The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 12

The Black Drop

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • Tommy finds out who killed his father. Jenny's Husband's has possibly been found in a dumpster and her father loses his mind a little bit more. A shocking thing happens to Jimmy and more is revealed about Jenny + Tommy. (trying not to spoil anything)

    This episode was amazing! The show just keeps getting better and better... although unfortunatley there is only 1 episode left. Questions I am dying to know before the show ends are: Is Sampson going to do anything crazy? What is Dokey going to do to the Donnellys? Will it reveal more to how Joey Ice-Cream got into jail? Where are the Donnellys? What is to become of Sean, Kevin,and Jimmy? Finally the question a lot of us are dying to know... Will Jenny and Tommy end up together? You know what would at least be nice? If they came back to do one more episode that explained everything and ended it really nicely... the show and Fans deserve at least that.