The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 4

The World Will Break Your Heart

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • Painful to watch, but in a good way, the entire ep waiting for sthg to go wrong!

    This one was actually the first Donnelly's ep I saw (it's currently airing in Argentina). It really surprised me, since I wasn't sure what it was all about.

    I liked the whole issue of holding Huey's wake at the Firecracker, being Tommy the one who'd killed him in the first place. The tension was palpable troughout the entire episode, not only because Dokey was trying to find out what'd happened to his brother (some of the Donnelly's almost getting a few fingers axed), but also betwwen Tommy & Jenny & Kate..

    Pitty it's only a few episodes long, because it's a really interesting series!
  • Great episode!!

    I thought this episode was great. The whole episode was very tense. It might not have been if Jimmy didn't go shooting off his mouth about his brothers killing someone. I can't believe Tommy was holding the wake at the bar. One of the scenes I liked in this episode was the scene between Tommy and Huey's son, about his uncle and why people call him Dokey. I thought that was a pretty funny story. Something else I thought was kind of funny was that Joey Ice Cream was telling the story from a jail cell. I loved this episode. I thought it was great and very well written. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Huey's wake causes some troubles for the brothers

    When Kate asked Tommy if they would do the wake at the Firecracker, I though OMG. But he really did it. Of course. What other choice did he have? He would have looked suspicious if he hadn't. And after all it was all more or less okay. But I was really worried for a sec that Dokey was gonna harm them. Fortunately, smart as he is, Tommy came up with the right part of the truth and served it ice-cold. In the end, Dokey was pretty convinced that they didn't kill his brother, IMO...
    Anyway, I so like Jenny and Tommy together. How can she go with that stupid Samson? She just wanted to hurt Tommy which partly I can understand considering the fact that he killed two people and she's carrying that weight with him... I just hope she'll either get over it or tell (please not...). Because making him feel guilty isn't nice.
  • Mostly, this episode is about 2 funerals and the Donnelys trying to avoid being discovered, as the authors of the killings!!!

    I enjoyed a lot this episode, because it looked more as one of "The Sopranos", and not as the last ones we were accustomed to...It had a lot of elements pointing this way, from the daring ones, such as the drug scene, when the friend of Jimmy injects herself, the part when Jimmy desecrated a tomb, to some normal ones...A part i had a problem with, was when the employee of Dokie puts his fingers in the drain, and touches fresh blood...Shouldn't the blood have disappeared? Also the part when Kevin goes and steals a cab, and then some alcohol...He does it in his own neighborhood...This elements are a negative part of this show in my opinion, but beside this, this show was exciting, with a lot of action and unpredictability.
  • Yay! Funeral fun!

    Hm. You know, even though I'm enjoying The Black Donnellys so far, I can never seem to have very many words to say in regards to it when the time comes to write these lovely little reviews.

    I'm not really sure why that is, though. Is it that I don't find much fault in the show? Is it because the show is still fairly young and I'm trying to become acclimated to it? Who knows? This was another good episode, if not overly amazing.

    This episode looks like it puts all of the "Dokey suspects the Donnellys of killing his brother, which of course they actually did but they don't want him to find out" business to rest, but somehow I doubt that it actually does. It feels like it's too big of an issue to merely spend two episodes dealing with it and nothing coming of it. Maybe it's gone for now, but it'll be back for sure.

    Did I miss something in the last episode? Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but when exactly did Jenny find out about what Tommy did? We saw in the last episode that she had her suspicions, but I thought that that's all she had. In this episode, it seems she knows everything. I suppose one could say that she's assuming that what she knows is correct, but even then Tommy doesn't seem suprised at all when she brings it up.

    The mafia (that is, the Italian mafia) funeral scene(s) felt, again, like they were taken straight out of The Sopranos, with the FBI snapping photos like crazy and everything. A solid episode if not great. Looking forward to next week.
  • Hughie's widow ask Tommy to hold his wake at the Firecracker Lounge, Tommy and brother continue to try to keep their secret from Dokie.

    INCREDIBLE! I have seen all three television episodes of this series, plus the special internet episode (which was phenominal) and I have not been disappointed yet. This show is so ambitious for a network program. It's gritty and at times hard to watch because this is not the kind of hard-hitting stuff network TV is known for. The semi-graphic drug use and violence of this show will definitely offend the sensabliliies of some. There was a particular scene in this episode that I myself found shocking (but not offensive, after all it's just TV). There is a scene where Jimmy and his girlfriend Joanie-wasted on drugs and booze-go to Sal Manetta's funeral just so Jimmy can urinate on Sal's grave. That is definitely not something you have ever seen on network TV before or possible ever will see again. Things like this are what make this show so special. If you're not tuning in for The Black Donnellys, you are missing some great TV.
  • This was a fine example of this series, and why it should stay on!

    This episode of Black Donnellys was amazing. It started off greatly and ended even better. This episode show the interactions between Jenny and Tommy after an awkward moment in the last episode. This episode showed how much Tommy cared for Jenny, but I believe she was too stubborn to see it. He wanted her out of the room not to see the violence, but she didnt want to leave and took offense to it. The episode was also great, Jimmy and kevin funny and it also showed the addiction of Jimmy and what he does while he is drunk. The ending of the episode was very touching and seemed very sad. He was losing the one he loved to some random guy.
  • Meanwhile, Jimmy puts himself and his brothers in a bad situation when, while under drugs, he appears to pay his respects to Huey's brother, Dokey.

    Talk about Irish Irony. Everything you want not to happen to yourself happened in this episode. Having to sit by the lady whose husband you killed, and hold his wake at your family bar. Wow that is a little ironic. Than being asked to talk at the wake on his families behalf. all while your brother plays the stupid game. He goes to the Italian funeral and takes a piss. What a dumb move. This has so much to take in as an episode. It is so awesome. While some things are done seem ridicously you know if you were in the situation you may do the same thing.
  • pretty good

    man..that jimmy is getting dumber by the episode .. i really don't like him..but i guess every family has that black sheep screwup in it, this episode was eventful.. i almost thought tommy would get caught with the lie ..and kevin would be the one exposing them ..good thing he ran off when he did being a coward sure helps sometimes, its seems all tommy efforts to help his brothers are unappreciated he's the one who winds up getting hurt emotionally that is, one of the best parts of the show is joey ice cream\s part in it ..he pretty funny..adds humor to the show
  • The Donnelly's find themselves in a corner, where hueys brother is putting the peices of the murder together.

    This episode was great. Slow at times and didnt have much action compared to the others. The main focus was for the story to continue without them being exposed of the murder. They held the funeral services for Huey and then held the wake at the Donnelly Pub. At this time Hueys brother calls them downstairs and tells them if you do not tell me the truth you will die. So Tommy tells him that we did kill a man but we do not know abotu HUEY,the brother beleives them and lets them go, at this time Jenny leaves with another man and Tommy gets emotional and the episode ends. Great Great Great show.
  • Tommy faces the awkward job of hosting Huey's wake and comforting the Farrell's while deflecting Dokey's suspicions away from him and his brothers. He also deals with Jenny attracting the interest of another man, and Jimmy's continuing downward spiral.

    At three episodes in, Donnelly's is still trying to find its identity. While this episode was an improvement on the second installment of the series (which was itself an improvement on the pilot) it still hits some sour notes and leaves you wondering exactly what story the writers are trying to tell. In the good department, I'm still loving the writing. The writers manage to find a nice mix of witty, funny, poignant and at times hard-boiled. I'm a huge fan of the way the show is structured; as a story being narrated by Donnelly family hanger-on and general miscreant Joey Icecream. The way he (as the person telling the story) interjects himself into events that he wasn't actually present at brings some levity to otherwise serious moments. In the bad department, I still can't get over the casting job for Jenny. Olivia Wilde just doesn't work for me, and I don't think her acting is standing up to the requirements of the role. I'm also not a big fan of Jimmy's character. He's too big of a screw-up to be realistic. As for developments in this specific episode, I liked the contrast between Huey guiding Tommy through the funeral of his own father, and Tommy then helping Huey's family through his. Tommy is starting to come into his own and accepting his responsibility not only to his own family but to the neighborhood as a whole. I guess the one impression I got most from this episode was that its a likeable show that still needs a little help (in terms of plot, acting and writing) if its going to stick around and keep its viewers.