The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 9

All of Us Are in the Gutter

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

Joey recaps everything so far ending with a mention of how Jenny's father is losing all his marbles. Jenny's dad says, "I lost a little memory thats all." Joey quips (from jail), "Yeah? And I'm on vacation in the Bahamas!"

"All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde

A woman comes to visit Joey in jail. The warden has said that Joey isn't eating. Joey tells her he has nothing left to aim for. He sits up, grabs a carrot and begins regaling her with a tale about Tommy's love of art.

Tommy had a meeting with an artist, courtesy of Kate. The man offers Tommy a job working for him. Tommy accepts the internship and is given a list of errands to run. Meanwhile, Jimmy is trying to fix up The Firecracker. He has ordered a new sign for out front. As they are admiring it Kevin arrives to deliver the news that Nicky has made bets to Louis Downtown's phone and knows the brothers have the phone.

Kevin tells them that Nicky came to pay on the bet and asked Kevin for more time. Jimmy tells Kevin, "That doesn't make any sense. He should have killed you." Kevin replies, "Yeah, I know. But I didn't think it'd be a good idea to press the issue." Jimmy realizes that Nicky must have something up his sleeve, wanting to make a deal with them. Jimmy decides to find out what Nicky is up to.

Jenny comes down to the diner from the apartment upstairs. She finds the smoke alarm going off, the stove turned on and her father missing. Joey walks in the unlocked front door hungry. Jenny is unable to locate her father inside the diner or just outside the door.

Dokey is wanting to take his brother's place in life and is finding difficulties in his path. Jack Trevor calls on Dokey implying that he had something to do with Robert "The Mouth" Kelly's death. Dokey tells Jack he will look into the matter.

Jimmy and Whitey hunt for Nicky and Jimmy helps himself to the cash register of the bar that Nicky owns. He takes the grand Nicky had bet, leaving a message with the female bartender to find him at The Firecracker if he wants to.

Jenny is trying to make a missing persons report with the police and not having much luck. She is realizing she has to acknowledge that things aren't as they seem with her father's mental state.

Vinnie comes to Nicky and tells him that Jimmy robbed the bar. Nicky laughs which seems out of place for the situation to his girlfriend and Vinnie.

Kate comes to see Tommy at his work. She wants to set up a time for her son Matthew's next art lesson. Tommy behaves awkward around her, especially under the watchful eye of his new employer.

Nicky calls Jimmy and of course Jimmy plays the smart alec. Nicky tells him that hw wants to deal with Tommy which upsets Jimmy. He wants Nicky to come to the Firecracker in an hour. Nicky says he will be there.

Kevin calls Tommy wanting his help with the Nicky situation. Whitey gives Sean a brief instruction in proper gun handling. Sean reveals that he's never fired a gun before.

Tommy has reached the end of his patience with his new mentor's list of errands. He balks at cleaning the man's toilet only to be told an analogy about Michelangelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel. He tells Tommy that Michelangelo never wanted to paint it but the result was beautiful. He tells Tommy that beauty can be found from something that seems crappy.

Kevin calls again, asking for Tommy's help and tells him that Jimmy stole from Nicky. Tommy refuses to come to their aid. Jimmy has taken refuge in the Firecracker, closing off entrances to cut down on any surprise Nicky might have. Jenny comes in looking for her father. Kevin follows her out of the bar to find out why she is so upset. He decides to go with her to find her father. He feels like he has just screwed things up with Jimmy so he wants to do something that he might not mess up.

Dokey is going to make his collections and finds out that Jimmy is cutting into his business. Christie, the man that Jimmy pulled the gun on previously gets the money he paid Jimmy back from Dokey. Christie informs Dokey that Jimmy is running with a guy named Whitey, not a Donnelly. Joey's voiceover narration from prison is heard to say, "Now for some people losing a dream can make you dangerous. Cause they don't think long term. They just want what they want when they want it." Dokey instructs Earl to bring Whitey to him. Nicky calls Jimmy, taunting him and telling him he will only deal with Tommy.

Kevin takes Jenny to a poker game full of older men gambling. They had not seen her father that day. She calls her diner (where she has put Joey to work) to see if her father has come back. He has not.

Sean wants to call Tommy for help which only angers Jimmy further. He gets the gun that Whitey gave Sean and takes Sean's car. Earl reports back to Dokey that Whitey is Bob's nephew. From his jailhouse narration Joey states, "Nobody could ever figure out what jerk told Earl about Whitey." The scene shifts back to Joey's story where Joey himself is telling Earl all about Whitey. Dokey wants to talk to Whitey, he thinks Whitey may have seen his Uncle Bob just before the man took his swan dive.

Tommy is learning how to make paint colors with his mentor based on his best and worst moments of his life. Tommy looks up to find Sean hovering outside. He tells Tommy that Jimmy has gone to kill Nicky. Sarcastically Tommy replies, "Really? I thought he was doin' that this afternoon." Sean tells Tommy that Nicky had laughed at Jimmy, tried to make a jerk out of him. Tommy grabs Sean's phone and calls Nicky. He makes a deal to meet Nicky in 20 minutes. He goes back to tell his boss he has to go. He is told, "Do yourself a favor kid. Give it up. Cause if there's something else out that's more important than this... it always will be." Tommy goes to take care of his family like he always does. Jenny gets a call that a man her dad's age has been struck by a car.

Kevin goes with Jenny only to discover the man hit by the car has expired. She is asked to make an identification. Kevin pulls back the sheet and it is not her father.

Jimmy is enraged when he arrives at Nicky's bar. His anger increases once he finds the place locked up. Earl catches up with Whitey and asks, "You Whitey?" Whitey replies, "Who wants to know?" Earl tells him, "Nobody asks 'who wants to know' unless it's them." He chases after Whitey only to lose him.

Sean comes back to The Firecracker to find Jimmy sitting at the bar unhappy. Jimmy wants to know where he has been. Tommy arrives for his meeting with Nicky and Vinnie. Nicky tells Tommy he wants to start from scratch, that Dokey is a dead man. He wants to talk about Tommy's future. Jimmy arrives, interrupting the meeting. Tommy pulls Jimmy aside and Jimmy asks, "What makes him think you're the one he should be talking to?" Tommy answers, "Because he thinks I'm gonna get it done and you won't." Jimmy pulls a gun and Tommy takes it away from him and makes Jimmy leave.

Tommy leaves the meeting and a car comes barrelling straight for him. Jimmy is behind the wheel and stops just short of hitting Tommy who hasn't flinched at all. Tommy tells Jimmy the events of the meeting. Nicky is going to kill Dokey, he wants to work with Tommy. Jimmy thinks it is a great deal. Tommy realizes that Nicky is planning on the brothers' dying as well. Jimmy asks if Tommy took the deal but Tommy doesn't answer, just walks away.

Joey has finished working the diner all day. Jenny thanks him for the day and gets her keys back. She and Kevin are sitting at the counter in the diner. She tells Kevin to go home. He just says, "I'll stay." Jimmy brings Sean back his car and Sean apologizes for calling Tommy.

Tommy returns to the art studio and is reminded he was fired. As he walks away Joey's voiceover states that is the moment Tommy gave up his dream of being an artist.