The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 6

Run Like Hell

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2007 on NBC



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    • Tommy: If you don't want the money, Jenny, you can burn it.

    • Helen: Get your brother.
      Kevin: (shouting) Yo, Seany! Dinner!
      Helen: I could've done that.

    • Jimmy: You want me to take twenty five hundred, on a five thousand dollar bet that Maxwell made?
      Tommy: It wasn't even your bet to begin with, Jimmy. It's a good deal.
      Jimmy: For you maybe, because you're the jerk who believes this guy.

    • Tommy: You look good. (He kisses her on the cheek) I'm jealous.
      Mary-Anne: You had your shot.
      Tommy: Don't remind me.

    • Eddie: You're working for Louie?
      Jimmy: Yeah.
      Eddie: Yeah, get outta here.
      Jimmy: No, no, he didn't tell you?
      Eddie: You're asking me to give you Louie's money, the money I bet with Louie?
      Jimmy: Five grand. That's the figure, right?
      Eddie: You're outta your mind.

    • Jenny: That's a lot of money.
      Tommy: Yeah.
      Jenny: Where'd you get it?
      Tommy: I already said in the bathroom
      Jenny: Yeah, sure. I don't want your money.
      Tommy: It's not my money.
      Jenny: What did you do? What did you do to get that money? Something terrible, right?

    • Joey (narrating): And even though Jenny had told Tommy she didn't need his help, when it came to Jenny, Tommy just didn't know how not to try.

    • Joey (narrating): The thing about helping people is you can only take it so far and then you start hurting 'em.

    • Jimmy: (About the recovering gamblers story) Hey Kevin, does any of this sound familiar?
      Kevin: Do you have a point?

    • Tommy: Where's Jimmy?
      Joey: I don't know.
      Tommy: Do you want your ass kicked?
      Joey: He's in the basement with Kevin.

    • Tommy: You're not playing me again, are you?
      Eddie: Wouldn't lie to you Tommy.

    • Joey: So guys anything else I can help you guys with? I'm here to serve.
      Man leaving cell: You got that right.

    • Jimmy: Me and my 3 brothers are the only partners I'm ever gonna have.

    • Joey: Kevin introducing Jimmy to Whitey was gonna result in one of the most gruesome and violent deaths the neighborhood had ever seen. I mean what did Kevin know. He was just trying to help. Was Whitey gonna kill Jimmy or was Jimmy gonna kill Whitey?
      Man questioning Joey: So who killed who?
      Joey: When?
      Man: In the knife fight!
      Joey: Oh. That was later.

    • Jimmy: 10 bets. $500 dollars a pop. Lost every bet. Guy makes Kevin look lucky.
      Kevin: What do you gotta say that for?

    • Joey (narrating): See, here's the problem. Always trying to help people? It'll kill you. I mean it's worse than a disease. Tommy Donnelly was just beginning to figure that out.

    • Joey: Me, I've always believed honesty is best served cold.

    • Jimmy: Do you know anything about setting up books?
      Joey: About the same as Kevin except I won a bet once.
      Kevin: What do you want, a smack!
      Joey: I'm just saying.
      Jimmy: Does anybody know anybody?
      Kevin: This guy Whitey I used to bet with.
      Joey: Oh, Whitey's a sleazebag.
      Jimmy: Worse than you?
      Joey: Yeah, maybe.

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      "If ever I was sure that someone was coming to help me, I should run like hell."

      The title of the episode comes from this quote by Thoreau.

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