The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 6

Run Like Hell

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • getting boring

    is it just me or is this show losing it.. i dont see any development anywhere ..stories keep turning around the same thing over and over i couldnt even finish watching this episode because its not worth watching honestly when this show started it looked like it had alot of potential i dont see that potential anymore i dont know if its from the actors or the writers or even the directors maybe even all of them if they dont do something to change the events occuring in each episode this show will just die and fade out like most shows that dont make it ..
  • Once again Tommy has to fix his brothers' mess. Can you see a pattern?? :D

    First of all, Jimmy is such an idiot... The whole time he's talking as if it were his clients and his business. They don't owe him a thing and he goes on like that. But the worst part is that Tommy is getting involved in it again. And this time he's threatening and beating up an old friend. Why??? Well, of course he needed the money for Jenny which is kinda sweet. But he also wanted to protect that Maxwell guy and his wife, I think. Who knows what Jimmy would have done. He's such a lunatic, he easily could have killed him ...
  • Jimmy and Kevin take over Louie Downtown's bookie operation while Tommy tries to help Jenny with finacial issues.

    This episode was excellent. The writing done for this episode was some of the best writing for any network TV show on the air today. The actors have completely become their characters by now and everything has fallen into place. This show is superb. It would be absolute idiocy if NBC didn't pick this up for another season. The Black Donnellys is the best show NBC has right now.
  • Another Great Episode

    I waited to watch this episode till Tuesday so I saw that some people online said that they didn't like this episode (to much of the secondary characters not enough of the brothers) I was surprised that I really liked it, especially the whole bookmaking scheme thing, any scene with Kevin is a good scene! I totally LOL when Kevin said I wish you hadn't done that and Mama Donnelly said I wish your father was alive and I lived in the country!
  • This show keeps getting better and better.

    The story picks up right after the events of Lies. Tommy sits across the street from Jenny's diner as she opens for business. Tommy is there to return trays borrowed for Huey's wake at the Firecracker. But you know he's got more on his mind. The guy's jonesing for Jenny and you can see it all over his face. So cute. They're interrupted by the butcher's delivery man. He tells Jenny they are three months behind on the bills and the delivery has to be COD. Poor Jenny. Dad is digging them a big hole. Tommy overhears. But Jenny says she doesn't need his help. Although that's going to turn out to not be the case, I think. Across town, Jimmy and Kevin are working Louie Downtown's bookmaking action. They shake down Eddie Maxwell, a neighborhood guy. Correction: try to shake him down, as he threatens Jimmy and Kevin with a gun he tells them is under the counter. That puts them out the door, but you can tell from the way Jimmy looks at Maxwell that this isn't going to end here. Which, in typical Donnelly fashion puts Tommy and Jimmy on a collision course. Tommy and Maxwell are old friends, and that's who Maxwell turns to for help with Jimmy. Only Tommy is going to find out that his friend hasn't told him the entire story about his gambling debts. Meanwhile, Jimmy showing some smarts for once, listens to Kevin and decides they have to get rid of Louie's phone. But not before they find someone to show them how to use it and turn Louie's book into their own. Another great episode. Not as much action as some of the previous episodes. Tons of character development. Joanie's back, she's always great. I love that girl! But this guy Whitey is like dark clouds on the horizon. I think he's going to bring Jimmy and Kevin a lot of trouble.
  • Tommy Knows how to run the town.

    Money is what causes problems in this world and a fine example of it is shown in today’s episode of The Donnelly's. This was a fine episode, how money gets you into problems and also out of those problems. This show starts with Jenny in some trouble with the bank as they can’t prove the deposits were made into the bank. She finds her father placing the money into a mail box. Tommy needs to collect money from Eddie who owes Jimmy actually he really actually he owes Louis but Jimmy is doing the collecting. This episode is a must see I recommend it to everyone who likes this show and missed an episode, just don’t miss it again.