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The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2007 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Joey Ice Cream meets his long-suffering prison counselor, Mr. Happy Harisson, who unlike his name suggests, is the world's biggest pessimist, getting more and more frustrated as Joey continues to tell lie after lie. When Tommy tries to cash out the rest of his tuition money, he is informed that someone has already canceled his tuition.moreless

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  • In order to pay off Nicky, Tommy makes a deal with Dokey

    Tommy tries to be hard and cool telling Nicky he won't pay. And for a sec you believe him, but then everyone understands that he is so desperate to protect his family. That's really his only weekness. That - and Jenny... He's going through so much and leaving all his morals behind in order to protect them. He's being pulled into that gangster chaos deeper and deeper and there soon won't be a way out. I mean he's stealing from a woman he lately made a widow.

    He must be really tortured about it all...

    Did I mention the whole Joey Icecream storyline is confusing me? Is he telling it all and is it not true?? Or is his counselor just saying it's all lies and it's still the true story we're hearing??moreless
  • Tommy must find a way to pay Nicky Catero the $2500 a week that he owes. What Tommy enters into is a tangled web of lies.

    Admittedly, this episode is a little slow moving. But then again, drama is not synonomous with action. I liked this episode about as wel as the last one. Tommy continues to find himself faced with one problem after another. He seems to find a solution each time, but at the price of just another small piece of his soul. In this episode Dokie promises to make Tommy's problem with Nicky Catero go away if he will steal a box from Hughie's office. Tommy has to lie to Kate, Hughie's widow, in order to do this. Tommy is just diggning himself in deeper and deeper each week. It will be very interesting to see how things turn out as the final six episodes of this season unfold...and hopefully many more to come.moreless
  • Tommy has to deal with his problem with Nicky, which forces him to weigh his own morality against his family's safety.

    I tagged this one "series classic", which on the surface seems kind of dumb; there's only been 4 episodes of this show. It makes sense, however, because this is my far the strongest and best episode yet. The characters are finally starting to even out, the writers are starting to find a groove, and the show's mythology is starting to take shape.

    Big kudos to the writers for getting Jimmy to a place where he is palatable. The past three weeks I've thought he was too much of a screw up and too destructive to be believable. This week, I thought he finally got to a place where he was a screw-up, but was still kind of likeable. And Joey grows on me week by week.

    Tommy keeps growing too. I liked his interaction with Jenny at the bar at the end of the episode. He showed a harder side of himself which I think works great for the character. I especially liked that Kate Mulgrew's role is expanding. She does a great job as a tough-as-nails single mother of 4 boys.

    The scene at the end was fantastic too. Tommy confronting Nicky, and Nicky realizing that maybe there's something to this kid after all. Up until this point I'd been watching Donnelly's almost with a sense that it was on probation, that I was waiting to see if I'd keep watching it. After this episode I'm definitely going to stick around.moreless
  • A truly great episode.

    This installment of of Black Donnelys was great, showing how the lies that Jimmy told have affected his life and see as well Sean finally out of the hospital. It was sad to see the decision Tommy had to made to take the money so he could pay off Nicky cottero. That guy is a bad dude, but his character is awesome to see what he will do get the money back. The show last night was overall great, seemed to reveal that Tommy really would go to a good length to help his family, even lie to a woman then when a son finds out, he feels so much worse. It was a sad but godo episode.moreless
  • Tommy finds himself in trouble as louis's men want the weekly payout as they threaten him at his home. Tommy finds ways to get this money to those men.

    This episode was great, good way to get this story moving. Tommy has to make decisions that could ruin everything, just to get that money paid. This man is a solider. I believe this was one of the best episodes i have seen so far but then again i like this show so i have to say they are all great. I personnaly liked how he brushed off Jenny at the end because she had chose anothr man right before his eyes as she came back to apologize. Make her feel bad, she did wrong. All and all great episode.moreless
Adelia Saunders

Adelia Saunders


Guest Star

Chance Kelly

Chance Kelly

Johnny Mac

Guest Star

Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick

Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick


Guest Star

Molly Schaffer

Molly Schaffer

Kate Farrell

Recurring Role

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew

Helen Donnelly

Recurring Role

Peter Greene (III)

Peter Greene (III)

Dokey Farrell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (25)

    • (Helen gives a whole bowl of salad to Sean)
      Kevin: What about me?
      Helen: There's not enough for you. Have another piece of bread.
      Kevin: That's not fair.
      Helen: Should've thought about that when you let Tommy steal my casserole. Go out and eat. You haven't been out of my hair all day.
      Kevin: I don't wanna go out.
      Helen: Have some squash.
      Kevin: I don't like squash. I don't even like saying it.

    • Tommy: Matthew's a good kid.
      Kate: I always feel bad because he's an only-child. Must be great having a lot of brothers.
      Tommy: I don't know about great. But it's a lot of headache.

    • (About Nicky)
      Kevin: Tommy, let's rob someone and give him his money or let's kill him!
      Tommy: Kevin... relax.

    • Tommy: If I can't get that tuition money, Dokey, I'm gonna need to borrow $2500.
      Dokey: Tommy, tell me one person who would loan a kid like you that kind of money?
      Tommy: I was hoping you would.
      Dokey: I'm afraid you got your head up your ass.

    • Jimmy: Good times last night, huh?
      Jenny: (dryly) Sure Jimmy. If that's what you call a good time.
      Jimmy: No, I don't mean the part about Dokey holding us hostage in the basement almost chopping of our toes, that sucked. I mean last time I saw you. You know it's funny, I never would've known you were married. Does Samson know?
      Jenny: Just tell Tommy I was here, okay?
      Jimmy: I'll be sure to tell Tommy. I mean Samson. I mean Tommy. (Jenny glares at him) I'm sorry, I made a mistake. Anyone can make a mistake, right?

    • Jimmy: What's the B32?
      Kevin: The customer's code names, the one's that aren't going to be giving you any money.
      Jimmy: How do you know it's a code name?
      Kevin: Because I had a code name and I wouldn't be giving you any money by the way.
      Jimmy: What was your code name?
      Kevin: It's not important.
      Jimmy: Kevin, I'm gonna beat you up if you don't tell me.
      Kevin: L21.
      Joey: What's the L for?
      Kevin: (hesitant) Lucky...
      Jimmy: Lucky.
      (Jimmy and Joey start laughing)

    • Tommy: Don't get near my mother or anyone of my family again, you understand me?
      Nicky: The way to avoid that... is to pay me my money.
      Tommy: You come here again, I'll kill you.
      Nicky: You know where to find me, kid. Just bring me a handful of cash.

    • Helen: Let's try this again. Go back out the door and make a right, two buildings out.
      Nicky: Two buildings out. Thank you. You're very nice.
      Helen: Least I'm not lost.

    • Tommy (gesturing to the box in Nicky's hand): That pastry for your momma? Why don't you say hi for me. She lives upstairs right?

    • Priest: Undo your problems one at a time.
      Jenny: Are you telling me to get a divorce?
      Priest: The church still believes divorce is punishable by the flames of hell... I'd look into getting an annulment.

    • Joey: Here's what you need to know, you remember Kate Farrell, Huey's widow, she asked Tommy to have his wake at the Fire Cracker. A little akward seeing that Tommy did kill Huey, but Tommy had bigger problems, like Huey's brother Dokey who thought that Jimmy killed Huey. Actually Jimmy killed Louie the bookie, and since no bookie means no money for Louie's boss Nicky, Tommy has to make up the difference every week.

    • Tommy: You sleep with him?
      Jenny: Yeah.
      Tommy: You coulda lied to me.

    • Kevin: He's not coming out. He doesn't want anyone seeing him lookin like a cyclops.
      Sean: I heard that.
      Kevin: Just kidding, you look like half a cyclops

    • Joey: See the thing about telling lies is if you're good at it people don't know they're being lied to. So then the question is... can you live with the lies you tell?

    • Helen (to Sean): What you look like? Your face? I know that's who you think you are but it's not! It's whats inside your heart. That's what makes you a Donnelly. Your father would be ashamed of you if you thought anything else. Now I'm gonna put dinner on. And I'm not bringing it in here.

    • (in voiceover narration)
      Joey: Being a thief made Tommy feel pretty bad. Getting robbed made him feel a lot worse.

    • Kim: Can you give Sean a message for me?
      Kevin: Not if my mom doesn't want me to.

    • (approaching Jenny sitting in the pew)
      Priest: Okay you outlasted me, you won't come in I'll come to you.
      Jenny: Thanks Father but I'm not here for confession.
      Priest: You've been on your knees 45 minutes, I know a sin when I see one.

    • Tommy: Kevin, come here a minute.
      Kevin: I'm eating my cereal.
      Tommy: What, is it gonna get cold?

    • (Jimmy wakes up in the bar and finds Joey alseep under the pool table)
      Jimmy: What are you doing here? This is a bar not a place to sleep.

    • Jimmy (drinks from a bottle): Want some wine?
      Joey: Are you nuts? There's an alien inside my head.
      Jimmy: You're a wuss. (takes another drink)

    • Joey (narrating): Even someone as good as Jenny Reilly couldn't start the day without lying.

    • Joey: You think he dropped it when you had him tied up down here?
      Jimmy: When who had who tied up down where?
      Joey: No idea.

    • Helen: Kevin, shut the door before I hit you in the head with something.

    • Joey: If I'm pathological every guy in my neighborhood's a clinical study.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: December 18, 2007 on Kanal 5

    • Music:
      "Losing" by Tina Dico
      "40' " by Franz Ferdinand
      "Goodnight Moon" by Shivaree
      "Cobrastyle" by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra
      "Shelter" by Ray LaMontagne
      "Hold You In My Arms" by Ray Lamontagne