it sort of directly ties into the love and devotion these four brothers have for one another. They play off each other and I think it does work. As I said it's intense but it just hasn't quite hooked me one hundred percent yet. But it is still early so there is plenty of time for that.
  • As Jimmy sits in lock-up and Sean remains in the hospital, Tommy and Kevin clean up after the murders they have just committed. Just when they think they can relax they discover that Jimmy didn't get rid of Louie Downtown's body.

    This episode was very funny, at least to me. I don't know if any of the comedy was intentional or if I'm just sick. I'm pretty sure that the back and forth sarcasm between Kevin and Tommy was meant to lighten the mood of a very disturbing episode. Also, I find it hilarious how Joey Icecream always seems to be around even though nobody ever notices. Parts of this episode were also very tense and hard to watch, especially the part where Tommy has to pound Louie Downtowns's body into the barrel in order to dispose of it. This was a proufound scene in many ways. The lack of music made it that much more graphic. Kevin vomitting and being unable to help Tommy dispose of the body made the scene that much more disturbing. This episode also begins to explore the relationship that may or may not develope between Tommy and Jenny. All in all, the episode was not a incredible as the premiere, but it was definitely great.
  • Tommy Continues to clean up Jimmy's mess, that was caused in the first episode. Tommy doesn't trust anyone with the clean up not even his brother. Tommy and his romance flies and gets into those pants of the one he loves, as he says that to her...........

    Overall this was a good episode, could've been better but not everythign great can be done in one episode. This episode had the continuation of Tommy Cleaning up the mess from last weeks murder. They find the body of that fat guy forgot his name the one jimmy killed and crush him with a sledge hammer and place him into a barrel and throw him into the river. Brutal but gets the job done. This episode showed why this show is going to be great and even better. I think this was a trend setter for better episodes to come in the future.
  • I had great hopes......

    I wanted to like this show. I really, really did. With rumors abounding about the imminent demise of my 13 year Thursday night addiction - ER - I was hoping to find something else to latch on to...soon. I had hoped it would be this one. NBC wanted it to be. Just ask any of their PR people. Sigh. After watching the two available episodes I would have to say that the only redeeming qualities of 'The Black Donnellys' is the use of Damien Rice's music and the casting of Kate Mulgrew. As a fan of her's since her days on 'Ryan's Hope' when I was in high school, seeing her back to her acting roots as the matriarch of an Irish family was comforting. But was I supposed to really care about anyone else in this show? Or was the very blackness of their souls and deeds supposed to intrigue me enough that I would tune in to see what else would transpire?? I hated the actors. I hated the violence. I hated the grittiness of the filming. (And I am not unfamiliar with grittiness as a rule. Just hated it's depiction here.) I hated the story lines. The list could go on and on. There WAS an interesting camera angle in this episode. It was a background mirror shot of Tommy and Jenny as they fell out of camera range consummating their relationship in her bedrooom. But I had to laugh. If I was actually paying attention to the camera angles, had the story caught my interest? 'Fraid not. I think the only thing that would save this show for me would be the casting of Maura Tierney. Now THERE's an Irish lass -and damn fine actress - I could actually give a hoot about.
  • In this episode Tommy and Kevin had to clean up after the mess after mess that Jimmy caused. Not only did Tommy and Kevin have to get rid of Louie's body, but they had to also return the money to Sal's boys.

    This show is hot...I am hooked!! There is something about this show- I think it is a combo of the bond between the four brothers, the narrator Joey, the Irish mob vs. the Italian mob, Jenny & Tommy's interest in each other- that keeps the viewer addicted. I would love to see more of this show and how it all plays out. I sincerely hope it makes it past a first season (unlike many shows out there).

    This episode held my attention and with every scene had me wondering as to what would happen next. The writers have this knack for creating one twist after another. I love Tommy's brains and how he handled everything that is thrown at him and how you can see the bond that these brothers share as he and Kevin took care of business. I can't wait to see what happens next week. This show is a great addition to my Monday night line-up!!

    Keep 'em coming!