The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 3

God Is a Comedian (Web Only)

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • Excellent episode!!!

    The people who contribute on this web site, and on this show in particular, said that NBC preferred to show this episode only online, cause it was "too explosive for network TV."(?!). At first I thought it was full of scenes that aren't allowed to be showed on TV...After seeing it, I can tell that there's one of these 2 possibilities: either the standards of the channel NBC are set in such a way as to consider the few disturbing scenes as "too explosive", or they had another purpose, one that I can't figure...The people who saw "The Sopranos" will agree with me that the scenes from that show are 10 fold more explosive than on this one...Anyway, this episode show the difficulties that Tommy and Kevin pass through in order to help their brothers...While Tommy goes at any length to make sure that Sean stays in the hospital, and doesn't get sent in one of those less expensive ones, Kevin recurred to every mean possible to help Jimmy get out of prison...This episode was enjoyable and unpredictable...9/10.
  • This episode is on until MOnday, if you haven't seen so NOW!!!

    Another great episode. Tommy struggles to keep a promise to God that nothing will ever make him kill again. Kevin finds a way, with Joey's help, to get Jimmy out of jail and finds out that he may not have done the right thing. Tommy wants to know why he and Jenny can't be together. Sean's has complications with his health. Hughie's brother Dokie meets with the head of the Italian mob...and Nicky Catero makes his bid to take over Sal's action. Nicky gives Tommy the option of paying $2500 a week or killing off his family one by one. The drama continues to mount in an excellently structured, well written, smart, and somewhat funny episode. I cannot stress enough the excellent use of music in this show, traditional, and more modern. This is a must see if you are like me and have become obsessed with this show. It's posted on until MOnday, March 12th. If you don't have time I guess you'll have to wait for the DVD release, I would expect this to be on the DVD.
  • Another Quality Episode!

    This episode picks up with Sean getting worse in the hospital, and Tommy visting Jimmy in Jail. When Tommy insists on leaving him there, Jimmy goes ballistic. I really felt for him. he thinks Tommy is screwing him over, which it seems like from his perspective. But we know Tommy is trying to keep him safe. Two brothers couldn't be more opposite. Gotta love it. Meanwhile, Kevin starts putting together bail money. Putting Kevin and Tommy on a collision course as Tommy is determined to keep Jimmy in jail until he can get him into rehab. Kevin ropes Joey in. They steal plumbing supplies they can sell to raise the rest. A good plan. Only it doesn't work out, leaving Kevin to go after the witness to the truck thing. With him out of the way, Jimmy will be set free. Which he is. However, as we've come to expect from TBD, this works out, only not in the way you'd expect. I loved this episode. More than a filler. It adds to the story of Nicky and what he's really up to. We see he's smart. Quick on his feet. And after more than just sal's action. We also meet Joanie, who tipped Jimmy off to rob the truck load of shirts. Joanie's pretty cool. Didn't take any crap from Kevin. And she seems to have feelings for Jimmy. I wonder if we'll see more of her ahead.
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