The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 11

Wasn't That Enough?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • Mr. Riley comes to Tommy for help and Tommy ends up discovering a painful secret from the past.

    This was yet another amazing episode. I understand now why the show was moved to the Internet only. The violence and drug use continue to be extremely graphic. The twists come fast and furious. The emotion is showcased so well in the direction of this episode. There has not been a single episode of theshow that hasn't been extremely well written, and this episode holds with that perfectly. This show makes the Sopranos look like crap. With only two episodes left in the season, and possibly the entire run of the show, you cannot miss them! I really hope NBC makes this show teir first Internet only continuing series. I've said that before, I know, but if this show were to go away after only thirteen episodes, it would be a horrible mistake. It would also prove to me that television viewers have been reduced to idiots by all these stupid reality shows. This show is exactly what TV should be. Television started out focused on compelling stories and great characters, not crappy reality shows. Black Donnellys is exactly what TV was intended to be.
  • The Death of Bobby Donnelly revealed

    The episode picks up the morning after last weeks and never lets up. First, Tommy Kevin and Joey discover that they've been lied to by Dokey's real estate connection. After they cleared out that Vet, he burned the building down. And had the stones to blame Tommy for screwing up. By the time Tommy returns to figure out why, the real estate guy's office is cleaned out. No trace. The search leads not to the guy, but to Franny Kenny, an old friend of Bobby Donnelly. But it turns out that he was way more than just a city official. He knows how Bobby died. And when Tommy and Kevin find that out, they beat Franny nearly to death getting out of him who else was there that day. Also why their father died. In a brutal scene, the brothers kicking Franny is intercut with Bobby Donnelly being kicked to death. What a great episode! It vivdly showed how the vicious circle of violence is pulling the brothers in just like their father before them. Will Tommy have the guts to walk away like his father? I hope so.