The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 7

The Only Thing Sure

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on NBC
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Episode Summary

While Tommy and Kevin are collecting payments, Jimmy is painting the bar and tries to protect Sean from the business. Meanwhile, Kevin get a flashback from his childhood who makes him believe that he's truly lucky as a gambler and Jenny tries to watch over her ailing father while struggling to maintain the family's diner.moreless

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  • Tommy gets involved in Jimmy's business in order to help Jenny save her dad's diner

    The things you do for love... Tommy is almost a saint - always trying to help and going through so much in order to save the ones he loves.

    It's great how he even got involved in Jimmy's business for Jenny's sake. I just hated it that Jimmy seriously had him thinking he'd be killed if Tommy didn't give him the money. He's so selfish. Tommy asked for a favor like ONCE in his life and is betrayed by the one brother he went through sooo much to protect.

    I just saw that it's true: the show really isn't coming back for a while? Why do the good shows with so much potential always get cancelled? It's awful. I hope they'll bring the Donnellys back soon, there's still so much to explore!moreless
  • Money Money Money... Another episode revolved around money.

    This was a good episode and it still has me coming back for more each week. This week was about money again and Jimmy still collecting and Tommy needing money to get Jenny's dads business back and out of debt. Tommy tries to collect stuff that jimmy is getting but runs into trouble. So he decides to bet on a horse race. He asks Kevin for help but doesn't listen he wins. This was a great episode and we will have to see what else is still to offer towards this show i hope it keeps getting better. Stay tuned.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The bike taxi rides past Tommy and Kevin twice after they collect money from the man.

    • After Tommy and Kevin collect the money from the pedicab driver, they walk halfway across the road, but when the pedicab driver calls back to them, Tommy and Kevin are much closer to the kerb.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Whitey: It's three o'clock, man. We're supposed to be at my uncle's now. We're not there, Jimmy.
      Jimmy: Kevin never showed up with the money?
      Whitey: No! I'm at the Firecracker by myself. You're not there, Kevin's not there, just that idiot with the small brush! He says you're out buying a jukebox.

    • (Whitey is told to kill Jimmy but is reluctant to)
      Whitey: Uncle Bob, can I say something?
      Bob: No! Just do as I say or I'll kill you both.

    • Nicky: I made a mistake. I should've never talked about business the day you buried your brother. Alright, I was wrong. And if I insulted you, I apologize. I'm just here to make things right.
      Dokey: Yeah, well whacking my guys didn't help too much, did it?

    • Joey: (narrating) An old Irish blessing says: Where ever you go, may the luck of Irish go with you. Father Dufelt hated old Irish sayings almost as much as he hated people asking him for favors.

    • Joey (narrating): Nobody ever understood why Kevin thought he was lucky. I mean, we all thought he was crazy, but like most crazy things, there was a reason for it.

    • (Kevin hits a guy who owes them money)
      Tommy: What do you have to hit him for, Kevin?
      Kevin: That's what you do, Tommy. I don't know what to tell ya. What, do you think he's just gonna give us the money? (scoffs at Tommy) What universe do you live in? (kicks the guy again)
      Tommy: Kevin!
      Kevin: Tommy, what do you want from me!? (the guy hands over the money) See?

    • Alo (greets Nicky): Look at the mug on you. (to Ray) What you should've done was whack him in the back of the head.
      Ray (to Nicky): How ya doing, shovel-head?
      Alo: I hope you learned a lesson.
      Nicky: Yeah, tempered steel to the back of the head usually does the trick.

    • Ray (to Alo): I hate golf, I rather play sports.

    • (Jimmy and Joey begin to paint the Firecracker)
      Jimmy: What color is that?
      Joey: Green.
      Jimmy: We didn't want green, we want clover.

    • (Talking to Jimmy about how Kevin screwed up.)
      Whitey: I know he's your brother, but just for a second you should forget that and look at him for the whack job that he is.

    • Joey: Actually it's a lucky thing we stumbled into the extortion business because the book making business was about to hit a bump.
      Officer: Stop right there. What does any of this have to do with Kelly?
      Joey: Bob the Mouth.
      Officer: Yeah.
      Joey: Oh, well, all of that started with Kevin.
      Officer: Kevin. Kevin Donnelly?
      Joey: Yes, Kevin Donnelly. Who are we talking about here? (gives the officer a funny look).

    • Kevin: (To the female gambler pleading with him not to take her money) Don't cry. That's not fair. We didn't make the bet. You did.

    • Dokey: (To his nephew, explaining the battle between Napolean and the Duke of Wellington) Napolean lost a whole empire in one battle because he didn't see a rainstorm coming. You always gotta look out for the thing that you don't know.

    • Michael: (Talking to Tommy about the money Kevin owes him)You wanna know why I never went after him?
      Tommy: Because then me and my brothers would go after you.
      Michael: I don't loan money to nobody I can't beat up.

    • (Talking about Kevin failing to collect debts)
      Jimmy: I don't know what he did, or how he did it, but Kevin screwed up.
      Tommy: There's a twist.

    • Jimmy (about Joey's painting): Do the job right or don't do it at all.
      Joey: Can I not do it at all? Is that a real option?
      Jimmy: Shut up!

    • Officer: Tell us about Robert Kelly.
      Joey: Who?
      Officer: Bob The Mouth.
      Joey: Never heard of him. But I gotta tell you, you gotta feel for a guy unlucky enough to get tagged with a name like that.
      Officer: You wanna know what unlucky is? How a guy can fall off his chair like the one you're sittin' in and break his neck!
      Joey: You know I suddenly remember the fellow you're talking about.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Title

      The Only Thing Sure

      The title comes from the quote "The Only Sure Thing About Luck Is That It Will Change" by Bret Harte.