The Black Donnellys

Season 1 Episode 10

When The Door Opens

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • The brothers try to establish part of the neighborhood as their territory by making a deal with Dokie.

    I cannot say enough about Tommy Donnelly as a character. This episode brings even more depth to Jonathan Tucker's role as Tommy Donnelly. He becomes almost tragic in the last two episodes. We see what a good person he truly is at heart. We see that all the good things people tried to teach him as a child, he remembers all of it. Yet, this deep down goodness is contrasted with the horrible things that he has been forced to do. And it's really that goodness, that loyalty and devotion to family that brought him to where he is in the first place. The way things are turning out seem inevitable, because of the person that Tommy is. It's almost like fate. Also, the scene where Jimmy kills Whitey is brilliant. I have never seen somebody make a brutal murder so artful. The music, the direction, the lighting, the style; it all adds up to make something so gruesome and brutal into a genuine piece of filmic art. Paul Haggis is brilliant. I don't know what the future is for The Black Donnellys as a show. As of now it is an exclusive. I don't know if NBC will make it their first internet only show and pick it up formore episodes after number 12 (actually 13). I know that NBC wants to corner the market in the new concept of internet television. I really hope that The Black Donnellys will be part of those plans. And if not, the show will be a DVD classic when it is released...but my fingers are still crossed that NBC will make it an internet only exclusive or maybe put it back on broadcast TV for more episodes. Because let's be realistic...this crappy Real Wedding Crashers Show that's on in it's place freaking awful!
  • We finally find out Tommy refused Nickys offer. The brothers try to get in with Dokey, and he assigns them to clear out an apartment building. Jimmy kills Whitey because of Jonie in an intense knife fight. Tommy accidentally kills a war veteran.

    The pilot was jam packed with action and intensity, but the series seemed to slow down after that. Although, this episode changes this pattern. The brother's band together in this installment to take over the neighborhood. The knife fight between Jimmy and Whitey was the most intense, and that was followed by another crazy scene; when Kevin was being choked by Carr, and Tommy killed him by accident. This episode also cleared up Jenny's father's problem because we finally learn that he is aware of his condition. This episode was a prime example of why it should not have been taken off the air. Come on NBC- You take off a quality show like this to put on another reality show (as if we don't have enough of those already).
  • memories of The Donnellys Dad/Tommy refused the deal from the last episode/Jenny's Father comes home/Jimmy kills Bob the Mouth's Nephew,Whitey/Tommy and the Donnelly brothers help Dokey/ Sampson goes a little crazy (poor Jenny better steer clear of him)

    Very Revealing. Sadly I feel as though it wasn't as action packed as some of the episode; although, it showed us a crazy side of Sampson and a sweet memory of the brothers. Is it me or was this episode shorter??? Anyways Loved it and this show...bummer it's cancelled. :(