The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 8

In Each One a Savior

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Unknown on NBC
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Episode Summary

While Tommy helps a woman who wants to evict drug dealers from her building, he discover that this simple thing is much more complicated than he thought. Meanwhile, Jimmy continues his attempts to take over the neighborhood and stoops to an all-time low when he demands payment from Jenny.

During the meantime, Nicky finds out what really happened to Louie Downtown.moreless

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  • Awesome stuff!

    This episode will easily sit as the best in the series.

    My eyes pretty much widened when it turned out Jimmy's "childhood crush" was on Jenny, and how what unfolded with Jenny and Tommy lead him to become what he is today. Now with being known as a jerk to Jenny, Jimmy tries to mend things up with her but later in the episode, business will catch up and change the future for these two significantly.

    In addition, Kate wants Tommy to hang around with her son for fear of him becoming too involved with Dokey. Also, the Donnelly brothers unknowingly help out a drug dealer get rid of other druggies but have a way to turn that around in the end.moreless
Joe Flood

Joe Flood


Guest Star

Michael Angelo Ortiz

Michael Angelo Ortiz

Flaco's Drug Dealer

Guest Star

Mason Pettit

Mason Pettit

Delivery Guy

Guest Star

Peter Greene (III)

Peter Greene (III)

Dokey Farrell

Recurring Role

Betsy Beutler

Betsy Beutler


Recurring Role

Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan


Recurring Role

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    • Joey: Jimmy loved Tommy more than anybody. But see, once you've been betrayed by somebody you love... you're capable of anything.

    • (About Sean's new car)
      Sean: Hey, hey, hey. What do you think?
      Tommy: You pay money for this thing?
      Sean: Yeah, two thousand, got a great deal.
      Tommy: Dollars?
      Sean: Plus, he gave me a free driver's licence.

    • Joey: Now I know Jimmy may have seemed like an ass. Excuse me, Father. It's just that it's hard not to behave like an ass, when you've been betrayed.

    • (Upon being told Mrs. McCready is a drug dealer)
      Tommy: You're a liar.
      Jimmy: Yeah, you're right. I'm lying. Probably not, but the same old Mrs. McCready who lives in the apartment 2C in the old flats. 'Cause if you kicked some gangster ass for that old bitch, that'd be the jackass move of the month.

    • Tommy: Mrs. McCready, I can't help you.
      Mrs. McCready: But your dad cared about people.
      Tommy: (sharply) What?
      Mrs. McCready: Your father would never turn his back on a friend. I'm sorry for you that you never learned that from him.

    • Dokey: How old are you, Reilly?
      Ian: What's my age have to do with anything?
      Dokey: 'Cause you're way too old to be playing the hero.

    • Sean: I'm calling Jimmy.
      Kevin: What are you Tommy now? Gimme the phone!
      Sean: You gonna get that stock for me? (Kevin gets up and reaches for the bar phone. He begins to dial) What are you doing?
      Kevin: Calling mom. Figure she'd like to know you're not planning on going back to school. (Sean gives in and hands Kevin back the phone)

    • Sean: (Referring to The Firecracker, wanting Kevin to get to work)Come on Kevin. Have a little pride. This is the family business here.
      Kevin: Crime is the family business Sean. This is just a staging area.

    • Joey: We turned The Firecracker into the hottest place in town.
      Priest: (Interrupting)Joey!
      Joey: What?
      Priest: I've lived in the neighborhood 40 years. I still live there. The Firecracker's The Firecracker.
      Joey: (backpedalling after being caught in the lie) Oh yeah. No, uh it wasn't The Firecracker at all. It was this other place I was thinking about, we took over a long time after.

    • Kate: (On the phone) Hi, it's Kate. Can I speak to Tommy?
      Kevin: (to Kate) Yeah, hold on. I'll see if he's here. (barely covers phone and asks Tommy who is lying in bed) It's Kate. You wanna talk to her?
      Tommy: Nice Kevin. Like she doesn't really know I'm here now.

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    • Title

      "In Each One a Savior"

      Comes from Demian by Hermann Hesse, "In each individual the spirit is made flesh, in each one the whole of creation suffers, in each one a savior is crucified."